October 15, 2014

A broken leg but it could have been much worse

It’s almost six weeks ago, that my husband and I tried to fix the 16 ft long and 6 ft high metal entrance gate of our old rental home. All of a sudden it jumped out of the rail and we were knocked over to the ground by several hundred pounds of iron. We were both laying on the side, trapped underneath the gate and not being able to move an inch. It was scary and I was afraid the gate would crush all our rips. It took maybe only about a minute until neighbors heard us screaming and came to rescue us. It seemed much longer though. While I had only some bruises on one shoulder, poor hubby suffered from a multiple and complicated fracture of his left ankle. He did have surgery one week later and now has 21 screws, several plates, connectors and wires in his leg. His right shoulder got hurt as well, which made it impossible for him to walk on crutches. For now he has to use a wheelchair. Time will tell if his ankle will become movable again or will be stiff. It’s a miracle though that this accident didn’t end much worse and we are thankful. We could have broken a lot more bones, could have suffered from severe head injuries or could have been paralyzed.
Fabric Pumpkin - Vintage with Laces
There is probably never a good point of time for a broken leg but it is extremely inconvenient when you are in the middle of moving. We had started to pack before the accident but the bigger part was still to do.  During the two and a half weeks that hubby had to spend in the hospital, I visited him two times a day, packed the rest of our household, moved boxes, painted walls, laid the laminate floor in my new studio and a whole lot more. A friend and his employees moved all the furniture and other heavy stuff the day before hubby came home. We put the bed in the living room/kitchen area, so that he doesn’t have to be upstairs all day. I have done a lot of things my husband normally would have taken care of or we would have completed together. There are many things though I can’t do without someone giving me a hand. In addition, I’m pretty exhausted and don’t get all the things done I would like to. Therefore it looks still pretty messy in most rooms. We hope that hubby will be able to walk again in some weeks and we can make our new home a cozy place then.
Fabric Pumpkin - Vintage with Laces
I think I haven’t shown you the pumpkin yet I had sewn for my friend Carola last year. You can probably imagine that there was no time for me to create anything new, or to decorate for fall or Halloween during the last weeks.
Fabric Apple - Vintage with Laces
The apple is one of several I made some years ago. I look forward to play again in my studio but it will take some more weeks until I will have the time and the peace of mind to do so.
I hope you all have a wonderful fall and can enjoy the pleasures of the season. I will try to catch up with your blogs soon.


amy of studio four corners said...

oh my word! Julia - it sounds like quite an ordeal! I too am glad that it wasn't any worse but I am so sorry for you and your husband. You need to concentrate all of your energies at home - don't worry about us...we will all be here whenever you return! big hugs to you!

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

Goodness, that is alot you all went through. I hope he heals up. You take care also. Di@Cottage-wishes

JoAnne said...

Oh my gosh, Julia, how scary! I'm so glad you are both okay and I sure hope your husband's ankle heals well. You have been through so much, I can understand why you would be exhausted. Sending good wishes your way and I look forward to seeing your new home!

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Julia,
So glad you both did not have worse injuries than what you got. Wow!!! You are amazing to be able to do all you have with help from friends. Wish I were closer to come help. Take time out for yourself too.
Best wishes to your hubby to have his ankle heal.

Victorian1885 said...

Sending good thoughts on your Husband's speedy recovery. Thank goodness you both had not other major injuries. Take care and enjoy your new place.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oh no, what an awful thing to happen to the two of you! I'm happy to hear that you were able to get through the move with the help of some wonderful friends. I do hope that your husband continues to improve and that he makes a full recovery.

Maureen Hayes said...


I am sorry you went through such a terrifying experience. I am glad it wasn't worse, but still feel badly for your hubby and for you. I am sending lots of prayers your way. Please don't stress about the blog, take care of what you have to. We will be here when you return!

The Speckled Hen Cottage said...

Oh what a scary thing to have happen! I'm single and live in the country, I could yell my head off and no one would hear me. It really makes me think about a project before I try tackling it. I hope the best for all of you. I'm in love with the white pumpkint's is so very charming!!!

Mary Lindsay said...

What a very close call you both had but your poor husbands injury sounds just awful, I wish him well and hope he'll be a patient patient and I also hope you can slow down a little and stay as fit as you have to be. I wish you both health and relaxation.

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hello Julia. I'm so sorry about your terrible experience and hope that you will send my well wishes to your hubby and keep some for yourself. Blogging can wait. We will all be here when you get back. I wish that I lived closer so that I could have helped you!! XO Sue

liniecat said...

On the positive side things must surely get better here on in!!
Sorry to hear your tale, fingers crossed that hubby mends soon and you get some simple relaxation time.
Time to take it slower and what isn't done yet, can wait, you've a whole new future in this home, to make it all your own -
mind you, does it have a big gate too?

