February 16, 2018

A Shopping Basket Repurposed Into a Wall Cat Lounger

Our three cats have many places where they like to doze or nap. Favorite spots beside our laps are sofas and chairs but my ironing board, my working table and some baskets filled with fabrics are very popular as well. I wanted to add a more elevated place to the mix and repurposed a basket as a cat wall lounger. The basket had been a flea market find many years ago and for a while I used it when I went shopping at farmers' markets. It had been a bit bulky for this purpose though and at some point I removed the handle and utilized it to store fabric scraps. Because of it's size I thought it could make a nice resting place for a kitty.

Hubby mounted the basket to the wall with three long screws and I sewed a comfy cushion. If you have feline company at home, you've probably experienced how particular cats can be when it comes to food but also regarding their resting spaces. So far, Cosmo is the only one who is interested in the basket.

During the first few days he took some naps in it but in the meanwhile it became predominantly a play area for him. When I throw a toy inside, he jumps in and often brings it back to me to toss it again. He's a bit like a dog. He follows me wherever I go and he growls at unidentified noises.

To cover the screws, I sawed the lid of a cigar box to the right size and painted and stamped the piece. The cute cat face on top was a gift from my blogging friend Tatjana over at Resis Weisse Welt. Tatjana is a cat lover as well and has six furry boys and one girl at home.

Tatjana spoiled us even more. She had sent a sweet treat, cute cat napkins, and a crocheted snow flake for me and some crocheted mice and deer for the furry babies. They are filled with valerian roots which is the best smell ever, at least for the kitties. Cosmo is quite excited about the delectable rodent.

As you can see, Cecily also loves an oh so delicious mouse.

Barney likes to play with a mouse first and then

use it as a pillow. Sweet dreams! Thank you, Tatjana for all the wonderful gifts!

If you made it up to here, you probably love or at least like cats. Then you might enjoy Love Meow as much as I do. For some weeks now it is my morning happy place. There are usually two posts a day with beautiful, heart warming cat rescue stories from around the world. These posts always make me smile.

On a totally different note, welcome, first signs of spring! These flowers showed up on our yard. It's a gorgeous day here today with clear blue skies and 64°F/18°C at 11 am. I know that a lot of you still have freezing temperatures and I hope that spring is around the corner for you as well. Have a happy weekend!

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Marco Luijken said...

Hello Julia,
Nice shots of these cats.
Funny with their own toys.

Kind regards,

Annie said...

Julia, what a fun and fabulous idea for a cat basket! I can’t decide on a wall space :-) Your cats are awesome. Cats are a favorite for me too.

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Julia,
they are so wonderful your photos, showing ,Cosmo, Barney and Cecily . And they are all beautiful cats, so sweet playing with their wonderful toys from your friend. Can`t avoid thinking that I wonder for how long the toys will be "alive" ,lol- So lucky you are with the beautiful weather,- and lovely flowers already . Still very cold here, minus- to one or two plus , so no spring in sight yet !! I hope you are all well, dear friend, and send you love , and hugs too. Dorthe, xxx

Jeanie said...

That's so adorable, Julia. And you did such a terrific job with it, from the inside to the blanket to the color of the basket. I love seeing Cosmo --I remember when he came along. All your cats are so pretty. The orange/white is such a reminder of my dear Stimpy and Cosmo has that Lizzie coloring so I have to stop and think -- where am I?!

I do love a good cat post and this is definitely one of those!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Seems like the perfect spot for Cosmos:)Thanks for sharing your gang, dear Julia. There are so cute.
Hugs and love,

Rostrose said...

Hachja, liebe Julia, da geht mir doch das Herzerl auf!
So süß sind deine drei Miezen beim Spielen mit Tatjanas wunderbaren Stinkermäusen, so schön hast du sie fotografiert, und der tolle Korb, der im zweiten Leben zu einem Katzenkorb wurde und den du daher (dankenswerterweise! :-)) bei ANL verlinkt hast, ist ein prächtiger Schlaf- oder Spielplatz! Maxwell hat oder hatte übrigens ähnliche Hunde-Ambitionen wie Cosmo, jedenfalls ist er auch ein Auf-Schritt-und-Tritt-Folger und früher hatte er auch eine "Apportier-Maus", die er uns zurückbrachte. Das funktionierte allerdings leider nur mit dieser einen speziellen Maus und als die verschwand, waren sämtliche Nachkäufe (von derselben Marke) vergebens... Unser früherer Kater Jeronimo apportiert wiederum abgeschnittene Ecken von Tetra-Packs und Stanniol-Kugeln... Katzen sind schon traumhafte Tiere - danke in dem Zusamemnhang auch für den LInk mit den rührenden Katzen-Stories!
Ich schicke deinen drei Süßen ganz herzhafte Krauler - und ich freue mich, dass es bei euch bereits so schöne Anzeichen von Frühling gibt!
Liebste Drücker, Traude

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

brilliant and BEAUTIFUL and the cats obviously love it! catchatwithcarenandcody

Debra said...

Your cats are beautiful!

Amely Rose said...

