February 18, 2016

The Twice Repurposed Washboard

It’s almost 5 years ago that I turned a vintage metal washboard into a magnetic inspiration board for my studio. I painted it white and added an ornamental graphic to the upper part and a piece of lace as a border. After a few years my style had changed. I wanted a look that was less girly and I gave the washboard a makeover by removing the lace and painting over the graphic with chalkboard paint. While I really liked the look, in the long run, it took up wall space that I would have rather used to hang artwork. Therefore, it never went onto the wall again after we moved 16 months ago. I wanted to use it somewhere, but as it was, it didn’t make much sense in any other room. At some point, when I tried to find a place to keep the keys, I got the idea to repurpose the washboard again and turn it into a key holder.

Vintage Washboard Upcycled into Key Holder


   First I cut a piece of scrap wood to add as a little shelf. I painted the board gray except for the chalkboard part. I wanted to use what I had on hand and what I didn’t have were hooks. When I checked my stash for any possible substitutes, I came across a little dish filled with old keys. They were ideal for that purpose. A larger key broke when I tried to bend it but the smaller ones worked well.

Vintage Washboard Upcycled into Key Holder

Vintage Washboard Upcycled into Key Holder

Vintage Washboard Upcycled into Key Holder

I spray-painted some magnetic stars black. They can hold shopping lists, pick-up tickets of any kind etc. When I looked for the best place to hang the key holder in the hall, I discovered that it has the perfect size to cover the fuse box which bothered us ever since we had moved in. It was just meant to hang in that place.

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Perfect! You are for sure the makeover queen. It's not just cats that have nine lives. :) I think your washboard still may have some future reincarnations. ha! Best wishes, Tammy

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I love your original version, but I love this one even more! Great idea to use the key as a hook, and so clever to hang it where it covers up your fuse box.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is such a great re-use project! Pretty and functional...and how clever to cover the fuse box!

Reserl said...

Sehr schön gemacht, eine tolle Idee, gefällt mir gut liebe Julia
herzlichst Tatjana, hab einen schönen Tag

handmade by amalia said...

This is a great makeover for an object that was created to be useful.

Dorthe said...

Dear Julia,
Oh I remember your more girly and romantic washboard from back then :-)
and this looks totally different, and I can see it fits your style, now, much better .
It was a great idea, to turn it into a board for holding your keys and messages and such. The bend keys is a fabolous idea, ..how do they come to you ...and so sweet with the tiny shelf you created yourself, or was it Helmuth ? ;.) .It is a wonderful and practical thing dear friend.
Warm hugs and love from Dorthe

Rostrose said...

Ja, juhu, ein neues Posting von dir - und noch dazu ein neues für A NEW LIFE! Ich freu mich!!! :o) Dein Waschbrett-Schlüsselbrett sieht wunderbar aus - toll, wie wandlungsfähig es ist! Ich kann mich auch an die Ursprungsvariante noch erinnern, damals war ich schon ganz hin und weg, aber ich glaube, der Geschmack hat sich bei uns beiden gewandelt...
Danke auch für dein Stiefelkompliment: Ja, du hast recht, durch die Bewegungen entsteht da tatsächlich mehr und mehr ein Crackle-Look - macht sich aber gut. (Einstweilen jedenfalls ;o)) Und stimmt, über manches müssten Kinder schon in der Schule informiert werden und es müsste auch andauernd in Zeitungen berichtet werden - aber dann sind wir ja alle keine so willigen Konsumenten mehr, und die SOLLEN wir offenbar sein... :(
Alles Liebe samt Kätzchenkraulern (und ich würde mich freuen, wenn du die Katzenkissen herzeigst... oder passen die nicht in deinen Blog?)

Poppy said...

A practical and pretty transformation, Julia, and the perfect piece to cover that nasty fuse box!

Wishing you a lovely week ahead,


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's great when you can make something over more than once, Julia. I love the whimsy of having key hooks hold your keys!

My Creative House said...

Oh Julia what a fantastic idea to make the washboard to a place for keys, I love the little shelf, so creatively made.

The Stonybrook House said...

This is so cool! Rustic and vintage and useful! It would be so great if you could share this at our link party! http://www.thestonybrookhouse.com/2016/02/table-it-link-party-84.html

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

I am loving this idea! Good job!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

SO fun and functional. I love it!

Rostrose said...

Hallo liebe Julia,
hier spricht (bzw. schreibt) die Almhüttenrückkehrerin ;o))
Danke für deine lieben Kommentare zu meinen letzten beiden Posts! Ja, dass ich einen Kissenbezug aus dem Bändchenpulli nähen könnte, hab ich mir auch schon gedacht. Mal sehen... Und Natron hab ich zumindest noch nicht für die Banana-Pancakes verwendet - aber ich hatte mal ein ganz normales Pancake-Rezpet, da wurde Backpulver verwendet. Könnte ich mal wieder zum Einsatz bringen :o))
Alles Liebe und herzhafte Fellchenkrauler von der Traude
✿ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ✿ ♥♥♥♥ ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ

June said...

I love this Julia! I can't believe I missed seeing this post and how you transformed the little washboard again into a key holder. Perfect!!!
I hope all is wonderful with you dear friend!

Eugenia Maru http://lulurulitos.blogspot.com said...

Muy hermosa y muy original doblar las llaves.