May 19, 2017

Unexpected Kittens

I didn’t intend to be away from my blog for so long. The time just flew by. I tried my best to decide what kind of creations I should focus on in the future but the harder I tried, the more ideas popped into my head and wanted attention as well. The result was that I didn’t accomplish anything for months which was rather frustrating. It seems that I will just continue to work on many different kinds of projects. Limiting myself doesn’t work for me. At least not at this time. I have some junk people in the works and you’ll also get to see some summer decorations and mixed media art soon. Today I have to tell you about some cute furry babies though.

On Good Friday someone left four 10-14 days old kittens in front of our gate. I guess I’m known as the crazy cat lady in our area. Unfortunately, it’s common practice in the South and East of Europe to drown unwanted kittens or to abandon them somewhere in the wilderness where they either starve to death or get killed by predators. It’s so unbelievably cruel and I’m glad that these four didn’t have to suffer such kind of fate. The first two weeks I had to bottle-feed the kittens every two to three hours day and night. In the meanwhile they drink kitten milk from a small plate and eat kitten food as well. I have to get up only once a night now.

Tricolor Kitten by Vintage with Laces

This little girl is Gracie. For some days we thought she wouldn’t make it because she threw up kitten milk and food and she lost so much weight. It seems that she has a very sensitive stomach. She’s doing pretty well with the food she gets now and she gains weight again every day.

Kitten with a ball of wool by Vintage with Laces

The second girl of the litter is Pixie. She is the smallest of the four and extra clumsy which is so cute.

Kitten by Vintage with Laces

Smokey started out with less weight than his brother but he's now the biggest of the siblings.

Kitten by Vintage with Laces

This is Cosmo. He was the first to use the litter box when he was just under three weeks old. Amazing!

Wrestling Kitten by Vintage with Laces

We do have a winner in the Greco-Roman kitten wrestling championship. The gold medal goes to Smokey and we better give it to him right now or he’ll wrestle us down as well.

Kittens by Vintage with Laces

Izzie was about 5 months old when someone left her in front of our home a few days before Christmas. She was still too young to take care of herself, so of course we adopted her. We had her spayed in January. However, she feels motherly towards the kittens. She licks them and even helped with the bathroom business when they weren’t going to litter box yet. We have to take her away after a few minutes though because then she gets too rough with the kittens.

Three Kittens by Vintage with Laces

It’s so much fun watching the little fur balls play with themselves, with each other or any kind of toy. Yesterday evening I laughed tears when Cosmo shoved an empty egg carton around in circles with his nose for some minutes. It’s so cute when they chase each other around the food stool or when such little kittens arch their back before playfully attacking a sibling. We haven’t laughed as much as in the last several days for a while. We hope we’ll find good homes for the kittens but I dread the day I have to part with them. I know there will be tears involved. I remember how hard it was to let go two kittens of the litter we had 5 years ago.

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