Gosh what a cute idea with the basket,
thank you for this lovely DIY!
Definetly have to try it.

take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

suzieQ said...

Love this idea, though, will one of my gang like it? I would really be sorry if I mounted a basket to the wall and they all giggled at me...One of my cats used to sleep in a basket of nuts that we kept on the coffee table for snacking. He began that habit while little and continued doing it, even when he was way too big. Cats do sleep anywhere and everywhere, which is why they're so much fun.

denthe said...

oh how sweet these pictures of your cats playing with their new toys. Especially Barney is soooo cute ... Maybe I should make something like that for our cat, you've given me some ideas :-) And that basket is another great idea. I like how he sits on top of it!

robin cox walsh said...

What a cute idea for the kitties! ♥♥♥♥

A Crafty Mix said...

Our Joe sounds just like Cosmo, he loves chasing ball with the puppies and often hides in the bushes to launch a surprise attack, LOL. Isn't it strange how kitties will make up their own minds about where they'll cuddle up though and sometimes it's in the oddest places. Our one purr baby, Cleo, has this habit of squishing herslef into an old fish bowl. She looks like a monster goldfish that's out grown her space, but that's one of her favorite spots. So happy Spring is finally arriving for you guys. It sounds like this Winter was a tough one. Hope you have a happy week Julia and give some hugs to those beautiful purr babies of yours please

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Such sweet pictures of your kitties and such lovely gifts from your friend. The basket turned resting spot is a great idea. Jingles is always changing up where she wants to be. She now nestles amongst our bed pillows during the day and at night I often find her sitting on the dining table. :) Have a good weekend.

Brian said...

That is such a darn cool idea!

froebelsternchen said...

Was soll ich sagen ? Meine Güte sind Deine Samtpfoten fotogen ... Du musst eine Engelsgedult mit der Kamera haben! Der Wandkorb ist wunderschön und Cosmo passt da wirklich perfekt rein! Du hast das mit so viel Geschmack und Liebe gestaltet! Bei Dir wollte ich auch gern Katze sein liebe Julia!
Toll sind die Geschenkmäuschen Deiner Blogfreundin --- ich werde jetzt in aller Ruhe die Links alle besuchen...
ich bin ja auch eine Katzenliebhaberin..
hatte über 20 Jahre immer Katzen als ich noch voll berufstätig war. Inzwischen bin ich auf den Hund gekommen, aber irgendwann werd ich vielleicht auch wieder Katzenmutter sein. Ein Haus ohne Katze ist eigentlich kein Heim.....aber ich bin ehrlich gestanden zu faul Hunde und Katzen zu handeln --- Der Hund muss raus, die Katze braucht ein Katzenklo ( ich würde sie hier nicht als Freigänger haben können ( viel zu viel Verkehr)
Ich hab übrigens für den Kater unserer Freunde ein nette Katzenhöhle genäht, die sehr gut angekommen ist - falls Dich der Link interessiert:HIER

So schön sind die ersten Frühlingsboten aus dem Garten! Dankeschön für's Teilen!
Hier ist es noch immer eiskalt - grade ist nettes Blitzeis und es fällt Schnee auch noch drauf... sehr reizvoll!

Ich grüße Dich und Deine Katzenbande!

Junkchiccottage said...

I am just smiling from ear to ear after reading and seeing your post. How absoultely precious that the kitties love this new basket ot play and take a nap in. What a clever idea. Love the pic with Cosmo on his back and the mouse in his hands. So cute. Thanks for the smile. What sweet fur babies. Love that Cosmo acts like a dog lol!

Anonymous said...

So darn cute. What a great idea to use something nice in a different way. Kitties love it clearly. xox

Naomi said...

What a great idea!! I live with two elderly cats, Rhoda and Tula. They are actually my daughter's cats but it's me that mostly takes care of them. They can be very entertaining. Also, demanding! Rhoda yowls at me to be fed about four times a day. I do feed her often because if I give her very much food at a time she up-chucks it. Yuck! But when she thinks it's time for another meal she just won't leave me alone. She's about 15 I think and Tula is a bit younger but they don't do much playing anymore. They love to watch the birds that come to my back deck feeders. Rhoda, especially, gets very excited and has this growl she produces when she sees the birds. Cats are definitely entertaining. Better than a TV show!

Reserl said...

Sehr schön der Korb liebe Julia, und wie schön die Fotos sind mit den Mäusen das freut mich, dass sich alle Katzen und auch du so freust.
Sehr sehr süße Bilder, alles Liebe dir von Tatjana, hier ist ganz viel Schnee seit gestern, wieder voll Winter
kuscheligen Sonntag, heute werde ich wohl kaum raus gehen alles Liebe und Gute zu dir

Designbygutschi said...

Liebe Julia,
der Katzenkorb sieht so kuschelig aus ...
Mit dem Kissen und das Schild mit dem Katzenkopf sind einfach nur WUNDERSCHÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖN ...

