October 15, 2014

A broken leg but it could have been much worse

It’s almost six weeks ago, that my husband and I tried to fix the 16 ft long and 6 ft high metal entrance gate of our old rental home. All of a sudden it jumped out of the rail and we were knocked over to the ground by several hundred pounds of iron. We were both laying on the side, trapped underneath the gate and not being able to move an inch. It was scary and I was afraid the gate would crush all our rips. It took maybe only about a minute until neighbors heard us screaming and came to rescue us. It seemed much longer though. While I had only some bruises on one shoulder, poor hubby suffered from a multiple and complicated fracture of his left ankle. He did have surgery one week later and now has 21 screws, several plates, connectors and wires in his leg. His right shoulder got hurt as well, which made it impossible for him to walk on crutches. For now he has to use a wheelchair. Time will tell if his ankle will become movable again or will be stiff. It’s a miracle though that this accident didn’t end much worse and we are thankful. We could have broken a lot more bones, could have suffered from severe head injuries or could have been paralyzed.
Fabric Pumpkin - Vintage with Laces
There is probably never a good point of time for a broken leg but it is extremely inconvenient when you are in the middle of moving. We had started to pack before the accident but the bigger part was still to do.  During the two and a half weeks that hubby had to spend in the hospital, I visited him two times a day, packed the rest of our household, moved boxes, painted walls, laid the laminate floor in my new studio and a whole lot more. A friend and his employees moved all the furniture and other heavy stuff the day before hubby came home. We put the bed in the living room/kitchen area, so that he doesn’t have to be upstairs all day. I have done a lot of things my husband normally would have taken care of or we would have completed together. There are many things though I can’t do without someone giving me a hand. In addition, I’m pretty exhausted and don’t get all the things done I would like to. Therefore it looks still pretty messy in most rooms. We hope that hubby will be able to walk again in some weeks and we can make our new home a cozy place then.
Fabric Pumpkin - Vintage with Laces
I think I haven’t shown you the pumpkin yet I had sewn for my friend Carola last year. You can probably imagine that there was no time for me to create anything new, or to decorate for fall or Halloween during the last weeks.
Fabric Apple - Vintage with Laces
The apple is one of several I made some years ago. I look forward to play again in my studio but it will take some more weeks until I will have the time and the peace of mind to do so.
I hope you all have a wonderful fall and can enjoy the pleasures of the season. I will try to catch up with your blogs soon.