October 15, 2014

A broken leg but it could have been much worse

It’s almost six weeks ago, that my husband and I tried to fix the 16 ft long and 6 ft high metal entrance gate of our old rental home. All of a sudden it jumped out of the rail and we were knocked over to the ground by several hundred pounds of iron. We were both laying on the side, trapped underneath the gate and not being able to move an inch. It was scary and I was afraid the gate would crush all our rips. It took maybe only about a minute until neighbors heard us screaming and came to rescue us. It seemed much longer though. While I had only some bruises on one shoulder, poor hubby suffered from a multiple and complicated fracture of his left ankle. He did have surgery one week later and now has 21 screws, several plates, connectors and wires in his leg. His right shoulder got hurt as well, which made it impossible for him to walk on crutches. For now he has to use a wheelchair. Time will tell if his ankle will become movable again or will be stiff. It’s a miracle though that this accident didn’t end much worse and we are thankful. We could have broken a lot more bones, could have suffered from severe head injuries or could have been paralyzed.
Fabric Pumpkin - Vintage with Laces
There is probably never a good point of time for a broken leg but it is extremely inconvenient when you are in the middle of moving. We had started to pack before the accident but the bigger part was still to do.  During the two and a half weeks that hubby had to spend in the hospital, I visited him two times a day, packed the rest of our household, moved boxes, painted walls, laid the laminate floor in my new studio and a whole lot more. A friend and his employees moved all the furniture and other heavy stuff the day before hubby came home. We put the bed in the living room/kitchen area, so that he doesn’t have to be upstairs all day. I have done a lot of things my husband normally would have taken care of or we would have completed together. There are many things though I can’t do without someone giving me a hand. In addition, I’m pretty exhausted and don’t get all the things done I would like to. Therefore it looks still pretty messy in most rooms. We hope that hubby will be able to walk again in some weeks and we can make our new home a cozy place then.
Fabric Pumpkin - Vintage with Laces
I think I haven’t shown you the pumpkin yet I had sewn for my friend Carola last year. You can probably imagine that there was no time for me to create anything new, or to decorate for fall or Halloween during the last weeks.
Fabric Apple - Vintage with Laces
The apple is one of several I made some years ago. I look forward to play again in my studio but it will take some more weeks until I will have the time and the peace of mind to do so.
I hope you all have a wonderful fall and can enjoy the pleasures of the season. I will try to catch up with your blogs soon.

September 06, 2014

Featured at Must Love Junk and Some More News

I’m excited to be featured today at Must Love Junk in Susan’s Saturday Spotlight and would love you to visit me there. I’m sharing a lot of things in that guest post you don’t know about me yet. If Susan’s blog is new to you, please take a look around. Her house is gorgeous and I admire her style very much. She creates fabulous vignettes with vintage treasures and I would love to shop her house or just move right in. Thank you so much for inviting me to the Spotlight, Susan!
The last two weeks of August had been worrisome for me. First, Barney had been missing for 2 1/2 days and then we found out that he was very sick. I thought he would die and was very desperate. We’ve been in the animal clinic several times with him and thankfully he’s much better now. I’m so relieved. We’ll have his blood values tested again in two weeks but the vet is optimistic that they’ll be fine.
Barney in Tree
I won’t be around in blogland a lot for the next few weeks because we are in the middle of moving. Our new home is only a few miles away and we don’t need to pack everything in boxes. However, it’s a lot of work and we both already feel every single muscle in our bodies. While moving all the stuff is not so much fun, I look forward to building some furniture together with dear hubby soon.
Now I’d be happy if I’d see you over at Must Love Junk.
Have a wonderful weekend!

August 09, 2014

My Blog Makeover and Our New Kitten

I’m very excited to share my new blog design with you. When I started to create my header, the only thing I knew was, that I didn’t want to include pictures. I played around and came up with two totally different versions but neither of them really convinced me. So I started again from scratch and this time I felt right away that I was going into the right direction. I’m very happy with the result.

The new blog layout had been a challenge in a different way. For a web designer, this would have been easy-peasy but I don’t know anything about HTML. I had to do a lot of internet research to find codes and tutorials for adding lines and social media buttons, changing sizes and little details here and there. A lot of trial and error, adding, deleting and changing codes was involved. Not to forget some swearing. It was totally worth it though. I really like the lighter, less cluttered look and the the static pages, where you can find my favorite projects, an “About Me” page, a contact form etc. now. What do you think of the new look?
Cecily - Vintage with Laces

Now, on to the kitten story. It was four days after our cat Cecil’s death, when I heard a “meow” in the garden. I went down to check out what was going on. I had expected to see a strange cat but I only found our friend’s cat Toby. I was about to go back in, when Barney came by, sat down in front of a tree and started meowing. I looked up the tree and then I saw her. A tiny, very scared kitten. I grabbed a ladder and a transport box, climbed into the tree and picked her up. The poor girl was very thin and some scars showed that she had been in some serious fights during her first weeks of life already. When I brought her in, she was shy at first but hungry enough to come out of the box to eat.

