April 04, 2014

A Tree of Happiness

Thank you very much for your wonderful comments on Joe. Some of you mentioned that he looks like a pelican and I’m amazed that I didn’t see that since pelicans are among my favorite birds. Thank you for telling me, ladies. I now refer to him as “Pelican  Joe”.
The same day we had found the piece of driftwood that became the head of  “Pelican Joe”, I also had picked up a branch at the beach. It was a bit fragile and when we came home, I searched for a temporary storage place where it wouldn’t get squashed. When I looked around in my studio, my eyes fell onto one of my large vintage thread spools and the little tree’s stem fitted perfectly in the opening. That was the initial of an unintended nature inspired creation, namely “A Tree of Happiness”.
Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces

Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces
Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces
The keys represent a small selection of things and creatures that make me happy, like stunning sunsets, pretty butterflies or beach walks on a sunny day. I’ve also added keys for blooming trees, stars and clouds. You might have nodded at the blooming trees and the stars but I can almost see your puzzled look about the clouds. The thing is, I like a cloudless blue sky for a little while but it soon gets boring and then I wish for a few clouds. For me, they’re embellishments of the sky. Besides, I almost always see something when I look at clouds. Mostly faces or animals. Those paintings made by the wind are instable and are gone soon but they make me smile. When it gets dark, I can do without clouds though because they block the view into the awesome starry sky.
Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces
I love animals in general but cats have a VERY special place in my heart. I can be bad-tempered, frustrated or sad, but when I see a cat, I instantly smile. Having a purring cat lying on my lap is one of the best things in life. Their fur is so soft and the sound is so relaxing. I also love to watch them play, do cute things like drinking from the tab, sleeping in funny positions or unusual places and so much more. They’re amazing and adorable creatures with lots of skills. I can’t imagine anymore to live without a cat and of course the cats got a key to happiness on my tree as well.
Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces
Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces
Tree of Happiness - Mixed Media Assemblage by Vintage with Laces
Have a great weekend! Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to spend some time outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.
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♥Sanne said...

you make really nice things. so inspiratiful

love sanne

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

What a great post, Julia! I love your work of art, and I am with you on cats...I love the two we have. Have a great weekend! Sue

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Liebe Julia,
er ist ganz und gar wundervoll Dein Glücksbaum. Die Idee mit den Schlüsseln, der großen Garnrolle. Du hast das Ganze total schön und dekorativ-nostalgisch und künstlerisch in Szene gesetzt. Man erkennt Dein Händchen, das ganze Arrangement ist einzigartiges Kunstwerk und Copyright Julia.
Ich wünsche Dir und Deinem Pelzchen-Team ein schönes Wochenende.
Ganz liebe Grüße
Birgit und die vielen Katerchen

The Speckled Hen Cottage said...

Pelican Joe is very CUTE!!! But, this tree is beautiful and serene, all the elements come together so well~~~like there meant to be! You have such a gift for combining things!

Createology said...

Such a lovely way to celebrate the things that you enjoy and make you happy. A visual reminder is extra special. Creative Bliss...

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You couldn't have found a better way to display it if you had searched for days. I love all your meaningful ornaments and that stand is so darn cool.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Lovely to see your inspirational tree of happiness and this is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
Also how wonderful your Pelican Joe is, this is a great find.
Happy weekend

marda said...

It all looks so great starting with that huge thread cone. I almost bought one or two a couple of years ago, couldn't think what I'd do with them. Now I wish I'd just done it!!!! You're an inspiration.

marda said...

It all looks so great starting with that huge thread cone. I almost bought one or two a couple of years ago, couldn't think what I'd do with them. Now I wish I'd just done it!!!! You're an inspiration.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Beautiful Julia! A peek into your soul. Xoxo

Rhonda said...

It was meant to be, your spool and tree stem, it is perfect!

Those keys stole my heart, though.

Happy weekend Julia!

amy of studio four corners said...

insight mixed with inspiration produced this stunning interpretation of what is special for you...a beautiful visualization on display...I love it all!
and I'm stealing your idea to use the large thread cones to stick something out of the top - you are brilliant!

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Very, very nice. I can see doing something like that here. We are in the country and there are a LOT of trees around.

Alexandra said...

Das sieht mega geil aus meine Liebe. ich wünschte ich würde hier auch so tolle Naturteile finden.
liebe Grüße

June said...

This is such a beautiful creation Julia! I can see another magazine feature in your future my dear! I can't tell you how much I love this wonderful tree of happiness!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my post dear friend. It made my whole day!!!!
hugs from here...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

How creative, simple and adorable! A huge shout out here from a fellow cat lady...and cat Lover! They are so relaxing!


suziqu's thread works said...