Sandi said...

Hi Julie,
My goodness! I am so glad you are both okay and it wasn't worse. Prayers for your both as you deal with moving and heal from this awful accident. Beautiful pumpkins!

rush said...

Best wishes for your and your husband's recovery. The house can wait...it isn't going anywhere. Thank goodness the accient wasn't worse. My thougts are with you.

Cathy Michels said...

Dear Julia, so sorry to hear about your accident. Goodness, that must have been so frightening! I recently had surgery to remove a spot of malignant melanoma on the back of my leg. They got it all but the incision has been slow to heal and excedingly ugly. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself until I read your post. My heart goes out to you and your husband. I hope and pray that he can make a full recovery and feel good again soon. It is so hard to watch work going on around us and not be able to be our hard working selves. Take care that you do not overdo in trying to do the work of two. I know that is easier said than done. Wishing you the best and your husband a speedy recovery. Hugs, Cathy

bobbie said...

Oh my gosh!! Thank the universe it wasn't worse ~
Sending you thoughts for gentle healing and comfort ~

Pieced Pastimes said...

So sorry to hear this. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Sending healing prayers for a speedy recovery to your husband and hoping things settle down for the both of you.
Take Care,
Pieced Pastimes

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Wow, that really could have been terrible! Not good, but glad you are not hurt any worse! Wishing you the best of luck with your move and I love the pumpkin and apple!

marda said...

What an awful experience for you both.. and so sorry to hear your husband was injured as badly as he was. I can well imagine the move was exhausting with so much to do on your own. I hope he's up and about soon and no serious lasting effects. Your pumpkin and apple are beautiful. Hope it won't be long til you'll be creating new things.

Janet Ghio said...

What a scary experience! So lucky that your neighbors heard you and got help quickly. Hope your husband will soon be on his feet again.

Curtains in My Tree said...

OMGosh accidents never happen when it's convenient to us.
I know your husband was really upset besides in lots of pain.
Glad one of you was able to carry on with the move

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

Oh my goodness!! So sorry for all you are going through there Julia. I wish you weren't so far away...you could have called in all of your blog buddies for help! Bless you friend...praying for continued healing and renewed strength...

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh my Julia! So glad you both are okay! Could have been so much worse! Thankfully none of the babies got hurt! Ankles take so long to heal. My toe is still swollen and it's been over a month! I didn't know you were moving. Try to get some rest! Xo

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh my goodness, dear Julia. That must have been awful.Sending well wishes and hope your hubby will recover soon. Love the pumpkin you made for Carola - simply gorgeous.
Take care for now and have a wonderful weekend.
Sending hugs and love,

Alexandra said...

Ohh mein Gott Julia das hört sich ja schlimm an. Aber ihr habt wirklich Glück im Unglück gehabt. Ich wünsche deinem Mann gute Besserung und das er bald wieder laufen kann.
Umziehen ist immer Stress total und wenn man dann noch das meiste allein machen muss sowieso. Ich wünsch dir viel Kraft und ein ganz ganz tolles neues Studio.
liebe Grüße und ganz viele Knuddler

Marci said...

How frustrating for both of you! So sorry about your misfortune. I know from reading your blog how you like your house to look. Hope your husband heals and try to take your time doing things. :))

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Dear Julia I'm so sorry to read about all the trouble you and your hubby are going through, your creations are so beautifully made, my best wishes for a quick healing to both of you.
Hugs Anni

Ivy and Elephants said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your accident, but thank God that it was not worse. You have been such a trooper to handle so much at such a stressful time. Hope hubby gets better soon and the ankle is okay. Blessings to you both.
The pumpkin is gorgeous, I'm sure Carola loved it!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh dear Julia,

So sorry to hear of the accident and how awful for you both.
Do wish your husband healing so he will be walking around again.
I love the sweet apple and pumpkin.
Hope life can be more calm and relaxed for you.

must love junk said...

Julia, I'm so sorry to hear all that you and your hubby have been through (but thankful that it wasn't worse!)
I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

The Porcelain Rose said...

I am so sorry to hear about your accident and your husband.
I broke my ankle a few years ago. It was a severe break with multiple fractures and I broke my heel off. I now have metal plates and several screws. Physical therapy helped me a lot. I walked with a slight limp for about two years. Now I only have a little pain or swelling (after being on my feet all day) and it sometimes hurts when the weather changes..... other than that you would never know I was ever hurt.
My prayers are with you and your husband. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Dorthe said...

