August 09, 2014

My Blog Makeover and Our New Kitten

I’m very excited to share my new blog design with you. When I started to create my header, the only thing I knew was, that I didn’t want to include pictures. I played around and came up with two totally different versions but neither of them really convinced me. So I started again from scratch and this time I felt right away that I was going into the right direction. I’m very happy with the result.

The new blog layout had been a challenge in a different way. For a web designer, this would have been easy-peasy but I don’t know anything about HTML. I had to do a lot of internet research to find codes and tutorials for adding lines and social media buttons, changing sizes and little details here and there. A lot of trial and error, adding, deleting and changing codes was involved. Not to forget some swearing. It was totally worth it though. I really like the lighter, less cluttered look and the the static pages, where you can find my favorite projects, an “About Me” page, a contact form etc. now. What do you think of the new look?
Cecily - Vintage with Laces

Now, on to the kitten story. It was four days after our cat Cecil’s death, when I heard a “meow” in the garden. I went down to check out what was going on. I had expected to see a strange cat but I only found our friend’s cat Toby. I was about to go back in, when Barney came by, sat down in front of a tree and started meowing. I looked up the tree and then I saw her. A tiny, very scared kitten. I grabbed a ladder and a transport box, climbed into the tree and picked her up. The poor girl was very thin and some scars showed that she had been in some serious fights during her first weeks of life already. When I brought her in, she was shy at first but hungry enough to come out of the box to eat.

To be honest, before I found her, I would have maybe considered to adopt an adult cat but not a kitten at this point of time. As cute as kittens are, they need a lot of attention and I was happy that my sweet Barney had reached an age, where he stopped playing with my decorations, supplies and artwork, trying to climb up on my dress form etc. The amazing thing is, that the little girl has the same colors as Cecil did. Other color combinations like ginger/white are much more common here. It seemed to be a twist of fate that she had showed up in our garden. We named her Cecily. In the meanwhile she is fully recovered and makes us smile and laugh every day.

 Cecily 2 - small

Cecily Paw - small

Aren’t kitty paws just so sweet?

Barney - Vintage with Laces

Barney was not so excited about his new step-sister but he gets used to her bit by bit and treat by treat.