To be honest, before I found her, I would have maybe considered to adopt an adult cat but not a kitten at this point of time. As cute as kittens are, they need a lot of attention and I was happy that my sweet Barney had reached an age, where he stopped playing with my decorations, supplies and artwork, trying to climb up on my dress form etc. The amazing thing is, that the little girl has the same colors as Cecil did. Other color combinations like ginger/white are much more common here. It seemed to be a twist of fate that she had showed up in our garden. We named her Cecily. In the meanwhile she is fully recovered and makes us smile and laugh every day.

 Cecily 2 - small

Cecily Paw - small

Aren’t kitty paws just so sweet?

Barney - Vintage with Laces

Barney was not so excited about his new step-sister but he gets used to her bit by bit and treat by treat.

July 21, 2014

Welcome to a Blog Tour Stopover

I was recently invited by Laurel at Chipping with Charm to participate in a blog tour. Laurel and I met last year and I fell in love with her upcycled and repurposed furniture and her decoration ideas right away. She shares a booth with a friend in an antique mall and sells her wonderful creations at some shows as well.

Chipping with Charm

These are a few of Laurel’s repurposing projects. Don’t you just love the bed canopy built from an old ladder, the memo station that once was a kraut cutter or the shelf she had made out of two old drawers and a sign? The wood tote, repurposed into a fairy garden, and the tired stand, made from old cake pans, are such adorable ideas too. There are many more on her blog. If you didn’t have the chance yet to meet Laurel, please hop over to Chipping with Charm and take a look around.

Blog Banner Laurel
As part of the tour, I’m supposed to answer four questions and show some pictures. Here we go …

1. What are you working on right now?

I work on several things at the moment. One of them is a blog makeover. My header doesn’t reflect my current style and taste anymore. Exchanging the pictures would be easy but I like to get a totally new design. I also plan to give my blog a more organized look. If I had a budget for it, I would ask a web designer to recreate my blog outfit but I have to do it myself. This is a real challenge for me because I so much rather work with real materials and tools. Wish me luck :).

Another work in progress is this scrap quilt.

Scrap Quilt small

It had taken me a long time to finish the top and by the time it was done, my color taste had begun to change to more neutral colors. I hand quilted a few areas, but then the quilt took a nap for several years until recently. Now I’m ready to add some color to our interior again. Since I only quilt in the evenings while watching TV, it will take me some months though until the quilt will be finished.

Additionally, I work on are a mixed-media collage, a metal assemblage and display ideas for some of the fabric fishes I sewed last year.

2. How does my work differ from others in this genre?

That’s a tough one. What exactly is my genre? If you have followed me for a while, you have seen useful sewing projects, mixed media collages and art quilts, assemblages, altered arts, crafts, seasonal decorating, repurposing ideas, handmade jewelry, soldered items, a few crocheted pieces and more. I think, certain projects differ by the materials I combine. I like to mix lace with rusty parts, like in the “Rusty Flower Garden” wall hanging or the “For the Love of Lace and Rust” canvas.

Rusty Flower Garden               Rusty Flower Garden For the love of lace and rust    For the Love of Lace and Rust

I also use such contrasts in my decorations by putting a rusty junk tree on a doily or with lace embellished Easter eggs on rusty bed springs.

Rusty Junk Christmas Tree                   Rusty Junk Tree Easter decoration - Eggs on Rusty Springs       Easter Eggs on Bed Springs

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I started blogging in 2009 to share my creations, decorations and my love for vintage treasures. From the beginning on, I’ve written my blog in English even though I’m German, because I wanted to get in contact with bloggers from all around the world.

Creating is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle for me. I’d be very unhappy if I couldn’t realize the ideas (or at least some of them) that come to my mind. I’m rarely uninspired. It happens more often that I find it difficult to decide which of all the projects on my “like-to-do” list to start next.

4. How does my creating process work?

Well, there is no specific process. Inspiration can hit me any time at any place. I might get an idea from some things I find while cleaning up my work table, something I’ve picked up in the garden or when I see an item at the junk yard, only to name a few occasions. Sometimes I start right away and the project is finished soon, on other creations I work in stages. Then it can take weeks, months or even years until completion.
That’s enough about me. Now it’s my turn to provide new stops on the blog tour. You all know how life can get into our ways. That’s what happened to one of the three lovely ladies I wanted to introduce you to, but I still have two great blogs for you to visit.

I know and love Angie’s blog for several years now. She shares free antique graphics, her love of farmhouse living and how she turns total junk into unique recreations for her home. She hosts a weekly blog party named “Knick of Time Tuesday”, where everybody can link up vintage or vintage inspired themed posts.