Oh ,my dearest Julia, what a terrible accident, I`m so happy you are both still here, and allive, my friend.
But what a bad break for your husbond, and as you say, then even just now, when you are moving ,and you should both have been able to do all the heavy things together- so good your friend could help you with all that ,before he returned home from hospital ...and then much more importent than dust and unfinished rooms--,is it that he can start exersice the leg, and soon be able to walk,-
Dear you ,this must have been so awfull, and so heavy a burden , for both of you, I`m happy Julia, that he is home with you, again.
Please greet him and wish him a total healing dear friend.
Your pumpkin and the apple are both so beautiful!
Love you, and send you warmest hugs.
Your Dorthe

Jayne said...

So sorry to hear of your accident. I think you have been very luck to escape serious injury. It shows how fragile life is and how thing can unexpectedly happen in a moment. Glad to hear that your hubby is home and recouperating. It must have been a very difficult time for you as moving in itself is very stressful and having to do so much yourself. You can take your time to arrange your home as you would like it. You take care of yourself Julia and I hope your husband has a speedy recovery and his ankle fully mends quickly. Jayne

Gaby Bee said...

Meine Güte Julia, da habt ihr ja wirklich Glück im Unglück gehabt. Ihr könnt froh sein, dass nichts Schlimmers passiert ist!
Ich wünsche deinem Mann gute Besserung...bei deiner Pflege ist es sicher bald wieder auf den Beinen!

LG Gaby

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry to hear about the accident, Hope your hubby is doing better. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Just glad it wasn't any worse.
Hugs Lynn

Treasures by Louise said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the accident, and I hope your husband continues to heal, so you can enjoy the new home.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh dear Julia
I'm so sorry - that sounds terrible.
How unfortunate for your husband to break his ankle, I imagine the recuperation will be a long one for him - oh dear.
Poor you Julia having to do all those things on your own, I feel for you.

As we get older it gets harder to do some of these jobs ourselves and we probably shouldn't take the risk.

Thinking of you both and take care.
Love and hugs

Martina said...

Ach du lieber Himmel, Julia! Was macht Ihr denn für Sachen? Ich wünsche Dir und Deinem Männe gute Besserung und Dir viel Kraft und Stärke bei den Umzugsarbeiten. Ist schon schwierig, wenn man alles alleine machen muss. Aber Du managest das schon! Da bin ich mir sicher!
Der Kürbis und der Apfel sind wunderschön gestaltet.
Hab ein schönes WE.

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia,
dank dir sehr für deine lieben Kommentare auf meine letzten beiden Posts (die beide "vorprogrammiert" waren). Bei mir hat's nun ebenfalls ein Weilchen gedauert, bis ich wieder zum Bloglesen kam (die Rostroses sind mal wieder in der Weltgeschichte rumgetingelt ;o)) - und was muss ich bei dir erfahren!?! Ein Beinbruch mitten im Übersiedlungschaos - du lieber Himmel, das auch noch! Du hast natürlich recht, es hätte noch viel schlimmer kommen können, aber trotzdem! Ich drücke euch jedenfalls feste alle Daumen, das sich das Bein deines Mannes wieder richtig gut erholt. Erfahrungsgemäß ist es nach einem Bruch ganz wichtig, möglichst bald nach der Entfernung von Gips, Nähten, Nägeln, Drähten (oder was auch immer die Knochen zusammenhält) Unterwasserübungen zu machen - ich hab mir seinerzeit nach meinem komplizierten Oberarmbruch (weil Physiotherapie hier damals noch nicht standardmäßig verschrieben wurde) eine Badewanne im örtlichen Halenbad gemietet und mehrmals wöchentlich trainiert, damit der Arm nicht steif bleibt (wie vom Arzt befürchtet)...
Herzliche rostrosige Sonntagsgrüße, ganz feste Umärmelungen und gute Wünsche für die weiteren Arbeiten!!! Und natürlich allerliebste Katzenöhrchenkrauler!!!
Alles Liebe, Traude

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I am so sorry to hear of your husband's accident. I am GLAD you are BOTH ok as I have learned all to recently how precious life can be. I hope he is on the mend.


Sarina said...

O Julia, what awful news. But so glad, you both are alive. Give my best wishes to your husband. What a terrible experience.
Big hug from me,

Betsy said...

So sorry to hear of your accident! I too am glad things were much worse, it's a challenge to recover from those falls. Glad you are doing well and he is healing also. Prayers that his ankle will heal as well as can be.
Continue to rest as much as possible. It is difficult when life happens while we are making other plans.
Last December through June we had lots of health issues. take care of both of you!
Hugs and prayers for you both.

Carmen Country said...

Buongiorno Giulia, complimenti per il tuo blog!!! è molto bello, le tue zucche sono: fini, eleganti e molto vintage!!!
Sono una nuova bloggerina è la mia prima esperienza blog, mi sono iscritta nei tuoi Followers.
A presto, un cordiale saluto da...Carmen...Milano...Italia

Rostrose said...

