October 19, 2017

Roy Al Flush - The Gambler with a Heart of Dice

Thank you very much for your kind words on our loss of Gracie, Pixie and Smokey, and the wishes for Cosmo's recovery. Thankfully, he's doing very well. He gained a lot of weight and grew quite a bit over the last three weeks. Cosmo is a very sweet boy and we're so happy that he survived.

I haven't created anything lately but I have a few new friends waiting for some months now to make their appearance here. Today you are going to meet Roy Al Flush. He's a gambler with a heart of dice. Literally. However, he does not only like dice games but he's also an avid poker player and from time to time you can find him playing a round of Dominoes or Tri-Ominos as well.

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

Roy Al Flush holds a winning hand right now and is about to go all in. Who wouldn't with a royal flush? If you're not familiar with poker, this is the best hand you can get and it's not the first time he's so lucky. Now you know why everybody calls him Roy Al Flush. He is a famous player and is feared among his competition for his great tactical play and his luck.

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

His head and body are made from tins that I roasted in a charcoal barbecue fire after we had finished grilling. The nose once was a foot of an alarm-clock and his mouth was a strap adjuster. For his arms I repurposed two tiny graters that came as an extra with some nutmegs. His hair is made from a piece of fine wire mesh, pinched in between the tin's bottom and lid. After the mesh was fixed, I pulled the cross wires.

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

I made his hands from vintage Christmas candle holders and buttons. The cards are from a German mini card deck and measure only 1" x 1 3/8".

You probably know the phrase "lucky at cards, unlucky in love". So far that had been true for this little gambler. He's actually quite charming and dated frequently but he never met the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. It's not that he's too demanding but all the girls he got to know where too pretentious for his taste and often just interested in his money. Then he met Sewphie Zipperbutton. Yes, her sweet personality is right along his alley and she fancies him too. For his reliability, his humor, and a bit for his good looks as well. Don't you think they make a cute couple?

By the way, Sewphie was featured in the May issue of the Australian magazine "Homespun".

Found Object Sculpture Sophie Zipperbutton by Vintage with Laces featured in Homespun May 2017

Found Object Sculpture Sophie Zipperbutton by Vintage with Laces featured in Homespun May 2017

Australian Magazine Homespun May 2017

Thank you, Homespun for the lovely feature! I was very excited to see my sewing gal along with such a lovely description in prin.

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Annie said...

OMG! Your characters are the best, but the stories you weave about them is beyond the best! You make them come to life. Now, aren’t Roy and Sophie the most unlikely couple you ever met? They do say opposites attract. Congrats on the publication with Sophie. Your characters are the best recycling and repurposing I’ve ever seen. Just can’t get enough of them.

Barbara said...

I agree with Annie! I am amazed at how far your imagination can stretch! To find a use for the bits and pieces, and then to end up with something so magical is nothing short of genius. But you didn’t stop there, your incredible imagination came up with the most appropriate of names! Idols, you deserve every magazine spread that happens. This is wonderful.

Debra said...

You made me smile this morning! Congrats on the magazine feature too. I have to say I am totally in love with Pelican Joe. That chin!!! He reminds me a little of one of my geese (her name is Sam). Your bird is absolutely hilarious and so well done!

A Crafty Mix said...

I am SO happy to hear that Cosmos is doing okay Julia. Give him a big hug please. And Roy Al Flush seems like a really nice guy. He's got good taste in the ladies if Sophie Zipperbutton caught his eye. They sound like a match made in Junkin' heaven. Wishing them all of the very best and may their love always withstand the test of rusty time.

Dorthe said...

Oh Julia, they are both something so very special,- your Roy Al Flush , put together of so many ,many little parts , to form him, and his happy life, and Sophie Zipperbutton , is such a darling,- I love her, and her smiling face, no wonder they found each other , lol.
Big congratulations for the beautiful feature, dear friend , it must be a wonderful feeling.
Also thank you for your lovely e-mail, Julia. I have had my family visiting, but you will soon hear from me.
Here I send you love, and hugs, too.
Your Dorthe

froebelsternchen said...

