November 03, 2015

Insect Hotel - Now Open

When I came across an insect hotel on Pinterest about two years ago, I was intrigued immediately. I hadn’t seen or heard of one before. I learned that insect hotels are predominantly made from natural materials to provide nesting facilities and shelter to beneficial insects, especially during the winter months. When we planted some tomatoes this year and they got affected by aphids, I remembered this concept. I don’t like using any kind of pesticides and rather wanted try to attract beneficial insects to our garden, which would eat up aphids and other damaging insects, snails etc.

Reclaimed Wood Insect Hotel

 When I mentioned to dear hubby, that I would like to have an insect hotel, he right away ran into the shed to grab some reclaimed wood and started building one. Well, not exactly but it didn’t take me very long to persuade him. Some homemade chocolate muffins might have been involved.

Reclaimed Wood Insect Hotel
When hubby had finished the main structure, we filled the house with twigs, bamboo, straw, bark, pine cones and a piece of a tree trunk with some holes drilled in it.

Reclaimed Wood Insect Hotel

Reclaimed Wood Insect Hotel - Vacancy Sign

I took a piece of driftwood and painted a “Vacancy” sign.

Reclaimed Wood Insect Hotel - Room Rates

Even insects want to know how much a night in a hotel will cost them. So I made this sign with the rates for our comfortable rooms and suites. We have special rates for long-term guests and packages are available as well. Now we wait for our guests to check-in and hope to have less pest infestation next year.

Reclaimed Wood Insect Hotel

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