Hello sweet Julia
I'm so thrilled that you have created this simple piece of art to express the happiness you feel.
Knowing you I understand completely the things which are represented on your beautiful keys on the branch like your family of cats.
Those trips to the beach have provided you with endless pieces of material for your gorgeous artworks.
Have a beautiful Sunday my dear Julia,
Much love and hugs,

Unknown said...

Your blog is beautiful as are your creations. Your cat photos are adorable. Fellow cat lover here. Visiting from Alice W. link party today. Have a great Sunday!

Dorthe said...

Hallo meine liebe Julia,
Yes sweetie, I can tell that this is all things in your life that you dearly love-,now hanging on your wonderful tree of happiness, like a little story about you.
The spool is wonderful as vase ,and all the other nature items like the vesps nests piece ( thank you for the piece I still have on my dresser ) and rusted wire, looks fantastic together.
A wonderful nature setting,so beautiful in all it`s simplisity.
I send you love, my dear, and hugs.
Your Dorthe

Martina said...

Hallo liebe Julia, so wie es aussieht sprühen Deine kreativen Ideen gerade so raus....dieser Baum, der "Pelikan" und auch die Fabric-Collage sind jedes für sich ein Hingucker. Ich bin hin und weg....wirklich klasse Arbeiten!
Was mich angeblangt, so befinde ich mich momentan in einem kreativen Stimmungsloch....aber ich hoffe, das sich das bald wieder ändert.
Ich wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Sonntag.

Romantic Country Living said...

That is super neat! What a beautiful creation. :)

Marci said...

It is beautiful, I love the idea of a happiness tree. As for cats, I one hundred percent agree. Can't imagine life without them.

must love junk said...

Julia, this is amazing! Your creativity is so inspiring! And I've always had a special place in my heart for cats, too :)

Romeo said...

Is there anything you do that I don't love?!? Nope. LOVE it all!!!! And Romeo is simply delighted to be part of the tree of happiness. Despite the fact that I told him it was "cats" and not specifically him, he refuses to agree on this point. He claims that he is one of the special ones and that since he meets all of the qualifications of your mentioned "cats" he feels that his is surely him. *sigh* it's going to be a long night with the "cat" ;)

Did I mention that I LOVE this tree of happiness?!!



Angie @ Knick of Time said...

Such a lovely way to remember the things that bring joy!

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

Just beautiful...I love those keys!! Another great vignette :)

Jayne said...

Your never fail to inspire me Julia and surprise me with you creativity, that is a perfect 'vase' for your branch. My husband brought me a contorted willow branch home and I haven't got around to doing anything with it yet, you have inspired me to create. Jayne x

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Just beautiful, you are so talented!
Ciao Rita

Lorraine said...

Hi Julia--Well, I just love everything about your tree of happiness! Love all the thoughts and elements you incorporated! Have a great weekend! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia,
deun Tree of happiness ist mal wieder eine wunderschöne Idee die außerdem noch wudneschön aussieht. Dass Katzen dort ihren Platz haben müssen, kann ich mehr als nur gut verstehen - und auch mit den Wolken habe ich keine Probleme, denn mir geht's da wie dir, ein blitzblauer Himmel ist schön und gut, aber Wolken bringen Abwechslung rein und sind spannende Schaubilder. Es müssen ja nicht unbedingt Schlechtwetterwolken sein (es sei denn, man wartet schon auf Regen). Mir wäre es auch nicht aufgefallen, dass Joe ein Pelikan ist, aber jetzt, wo ich's weiß, kann ich es natürlich auch ganz deutlich erkennen. Ich hoffe übrigens, er findet bald ein weibliches Pendant!
Alles Liebe, herzhafte Drückerchens, Tierchenkrauler und ein schönes, genussvolles, ergiebiges und dennoch erholsames April-Wochenende,
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♬ ☂ ✿ ☼ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♬ ☂ ✿ ☼ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♬ ☂ ✿ ☼ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♬ ☂ ✿ ☼ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Rostrose said...

Wie du siehst, habe ich mal wieder ein paar Buchstabenrätsel eingebaut ;o))))

Olga Siedlecka said...


Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

So inspiring to see what you make out of things other people would throw out, fantastic tree Julia.
Hugs Anni

Debra@CommonGround said...

Love how you've labeled each key, and yes cats are right up there with all the best things in life!

josie said...

Very much enjoyed all of your creations --- especially the scissors and paintbrush etc. display...you have a great creative mind and have fun with all of it...thanks Julia!!