Roy Al Flush ist ein echt cooler Typ Julia - WOW ... einfach einzigartig Deine Ideen und Ausführungen ... oh ja das gibt eine wunderbare Romanze mit den beiden♥♥♥♥♥
Sie passen perfekt zusammen Sewphie und Roy Al!
Toll - in einer Australischen Zeitschrift war sie sogar ...Gratulation!!! Na da ist sie ja schon ein gefeierter Star und die beiden werden noch Tolles erleben zusammen!
Ich freu mich zu hören, dass es Cosmo so gut geht! Ist das nicht schön?!
Alles alles Liebe weiterhin für ihn und ganz viel Spaß mit Deinen tollen Erfindungen - wie werden deren Kinder wohl mal aussehen???

Liebe Grüße

Mellowood Gallery said...

What a wonderful character - and so right for Sophie. Not only is Roy super clever, I think he (and you for thinking of him) are amazing and I have enjoyed seeing him and hearing all about him. Thank you so much for sharing

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Julia your sweet characters are the best. I love Sophie and now Roy is a hoot too. I think I need a Sophie Zipperbutton!!! She is too adorable. Glad to hear you are doing better with missing the kitties so much. So happy to hear Cosmo is getting stronger.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Congratulations on being published. Sewphie was adorable and this Roy Al Flush is a real hoot. You have a wonderful imagination and make a good story. Do you do children's books? You should think about it. I would like to see where and how you store all these fun little parts ~~~~ !!!! I have these "Little Treasures" in jars and muffin tins, but have yet to make many things from them I did one item Poppy Pumpkin for a friend and she has enjoyed it over the years. Thanks for sharing your adorable creations. It truly brings a big smile to so many of us. Have a wonderful fun weekend.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh and I did just visit your Studio...photos are awesome and it is a place to really enjoy .

Linda said...

This is fantastic, you are so creative!

susan hemann said...

your work is marvelous! so creative I love him!

ULKAU said...

Ach, ich habe schon auf eine neue Figur von dir gewartet, liebe Julia und bin sehr begeistert von Roy Al Flush! Deine Ideen sind so einzigartig, und es ist wunderbar, wie du mit diesem recycelten Material so lebendige Wesen schaffst!
Die feinen Draht-Haare sind ganz herrlich und schön, dass du beschreibst, wie sie entstanden sind. Die Kerzenhalter habe ich auch gleich erkannt, aber darauf muss man erst auch kommen, ganz perfekt geeignet, den Royal Flash zu halten!
Gratulation! Sewphie Zipperbutton hat diese Ehre auch voll verdient, der Welt gezeigt zu werden! Du kannst wirklich stolz sein!
... und wie freu ich mich mit dir, dass Cosmo sich so gut entwickelt hat in den letzten Wochen, alles dank deiner liebevollen Pflege!
Herzliche Grüße Ulrike

denthe said...

oh my, your "junk-creatures" are adorable! I love seeing how people can get creative with junk, and you are really top! All those tiny little details, and his hair ... Love love love him! (and her!) Congrats on the well-deserved feature in the magazine!

Anonymous said...

These are most amazing Julia and I love your stories about their character as well. Glad kitty is doing so well - YAY. xox

Valerie-Jael said...

What a fantastic piece! Love everything about this gorgeous man! Sorry to read i your last post about the kittens. Thanks for visiting my blog this week. Have a good weekend, Valerie

Poppy said...

Roy Al Flush is gorgeous, despite him being the gambler that he is - not the best marriage material, despite his fantastic body (love those grater biceps and that punky hairstyle!). So glad, though, that he has found companionship and romance with sweet Sewphie; he's definitely just as lucky in love as in cards! They make a cute couple! BTW, congrats, once again for Sewphie's magazine feature; she is stunning!

Your imagination, though, is the star, always. You never cease to amaze me!

Happy weekend, sweet Julia,

Jeanie said...

This is just, JUST TERRIFIC! I love him and his fun name, too! You are so clever, seeing so many possibilities -- what a joy that must be.

And Congratulations on Sewphie!

I'm hoping your kitty is OK. Been thinking about him. Hugs,

johanna said...

Roy Al Flash... ich könnt mich wegschmeissen bei diesem namen!! nicht zu toppen, diese Idee:) die Details sind wieder fantastisch: die muskatnussreiben, die christbaumkerzenhalter... sehr fantasievoll. würde mich nicht wundern, wenn Roy Al Flush auch in einer Zeitschrift auftauchen würde wie sephie zipperbutton (gratuliere, sehr verdient!!).
weiterhin viel Freude an Cosmo, so schön zu hören dass ich alles prima entwickelt hat!
ganz liebe grüße von johanna

white and vintage said...