Liebste Julia, ich hoffe, bei euch daheim schreitet die Genesung bereits gut voran - und auch die Renovierung des neuen Zuhauses steht nicht ganz still! Lass dich einfach lieb drücken - und Fellchenkrauler schicke ich auch ein paar ganz zärtliche mit!
Alles Liebe und noch ein möglichst angenehmes restliches Wochenende,

Rostrose said...

Hallo, liebe Julia,
hier bin ich schon wieder! Wie geht es dir und deinem Mann! Ich hoffe, inzwischen ist wieder alles viel besser geworden!
Einen wunderschönen restlichen Adventabend und eine möglichst feine nächste Woche wünsche ich dir!!! Und Kätzchenstreichler schicke ich auch mit!

Poppy said...

Julia, I'm so very sorry to hear about this accident, but am thankful that you are both, generally, okay, and that it wasn't worse! Life is so unpredictable, isn't it? Form one second to the next, one's world can be turned upside down. I hope your husband is doing better, and that his recovery is speedy.

Be well, my friend!

Happy Sunday,

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia,
Ich wünsche dir und deinen 2- bis 4-beinigen Lieben (sicherheitshalber schon jetzt) ein schönes Fest und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!
☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ . 。
/▌*˛˚ ░ ░ٌٌٌ░ Alles Liebe und herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße ░░ ░ ˚ . ✰ •
/ \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ ˚ 。✰ •* ˚
Traude ♥♥♥♥

Gaby Bee said...

Liebe Julia,
Ich hoffe dir geht es gut und eure Renovierungen sind mittlerweile abgeschlossen!

Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen 4.Advents-Sonntag, besinnliche Weihnachtstage und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

LG Gaby

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Have been thinking of you - hope that the leg is mending and you are healing. Thank you for the kind visit to my blog
Also hope you had a happy Christmas and wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh no, Julia. I sure hope by now that your hubby has mended and is well on his way to having 100% use of his ankle. That's not easy, but like you said, it could have been much worse. I hope the move went well and that you are settling in. Wishing you all the best for the new year, Tammy

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

Julia, I hope all is well now. I've been missing your posts. Happy New Year!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I hope you are still recovering nicely from your own injury!!! Sending Happy New Year Wishes!

Rostrose said...

Liebste Julia,
ich dank dir auch sehr für deine lieben Zeilen und die Neujahrswünsche, die du auf meinem Blog hinterlassen hast!
Leider hat es ein Weilchen gebraucht, bis ich es bei meiner Blogrunde bis zu dir geschafft habe, meine Neujahrsgrüße an dich kommen daher spät - aber mit großer Herzlichkeit! Mögen deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen! Und ich hofe, du und dein Mann habt das Gröbste in Sachen Umzug / Umbau bald hinter euch gebracht!

╠╣‹(•¿•)›..H A P P Y
╠╣..(█)... N E W
╠╣.../ I .... Y E A R

Alles Liebe, herzhafte Kätzchenkrauler und viel Glück, Traude

bev said...

Just found your lovely blog by way of Pinterest. Hoping you and your husband have both recovered well from the unfortunate accident. Take care and I patiently await your return.

Mom E. said...

How are things going girl? I didn't post anything for about 6 busy months on my blog, but I always wonder how things are going for those who haven't posted in awhile! Hope all is well with you!
hugs and bloggy love,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, you are going to have to give us an update on hubby! What a terrible accident, evident by 2+ weeks in the hospital,that is a really long time now a days! And you were in the middle of a move to boot. Not the best of times for sure. Hope all is improving 3 months later!


Rostrose said...

Lass dich mal wieder drücken! Einfach so! Du fehlst ...
Ganz liebe rostrosige Grüße,

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Julia, I was just posting some Valentine things, and I have a link to your blog. I'm so sorry I didn't know about this sooner, last year was a bad one health wise. Hope you and your Husband are doing better. We're all looking for a post. take care xoxo,

Sarina said...

Hi Julia,
I hope, your husband is better and his ankle movable.
And , of course, that your bruises are healed.
Have a nice weekend,

Gaby Bee said...

Hallo Julia,
ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Valentinstag!

Liebe Grüße

Pieced Pastimes said...

Hi Julia,
I was just admiring some of your beautiful work on Pinterest and wanted to pop over here to check on you. Sending prayers that you and your husband are healing and life is settling down for you both.
Pieced Pastimes

June said...

Just popped over to see how you are doing and to tell you that I think of you often and hope that you are healing. I know it can be a difficult time when getting back to normal sometimes and just thought I would stop by for a wee visit and ready your post again.
I'm sending giant hugs to you today!