Knick of Time

Angie comes up with a lot of great repurposing ideas and does wonderful furniture makeovers. You got to see the roll top desk she had just finished or the guest cottage reveal from some weeks ago.

Knick of Time 
The collage shows you just a few of my favorite projects from Angie’s blog. Please visit Knick of Time as well as Angie’s Etsy shop,where she sells her fabulous creations and vintage treasures.

I just recently found JoAnne’s blog but immediately liked the touches of blue in her home and her charming cottage style.
 A Pocketful of Blue Header

JoAnne says of herself, “I have a passion for decorating and turning our house into a cozy home. Cottage style is my favorite and I love to use soft colors, especially blue. I really enjoy shopping at flea markets, barn sales and vintage shops to find that special item to transform into something unique for our home. For me, spending time decorating and being creative are better for stress relief than a day at the spa any day.”

A Pocketful of Blue Collage
JoAnne and I do not only share the love for vintage treasures and decorations but also for cats. When you hop over to her blog, you’ll meet her super cute blog boss. Please visit JoAnne at
A Pocketful of Blue.

Thank you, Laurel for inviting me to the blog tour and thank you, Angie and JoAnne for playing along and continuing the blog tour next Monday.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

Welcome to my studio!
I’m participating again in the “Where Bloggers Create” party over at
My Dessert Cottage. Since last year’s event, I redecorated, did some makeovers, built a spool shelf and added some soft bits of color here and there. Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and take the tour. It’ free of charge.

Vintage with Laces Studio 
My cutting table unit, which consists of two drawer chests placed back to back, got recently a makeover. I had never really liked the original pine wood color. Some years ago I painted the tops white but didn’t feel tempted to paint 30 drawers. My solution was to stain the wood with the vinegar and steel wool method. The brass colored drawer pulls got spray painted in black for a more industrial look. I’m really happy how everything turned out. You can check out the before version HERE.

Vintage with Laces Studio 
Vintage with Laces Studio
My glass cabinet still holds vintage linens but I redecorated it as well as the shelf above.

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Pelican Joe is residing on the little drawer shelf now where he has a good view and can check out what’s going on.

Vintage with Laces Studio

The metal “S” is one of my favorite junk yard finds of last year. I actually found three letters. They all were orange, my least favorite color. I didn’t mind because I knew I would be allowed to use the sandblaster in a friend’s workshop. The paint came off easily and left them perfectly gray.

Vintage with Laces Studio 
I made this wind chimes last year with a piece of driftwood, lace, buttons and pearls. It hung outside in the patio during the summer but it didn’t have a perfect spot there. When I took it down in fall, I brought it into the studio to become a wall decoration.

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

The linen covered boxes got updated with stenciled letters/numbers and painted stripes.

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio 
Vintage with Laces Studio - Necklaces

My rusty rake is now used as jewelry display for necklaces I have received from blogging friends over the years, and some I created myself.

Vintage with Laces Studio - Vintage washboard turned into magnetic inspiration board

I had repurposed this vintage metal washboard as a magnetic memo board three years ago. Back then, I had transferred a vintage French graphic on the top. For my actual taste this was too girlie and I painted over it with chalkboard paint a few weeks ago.

Vintage with Laces Studio

On the side of my armoire you can see my “Rusty & Weathered” quilt,  which was recently published in the summer issue of Art Quilting Studio. This made me especially happy because it is one of my favorite creations.

Vintage with Laces - Published in Art Quilting Studio

Vintage with Laces - Published in Art Quilting Studio    
Vintage with Laces - Published in Art Quilting Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Ever since I had seen THIS cable spool coffee table, I wanted to make one. When I found two small cable spools of the same size, I decided to build a shelf instead though. Right now I like the height as it is but if I change my mind, I can still add another tier with the remaining shelf and an empty paint can as support.

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

I use a shadow box to store wasp nests, small driftwood pieces, seed pods and lavender.

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

In a rusty baking tin I keep other nature finds like snail and sea shells.

Vintage with Laces Studio

This little drawer chest got a makeover with vintage atlas pages. Touches of color. I know, it’s shocking.

Vintage with Laces Studio

In the round basket I store freezer paper, fusible web etc.

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

More color accents.

Vintage with Laces Studio  
Vintage with Laces Studio

Lace and rusty junk side by side. They get along well with each other.
 Vintage with Laces Studio

Vintage with Laces Studio

The junky LOVE sign I had created for Valentine’s Day this year found a permanent place above the wicker trunk.

Vintage with Laces Studio 
I end the tour now with this close-up of a gray inspiration kit that I keep in a basket on the trunk. Thank you very much for your visit. It was a pleasure to have you here. I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Please hop over to Karen tomorrow, when the link party has started. Thank you very much for hosting this great event again, Karen! I look forward to visiting the other participants.


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