January 12, 2018

The Colorful New Member of My Junk Gang

Just a few days after Roy Al Flush was "born", another found object sculpture joined the junk gang. Please meet artist Loxy Colorsplash. She's always been a color loving girl. When she was little girl, Loxy covered the walls of her nursery with finger paints. Her parents were always amazed by her talent and imagination when they saw the people, animals, plants, and buildings Loxy had painted.

Her interest in collages developed later though. It was actually a very unpleasant incident that got her collage art started. Her first boyfriend had cheated on her with her best friend. Awful, I know! She was furious and cut both of them out of every photo she had. Then she replaced them with her favorite celebrities. This lifted her spirits and she added other collage elements and she also painted on the pictures.

Some months later, the heartache was over but Loxy still loved making collages. Fast-forward a few years and she's a well-known artist. She regularly exhibits her art at galleries, teaches collage workshops and has written a few books on the topic.

I got the idea to make Loxy when I found some small tubes with rather dry watercolor paint. I knew they would be the perfect arms for an artist. I checked my driftwood stash for an appropriate body and my collection of uncleaned brushes (yep, guilty as charged) to find a matching head. Check and check. Two long rusty screws worked well for her legs.

I had fun making these tiny colorful collages. They measure 2" x 2" and 2,5" x 2". You would think that using such bright colors was out of my comfort zone but it actually didn't feel that way.

Loxy will show her artwork at these parties:

Sweet Inspiration at A Crafty Mix
Saturday Sparks at Pieced Pastimes
DIY Salvaged Junk Projects at Funky Junk Interiors
Waste Not Wednesday at Raggedy Bits


Dorthe said...

My dear Julie,
I must say your gang is at party size now, and I`m sure they would have a gorgeous feast all together .
Loxy would surely be a favorite with her colorful life and art, loved for her smiling face and happy mood.
She is wonderful Julie, and you sure, have taken the brighter colors back, to your heart, the tiny art pieces are gorgeous, dear friend.
Wishing you a very wonderful weekend Julie .
Love from me, and hugs -
Dorthe, xxx

Dorthe said...

Sorry Julia , for the e taking place in your name instead of a--- don`t know how that happened, :-) kys, kys .

froebelsternchen said...

Ich bin verliebt in Deine Loxy und die hübschen Collage - Keilrähmchen und diese bezaubernde Box! Da kann Loxy echt froh sein im Nachhinein über ihren untreuen Freund und die illoyale Freundin.
Und wir , Deine Fans mit ihr ...sie ist einmalig und bezaubernd diese Künstlerin!
Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende liebe Julia und bedanke mich dass Du diese fabelhafte Kreation mit uns teilst!

ULKAU said...

Durch und durch Künstlerin ist Loxy Colorsplash und ich freu mich über ihre Geburt! Überhaupt findest du immer die tollsten, fantasievollsten Namen für deine wunderbaren Kreationen, das macht sie noch viel lebendiger! Einfach, liebe Julia!
Ja, ich wundere mich auch über deine sehr farbenfrohen Collagen, wo man doch von dir sehr viel mehr Naturfarbenes gewohnt ist. Aber es steht dir sehr gut... und du weißt ja, wie sehr ich kräftige Farben liebe.
Ganz liebe Grüße ins Wochenende

bobbie said...

Loxy is Lovely!!!

Mellowood Gallery said...

This is absolutely super Julia and it looks like you had fun making Loxy and her 'space'. Mind you, she makes me think that I am not messy enough - lol

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is so whimsical and wonderful, Julia! You are so creative!

Junkchiccottage said...

Ahhhh so fun Julia. Loxy is fabulous. Love her sweet colorful hair. You have quite the Junk Gang now. You are so creative my friend and love the whimsy to all your pieces. Happy Friday.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Julia, what a fun post. I love your quirky creations. Loxy is a delight.
She'll have fun at her parties. I also love the bright colors you used on the tiny collages. Have a wonderful weekend.

Marci said...

I don't know how you manage to put such personality into these objects. She looks so happy and joyful.

Chris Lally said...

You are so unbelievably creative, Julia!
Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining blog post!

Annie said...

Your unique junk characters are always a delight! Loxy is a fabulous addition to your gang. What a lot of fun with paint you’ve had creating Loxy and her story. Love the tubes of paint for her arms! I can see that she is a highly successful artist in her own right. Such fun, Julia!

A Crafty Mix said...

Aahhhhhh Julia, Loxy is just beautiful. You can see how creative she is and I love her wildly colored hair. How do you come up with these ideas my friend. They're amazing

Reserl said...

Liebe Julia,
sehr süß die Loxy und toll deine bunten Collagen.
Sehr schön gemacht, alles Liebe vom Reserl

Jeanie said...

This is my favorite of all of yours I've seen. Maybe because she's an artist, maybe because she's so darned cute and colorful (and talented) and maybe, just maybe, because her creator had such a wonderful vision and story that she made her come alive. Bravo!

Debra said...

