July 13, 2017

Our Dryer Caught Fire and a Driftwood Vignette

Our dryer had already been repaired several times over the last 5 years, when it had a malfunction again some weeks ago. I was still able to use it but the sensor didn't work anymore, hence the dryer wouldn't stop automatically when the clothes were dry. I had to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to turn it off manually. That worked well ... until I forgot to set the alarm last Thursday. The dryer overheated and started burning. It was a chain of lucky circumstances that we detected the fire in the bathroom just in time and my hubby was able to extinguish it with a garden hose. There was an awful lot of smoke and the bathroom was a black mess from floor to ceiling. Due to a lack of storing space in the house, there weren't only the typical bathroom items in that room but also shelves with books, seasonal decorations etc. Amazingly, neither my wicker laundry baskets nor the books caught fire. The fire was hot enough though to melt not only the dryer's door but also some plastic containers and bowls that weren't even close by. The smell in the bathroom and the hall was disgusting. In the meanwhile everything is cleaned and painted. It will probably take some weeks though until the smoke smell will be gone entirely. Some things couldn't be saved but we were very lucky. It could have ended so much worse.

When we take a walk on the beach, my eyes always scan the sand for driftwood, sea glass, rusty items, pretty sea shells and whatever else might catch my attention. I used some pieces of my driftwood collection for a little summer vignette.

Coastal Decor: Driftwood pieces embellished with stamped fabric scraps

I like the look of plain driftwood but this time I wanted to add a soft touch. I stamped some nautical motives onto cream colored fabric scraps and glued them to the wood. A simple and quick project.

Coastal Decor: Driftwood pieces embellished with stamped fabric scraps

Coastal Decor: Driftwood pieces embellished with stamped fabric scraps

We're not even half way through July and I'm already looking forward to fall. I'm just not enjoying temperatures above 82°F/28°C and we had up to 100°F/38°C over the last few weeks. The ventilators are running day and night. 7 weeks to go or more until cooler weather will bring back my energy. How is the summer in your neck of the woods?

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Our Hopeful Home said...

So sorry to her about your dryer! Ours started smoking and we immediately sent it out to the curb! Hope things get back to normal soon. Love your driftwood vignette. I collect it also when we're at the beach. The lace texture works well with the wood. We'd love it if you'd share this over at Vintage Charm Party #91! http://www.ourhopefulhome.com/2017/07/vintage-charm-party-91.html

xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oh, no. I'm so sorry to hear about your fire. You were fortunate to get it put out so quickly, it could have been much worse.
I adore your driftwood creations. So charming and so creative!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh, the fire must have been scary! So glad you caught it in time and no one was hurt!
The driftwood pieces are so pretty! I am always happy when driftwood washes up on our lakeshore!

Dorthe said...

My goodness Julia, so terrible, I`m thankful you are still here, and that the most was to save in there- What an awful thing to happen. Yes I can imagine the smell, will stay for a long time, -I`m so sorry for you, but happy it was caught in time, to stop it before more happened.

You know I love driftwood, too, and your idea is so lovely, with the softer touches to the wood.

Take care dearest friend, - and big hugs and love from Dorthe

Linda said...

Julia, oh my goodness, how awful! I am just glad it was caught in time and that you are okay. Your photos are so beautiful!

Maureen H. said...

I am SO sorry to hear about the fire in your dryer! As a firefighters daughter I am all too aware of the danger of dryer and fires. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but I am sure it is still very scary and upsetting. I will be praying that the repairs go quickly and the smell goes away and you can concentrate on something a lot nicer for the rest of your summer. I'm with you, I don't know the really hot weather and look forward to the Fall. Hang in there, it will get better.

Barbara said...

So glad you didn't have anything more serious, and that no one was hurt. Very scarey though. The odor will dissipate with time. Your driftwood pieces are lovely, so serene and natural. I'm off to check out the parties you linked!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my gosh... you are so fortunate! Who would have thought that would ever happen? Great testimony why one should never run dryers while not in at home... it's always been a concern of mine no matter how new the machines! Thanks for the reminder that my gut instinct was bang on.

p.s. hope you find a pretty new SAFE dryer soon! :)

Jeanie said...

That's just awful about the dryer but I am so very grateful you were able to catch it (relatively) early on and handle it yourself. But oh, I can only imagine the smell and the mess. Expensive, too, to replace. (I know -- I had a smoking motor on my washing machine and need to get a new one.) Well, I'm very relieved everything wasn't a total loss but so feel for you having to go through that.

I love your drift wood. I have a piece that I'm planning to do something with this summer. I love your ideas and may borrow one or two. The burlap looks beautiful. They all do.

Nita Jo said...

Sorry about the fire, but so nice you were able to stop it from doing more damage. I'm loving your driftwood vignette, so pretty! I am with you on the temperatures! Triple digits here, higher than normal. I'm also dreaming of cooler weather!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

So very sorry to hear about the fire, and how scary for you and glad that you were around to be able to get it under control.
Love your little drift wood pieces - isn't it fun seeing what washes up on the seashore.
Do hope you have a great weekend and the smoke smell abates.
We have had a cold snap over here the past few days and wish I could blow over some cool breeze to keep you comfortable.