Liebe Julia,
was für ein süßer Kerl! Deine Ideen sind einfach genial. All deine Figuren sind mit so vielen Details ausgestattet, das gefällt mir sehr. Gratuliere dir zur Veröffentlicnung. Ich freue mich für dich.
Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Abend,

Katrin@northernfeeling.com said...

I´m glad to hear that Cosmo is doing well Julia. And I´m so happy to meet Roy Al Flush, oh is he a handsome dude and I think Sewphie and him make the perfect couple! Love all the details and especially the heart of dice! You are one creative lady and you deserve to be in all the magazines, Congrats on your feature!!! SO happy for ya!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So creative! Congrats on the feature.

Rostrose said...

Liebste Julia,
ich freue mich so sehr, dass du uns wieder eine deiner wundervollen Kreationen zeigst. Nach eurer schlimmen Zeit kommt nun wieder die Fröhlichkeit zurück. Und so, wie es für mich klingt, stehen bei dir bereits mehrere "Persönlichkeiten aus Schrott" in der Warteschleife. Da dürfen wir also gespannt sein! Roy Al Flush ist eindeutig mal wieder ein Wunderknabe - nicht nur was sein Pokertalent betrifft, sondern auch hinsichtlich seiner Ausstrahlung. Ich bin froh, dass du auch gleich die Frage nach seinem Liebesleben beantwortest, denn sonst hätte ich sie dir unbedingt stellen müssen: Der Spruch vom Glück im Spiel und Pech in der Liebe drängt einem diese Frage ja regelrecht auf. Sewphie und er geben aber bestimmt ein tolles Paar ab, ich hoffe sehr, das Glück bleibt den beiden hold! Oh, und ich gratuliere dazu, dass Sewphie zur Miss Homespun gewählt wurde!
Herzliche Drücker an dich und liebste Krauler an eure Fellchen -
und dank dir sehr für deine lieben Zeilen bei mir!

CraftyHope said...

He's so stinking adorable! Thanks so much for pointing out what materials you used to make him. You don't even know the number of times I've stared at artwork and wondered what the heck they used, where that came from. You totally left no question as to his parts. Thanks so sharing so much!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

You are so very talented and just love seeing what you make. This little guy made me smile and good to meet Roy Al Flush.
Happy to hear that sweet Cosmos is doing well and have been thinking of you both.
Wishing you a happy new week

Barbara Casillas said...

So clever, and the tiny dice heart is perfect. It's great to include recycled materials in art, but you are able to truly create with them. I have so many vintage cards that my mom saved, I am trying to figure out how to use them in some art pieces. Congratulations on your appearance in "Homespun." That must be very exciting.

Sam - Raggedy Bits said...

Such an awesome creation!!! Love how you have taken cool old items and breathed new life into them!! His name is perfect!! Love it!!

Marco Luijken said...

Hello Julia,
This is so nice. What a very funny creation.
So very well done and this Roy deserved a nice place.

Best regards,

Sina und Herr Bohne said...

Wer da keine gute Laune bekommt, dem ist nicht zu helfen - herrlich - ich mag ihn sehr!!!

Gaby Bee said...

Was für ein cooler Typ! Sephie Zipperbutton und Roy Al Flash sind ein echtes Traumpaar. Er kann ja auch stolz auf Sephie sein, nachdem sie sogar schon als Model in einer Australischen Zeitschrift war ... herzlichen Glückwunsch Julia! Deine Ideen sind einfach genial. Ich bin schon gespannt, wie die Romanze ausgeht. Vielleicht gibt es ja irgendwann Zipperbutton-Flash Nachwuchs...

Gaby xo

Haddock said...

A Gambler he is no doubt.
No limits for imagination.

Henny Penny said...

Dear Julia, you have a neat blog!! Early this morning I was fiddling around with my blog and looking back at some old posts. I saw the comment (for the first time) from you on the post about our cat Smokey, from back in June. Thank you. Anyhow, it brought me to your blog. I've just read your post about losing four of your kittens. It broke my heart too. Oh, I am so sorry, and sorry that you had to go through that. You have such a good and kind heart. Sure wish everyone had kindness in their heart and would stop abusing poor little animals. Thank you for caring for those sweet kittens. Henny

Judy Martin said...

So nice to discover your interesting and intimate blog. Thank you for sharing your self. xo

Sugar Lump Studios said...

such a totally clever creation! I love it! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!