I love the story you created as much as the art piece! Also really loved the tiny collages-hope you will make more!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

I absolutely adore her, dear Julia:)
Happy new year, my friend.
Sending hugs and love,

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia,
du überraschst mich immer wieder mit den wunderbaren Wesen, die du kreierst! Die farbenfrohe Loxy ist eine Figur, die rundum fröhlich macht und wohl auch selbst fröhlich ist. Immerhin hat sie ihren Liebesschmerz ja längst überwunden und den Kummer in etwas Positives umgewandelt (wie viele kreativen Menschen es wohl tun ;-)) Ich freue mich immer wieder an den tollen Ideen, die du hast, nicht nur in Sache Entstehungsgeschichte (beginnend bei den eingetrockneten Farbtuben) sondern auch, was die Biographie deiner Schöpfungen betrifft. Und ich sitze jetzt lächelnd vor meinem Bildschirm, weil es so viel Spaß bereitet, Loxy und ihre Artgenossen zu kennen!
Liebste Drücker an dich, herzhafte Krauler an deine Fellchen und auch ganz liebe Grüße an Loxy & Co!
XOX, die Traude
PS: Und danke für den Metallknopf-Nagellacktipp, den werde ich bei nächster Gelegenheit gleich mal ausprobieren!!!
PPS: Achja, und ab übermorgen gibt es ein neues ANL - da passt deine Künstlerin natürlich perfekt dazu!!!

Naomi said...

Another amazing example of your creative spirit! Loxy is amazing. How did you decide to name her Loxy?

I also like "her" little collages and the story behind her first interest in collaging is priceless. What a good idea to replace those fickle boyfriends with celebrities!

Enjoyed your post and am glad to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

She's a doll. Charming with her paint tube arms and colorful hair. Really wonderful post! xox

white and vintage said...

Liebe Julia,
dein Pinselmännchen schaut ja süß aus! Loxy hat ein richtig freundliches Gesicht. Die kleinen Collagen sind aber auch goldig. Deine Ideen sind immer so einzigartig, einfach toll!
Liebe Grüße,

Marco Luijken said...

Hello Julia,
What a funny creation you have made again. So very nice to see this figure called 'Loxy'.
It's nice to see what you can make of all these kind of stuff. Good and very funny creative ideas
You have done this so well. My compliments Julia!!

Kind regards,

Katrin@northernfeeling.com said...

How do you do it Julia? You amaze me with your creations every time and Loxy is such a cutie and I love how you used those paint tubes as arms! Genius my friend!

Barbara Casillas said...

I really love this creation. She is so animated. All the tiny accessories that accompany her are wonderful on their own. The collages, art box, and tiny brushes are so so cute. This must have been fun to put together.

suziqu's thread works said...

So delighted to meet the newest member of the gang, Loxy. A gal to brighten any downhearted soul - so bright, cheery and oh what talent this girl has. Her collages are so amazing but then she has the best teacher!
You are such a talent my dear friend!
Keep going - I'm sure there are more friends to meet.
Sending you love and many hugs,

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I always love your creations and this one is so welcome during the cold and dreary winter months. It literally made me smile from ear to ear when I came to your blog. So clever and colorful! Happy New Year!

johanna said...

loxy colorsplash - was für ein auftritt!! einen tollen namen hast du wieder gefunden für deine neueste Kreation. sie strahlt so positiv, dir muss es sehr viel spaß gemacht haben, sie zu erschaffen. und dann auch noch die kleinen Collagen - ich kanns mir kaum vorstellen, dass man in so kleinem Format so gut werkeln kann, das ist ja kleiner als ATC größe! wunderschön! die fantasievolle geschichte dazu macht auch spaß - super hat loxy ihre krise gemeistert:) die starken farben finde ich auch genial, passen hier bestens!
liebe grüße und eine schöne Woche:) johanna

Anonymous said...

She has a beautiful talent inside her which has popped out. There is no use of thinking of the past happened in our life. Make the life bright with your beautiful talent.
Your work looks entirely unique. Looks beautiful. Loved it:)

Little Artbee said...

You Loxy looks so sweet with her friendly face. I also like the small colorful Artworks. All is gorgeous!
Dear Greetings

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Oh my are you talented!!! I love how good can come out of things that you would never expect them to come out of. This work is just darling! So creative and clever!!

Faye said...

Your imagination/creativity is amazing! I love your funky art.

denthe said...

omg those arms ....! That's so creative! I love how you recycled everything, and Loxy came out beautifully. I also love the little stories you write about your characters. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed seeing this and it made me smile :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Loxy is wonderful and love how you tell the story of your gorgeous creations. The collages are so bright and cheerful and always great to see your work and talent.
Many thanks for helping Victoria out with following, appreciate your kindness
Happy week

Alexandra said...

Hallo liebe Julia,
das sieht super bunt und schön aus :) gefällt mir sehr gut.
liebe Grüße Alex

Marlynne said...

Love your newest member of the Junk Gang and the story that goes with it! The best of both worlds!

Timmy Tomcat said...

I simply love this Junk Gang fellow! May I soon retire to have the time to enjoy the metal shop I have built but now cannot enjoy.
Thanks so much for the support when Mr Buttons had to go over the Bridge.
Purrs dear friends
Timmy, Dad Pete and Family