Junkchiccottage said...

Julia oh no about your dryer catching fire. So glad you guys could put it out and the fur babies were not effected by the smoke. I bet you feel so thankful and lucky. Love the drift wood pieces.

ULKAU said...

Wie wunderbar alle Materialien harmonieren, du hast deine Funde vom Strand ganz liebenswert in Szene gesetzt, liebe Julia! Ich liebe ja Treibholz und auch die rundgeschliffenen Glasscherben, die im Wasser immer so schön glänzen.
Oh je, mit dem Brand habt ihr ja noch Glück im Unglück gehabt, aber es dauert lang, bis man den Rauchgestank los ist...
So eine Hitze auf Dauer ist bestimmt sehr anstrengend, weil es ja nie, so wie hier eine Abkühlung meist nach einer Woche gibt. Jetzt verstehe ich, dass du dich nach der kalten Jahreszeit sehnst.
Herzlichen Gruß zum Wochenende - Ulrike

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your fire and smoke damage experience. Fortunately, you caught it in time before it became much worse. I love the way you've displayed your pieces of driftwood. I also love to gather shells and driftwood from the beach. We live about 45 minutes away from an Atlantic coast beach, so it's easy to get there fairly frequently. Your driftwood vignettes are lovely!
Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

A Crafty Mix said...

Noooooo Julia, that must have been so frightening. Glad everything is okay though, except for the smokey smell and a burnt out dryer. Love your driftwood art, coz in my book that's what it is ;-)

Mary K. said...

Julia thank goodness everything is ok and it was not anything worse. Fires can be quite scary.

I am a huge fan of driftwood and have quite a collection at home. There is such beauty in those old pieces of wood that have communed with the sea. Your vignette is beautiful!

Barbara Casillas said...

Wow, that sounds scary, but lucky it didn't spread further. Your driftwood photos are a contrast to what you experienced in your house. They give a feeling of cool ocean air. The detail and delicate nature of the fabric and stamps is also a contrast to the simplicity of the drift wood. And the sea glass is beautiful.

Chokky Sue said...

Cut up onions help to dispel bad smells. Hope this works for you. It certainly does after painting. Love your drift wood.
For our summer temperatures earlier this year, we had a week of over 40degC, many individual days over 40 and most days over 30deg, our second hottest since records were compiled. Even our Autumn was hotter than normal. Now I'm complaining because we are back to 15-18. Never happy are we about our weather?

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Very scary about the dryer. Thank goodness you were both there and able to put it out quickly. After all that, you deserve some nice walks along the beach. :) You always come up with such lovely and unique projects. We don't find driftwood here -- usually just garbage :/ Have a good rest of the day.

Reserl said...

Liebe Julia,
da habt ihr aber echt Glück im Unglück gehabt. Wir hatten so was auch schon mal deswegen wollte ich niemehr einen Trockner, aber im Winter geht es leider nicht ohne.
Sehr schön schaut das Schwemmholz aus eine schöne Idee.
Bei uns soll es leider diese Woche auch wieder sehr heiß werden, ich brauch das nicht.
Alles Liebe von Tatjana fühl dich gedrückt

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what an experience. Would have frightened me so for sure. I am hyper vigilant about leaving appliances on if not at home and this proves case in point and you WERE there. Gosh, glad it worked out as well as could be expected.

The driftwood was a calming experience to create, probably just what you needed.


white and vintage said...

Liebe Julia,
oh, das klingt ja sehr schlimm! Zum Glück wurde niemand bei diesem Brand verletzt.
Deine Beachdeko ist wie immer sehr, sehr schön. Ich mag die Kombination von Treibholz und diesen bedruckten Stoffresten. So ein ähnliches DIY habe ich mal mit Tischsets gemacht. Da habe ich auch maritime Stempelmotive auf Leinenstoffreste gedruckt und diese dann auf Filz-Tischsets geklebt.
Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Abend,

The Florida Furkids said...

eek...that had to be scary!!

Sorry we are so late with this but thank you for your comforting words on the loss of our sweet Ellie. We are heartbroken.

The Florida Furkids

MixedKreations said...

Oh no that is terrible! I am glad that yall caught it and was able to put it out before it spread.
I love your driftwood pieces, they turned out really pretty!
These next few days our temperatures are suppose to be up in the 100's, I am not looking forward to that at all.

johanna said...

au weia, feuer (und wasser), mein Horror!! gut, dass es nochmal relativ glimpflich abgelaufen ist. von trocknern hört man das ja öfter (ich hab keinen), aber ich hatte letztes jahr einen kurzschluss in meiner Nähmaschine und war gott-sei-dank daheim! in kürze all der elektrische gestank, hätte sicher auch gebrannt! seither habe ich keine Nähmaschine mehr...
Treibholz finde ich auch so schön (leider gibt's hier natürlich weit und breit keins...) und du hast es herrlich dekoriert! auch die anderen meeresfunde sind einfach nur schön und erwecken Sehnsucht in mir.
bleib mir weg mit dieser Hitze!! du bist ja noch schlimmer dran, mag ich mir gar nicht ausmalen! lähmt mich total.
liebe grüße schick ich dir,

Claire said...

