January 26, 2016

This time it’s a girl

My boys Pelican Joe and Popping-Eye Pete told me that it would be wonderful to have female company. Human women and cat ladies obviously don’t count. I couldn’t refuse their wish and created a girl for them that is more after their taste. Her name is Office Joy.

Found Object Mixed Media Sculpture

She loves her office job and is well equipped to execute it optimally. If you think that she has a bad hair day you might be right.

Found Object Mixed Media Sculpture

Joy looks slightly unhappy because someone had misplaced some files she was supposed to archieve.

Found Object Mixed Media Sculpture
Finally she found them and now doesn’t let them out of her sight, especially the one that is marked “confidential”.

Found Object Mixed Media Sculpture by Vintage with Laces

She wears the key to the file cabinet with the confidential records around her neck to make sure, no one unauthorized has access. Joy is a valuable staff member and is popular among her colleagues. The boys are thrilled about their new female friend and love spending time with her when she comes home from the office.

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