April 07, 2015

Colorful Rusty Map Flowers

I’ve been away from my blog for about 6 months. To blog again now feels a bit odd but very good at the same time. Thank you everybody, who had left caring comments and had sent me emails during my absence. I was really touched. My husband has recovered but can’t walk for too long without pain. Considering the complexity of the fracture, we’re still happy with the result and hope for some more improvement. My bruises had healed fast, but all kinds of worries combined with predominantly gray skies and perhaps some first signs of menopause had taken over and made me feel blue. Amazingly, I still had lots of creative ideas during that time but hardly any of them came to life. I stood on my worktable repeatedly, gathered some supplies but then I just couldn’t go on. Instead, I spent too many hours in front of the TV, ate too much, too sweet and too fat. I’m afraid, if I climb onto my scale, it won’t show any numbers but will scream “YIKES!” at me. Yes, I’ve been that bad. I didn’t even decorate for any of the holidays. Only the cats and my favorite sitcoms were able to put a smile on my face. Eventually, I was able to pick myself up recently and started to realize some of my ideas.

Rusty Map Flowers - An upcycled spring bouquet by Vintage with Laces

You might remember the rusty, flower shaped car parts that I’ve used in my Rusty Flower Garden wall hanging last year. This time I used some of them to make a bunch of colorful flowers to put in a vase. I added scraps of old maps and glass cabochons. Then I soldered the flower heads onto rusty wire. A large and heavy spring, combined with another rusty part became the vase for this bouquet.

Rusty Map Flowers - An upcycled spring bouquet by Vintage with Laces

I admit, I don’t have the greenest thumb. I mostly manage to not let dry out my flowers but I don’t deal very well with any kinds of pests or diseases. Chemical treatments are not my thing and biological pest control often seems very time-consuming or complicated. I’m glad that these flowers are maintenance-free and bloom all year round.

Rusty Map Flowers - An upcycled spring bouquet by Vintage with Laces

It feels real good to be back. Thank you for your patience over the last several months!

Have a wonderful week!

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