Great pieces of driftwood. I love how the shell stamped on the fabric with the fray edges looks like a postage stamp.

Christina(ArtDecorationCrafting) said...

I'm so sorry about this fire... I hope everything returns in order the soonest possible!!! Meanwhile the decoration with your driftwoods looks fantastic and thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party :)


Rostrose said...

Hallo liebe Julia,

ich habe die Geschichte schon vor ein paar Tagen mit offenem Mund gelesen, aber da kam ich dann nicht dazu, sie zu beantworten … Und naja, was man nicht gleich macht …. braucht dann zumindest ein bisserl länger. Du hast recht, das hätte ganz schön viel schlimmer ausgehen können, aber der Schreck war auf jeden Fall auch so groß genug und der Gestank sowie die Arbeit, die der Brand verursacht hat, waren bestimmt gewaltig.

Umso erfreulicher dafür der Anblick deiner romantisch verbrämten Treibholzstücke. Ich finde Treibholz auch in so ziemlich jeder Form schön, ob nun pur oder zu Kunstwerken verarbeitet, und ganz besonders natürlich, wenn es Julia-Kunstwerke sind!

Was die Temperaturen betrifft, kann ich dich gut verstehen – wir hatten es zwar nicht GANZ so heiß, aber in den letzten Wochen gab es hier auch nur selten Temperaturen, die ein erwähnenswertes Stück unter 30 Grad lagen und phasenweise auch deutlich darüber. Heute ist aber zum Glück ein etwas verregneter Tag mit gerade mal 23 Graden und auch den Rest der Woche soll es aus heutiger Sicht zumindest bis inklusive Samstag etwas durchwachsen und unter 30 Grad bleiben.

Alles Liebe an dich und herzhafte Tierchenküschler,


PS: Spinat mit Erdbeeren habe ich noch nie gegessen, was u.a. daran liegen mag, dass wir niemals Spinat im Haus haben (Edi hasst ihn). Aber ich liebe Salat mit Beeren aller Art und Nüssen und dazu ein fruchtig-pikantes Dressing, also würde mit vermutlich auch Spinat mit Erdbeeren schmecken. Der Erdbeerspinat schmeckt nicht nach Spinat, sondern nach Salat (sonst würde ihn mein GöGa auch nicht essen ;-)) und die „Beeren“ darauf sind nur leicht süßlich, haben also außer der roten Farbe mit Erdbeeren auch nicht viel gemeinsam, aber ich finde, dieses Pflänzchen macht sich ganz gut zur Aufpeppung von normalen Salaten.

Chris Lally said...

So sorry about the dryer fire, Julia. My hubby is a former firefighter, and he is always checking the condition of our appliances. We are in an "atypical" house, too, and have a severe lack of storage space, so I can sympathize with you on that front. Hopefully, that nasty smoke smell is on the way out. I remember how my husband's clothes smelled when he came home from work, and the smell in the house must be much worse than that. Thankful no one was hurt...

A walk on the beach sounds heavenly. Your vignette's are beautiful and really creative & those photos belong in a magazine!

We are kindred spirits in our yearning for the cool weather. I have never liked hot weather, even as a child. The weather here has really been hot, too - some days up to 96. We finally broke down and got an air conditioner for the living room, but I am still counting the days when those leaves turn into fall colors.

minnemie said...

Oh dear, so sorry about the dryer drama - and THANKFUL the fire was caught on time!!! Phew. Yuor driftwood dispay is beautiful. I love those natural colors, textures and your composition. Beautiful!

Annie said...

Nasty bit of luck with your dryer fire. The important thing is no one was hurt.
You've found a creative way to make art with your driftwood finds. The colorful seaglass catches my eye. Yeah, like a crow.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Julia I was so surprised to read about your dryer fire! I'm so glad you are OK and were not in any way harmed by the incident! It was lucky that you were home even to address the problems it created.
Love your newly created driftwood vignettes. You are such a clever and immaginative artist - always.
I'm sorry for not being in touch - due entirely to what I seem to have to deal with everyday!
Jeff is going really well which is the main thing and we make sure that we walk often and keep as fit as possible.
I do hope you are both going well these days and also hope for you that the temperatures are going down now in the last 4 weeks since writing this. I know how you are not friends with the heat LOL!
Sending all my love and many hugs to you sweet friend!

Haddock said...

That is scary - the fire.
Collecting drift wood is an art.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

what a blessing that you caught it before it took your entire house!