Herzliche Grüße

johanna said...

es ist wirklich nett zu beobachten, wie katzen bestimmte orte in beschlag nehmen (und dabei von zeit zu zeit auch immer wieder wechseln)... wie schön zu sehen, dass sich Cosmo in dem liebevoll gestalteten Körbchen wohl fühlt. und die katzenspielzeuge sind ja goldig:)
ich wundere mich, wie sich deine katzen so gut fotografieren lassen. mein kater riecht den braten immer sofort, wenn ich mit der kamara komme und dreht sich demonstrativ weg. lässt sich nicht locken, der schlingel!
tja, frühling ist hier nicht in sicht, es schneit mehr denn je... aber ist ja auch erst Februar...
ich wünsch dir eine gute zeit und liebe grüße, johanna

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

This is such a cute and clever idea. Now to find the perfect basket!

ULKAU said...

Liebe Julia, habe mir nur eben schnell die süßen Fotos angeschaut, meine Renovierarbeiten sind noch nicht ganz erledigt, so werde ich später noch einmal zum Lesen wieder kommen!
Liebe Grüße Ulrike

https://www.vintagesouthernpicks.com said...

I'm a cat lover & a cat mama to Alvie & Wes. Enjoyed all your pics! Cats are so funny and predictable in their behaviors. Mine like the ironing board, boxes, & plenty of naps.

Barbara Casillas said...

Beautiful and darling photos of your cats. The repurposed basket is a great idea. You're right though, cats are different than dogs about their resting places. My cat Sophie, has not cared for any of the "beds" I've set up for her. She eventually ends up in my bed on top of my legs at night. She just readjusts herself when my legs cramp up and I have to change positions. It's funny too, that one of your cats acts a little like a dog. Sophie loves to go for walks with us when we take the dogs. If she gets left out she cries. In fact, if she is out playing, she makes sure she is sitting on our front porch at the time we take our dogs out to walk each day. She actually knows the time for walking.

Lace Age Girl said...

Julia, what a great idea for a good-looking high perch in or on a wash basket! I only wish I had some wall space to do it!
Your cats are beautiful! And very lucky :)

Katrin@northernfeeling.com said...

Aw your cats are the cutest Julia and the basket snuggle spot is too cute, what a fantastic idea. I love the little sign and cat in the back as well, I am sure it will be a favourite spot for all of them!

Mary K. said...

Julia your projects are always wonderful but when you throw a kitty into the mix it can only get better. If that is even possible. What a great repurpose for a happy feline.

white and vintage said...

Liebe Julia,
was für eine geniale Idee, den Einkaufskorb als Katzenkorb umzubauen. Cosmo scheint sich richtig wohl darin zu fühlen. Die Stinkemäuschen lieben die Katzen über alles. Habe meinen auch schon welche zum Spielen gegeben. Total süße Bilder hast du gemacht.
Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende,

ULKAU said...

Heute bin ich noch einmal mit mehr Ruhe hier bei dir, um mir deine wunderschönen Katzenbilder noch einmal anzuschauen. Wie gut sich Cosmo doch entwickelt hat, er ist sehr fotogen und ich freu mich mit dir!
Mir gefällt deine Idee mit dem Korb sehr gut, eine sehr schöne Farbe hast du auch für ihn ausgesucht!
Ja, Katzen suchen sich die verrücktesten Lieblingsplätze aus, nur meist nicht die, welche man für sie einrichtet...
Herzliche Grüße Ulrike

Poppy said...

Hi Julia,

What a pretty and practical project your wall cat lounger turned out to be, almost seems as if it was custom made for cutie pie Cosmo! Funny how the other kitties haven't taken to it, but totally get it since our JD certainly has his preferences, too, number one being curled up on my husband's chest or nestled in the nooks of his neck!

I giggled at your description of Cosmo's canine behaviour since JD, too, has his 'dog' side! Retrieving tossed toys, following his idol around everywhere, and protecting his 'pad' are just some of his pooch personality traits!

Spring is definitely on the scene in your neck of the woods. What pretty flowers! Enjoy the warm and sunny weather!

Happy weekend, my friend!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Lovely to see your sweet cats and their new wall lounger - very fancy.
Interesting how cats often like to sit where they shouldn't, remembering dress making and trying to cut out patterns and fabric and our cats would plonk themselves on top.
You must be so happy to have some sweet flowers blooming and signs of Spring!
Happy new week

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Julia
That was such an inventive idea turning your shopping basket into a perching and resting place for your fur babies. Love the color of it also with your sweet purposed cushion.
Cosmo, Barney and Cecily really have the best life in your home and hearts and it is a joy to see them playing so contentedly with their sweet handmade toys from your friend.
You must be feeling much happier that Spring is now approaching with the first flowers for you to enjoy.
Sending you love and happiness!

Claire said...

I'm more of a dog person but I have to agree that both the basket and your cat are very cute.

Sina und Herr Bohne said...

Die Bilder sind einfach zauberhaft, wer nach dem Foto einer glücklichen Katze sucht, wird bei dir ganz sicher fündig.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

As a crazy cat men...I love this :)

Sandy said...

I have 3 cats and I could easily have more!

Sandy XX

Natashalh said...

So cute! I bet my mom's cats would appreciate a basket like this. They used to have a window seat lounger but it isn't up anymore because it got damaged.