August 01, 2013

Hello, my name is Jules

Hello ladies, mommy said, I should introduce myself. I’m Jules.  I’m a boy and my name is pronounced the French way. Like Jules Verne, you know.  I got adopted on mommy’s birthday, almost two weeks ago. She didn’t know she would meet me that day, neither did I. It was not planned, that mommy and daddy would adopt another cat but I was looking for a home and so it just happened. I’m so happy to have a family again. Mom thinks I’m about 7 weeks old now. I don’t know because I can’t count yet.


Mommy has taken lots of pictures of me. At first they all were blurry. Then she remembered that there is a “sports” setting on her camera – for fast moving objects. That would be me. Very fast, ha. Often enough I’m still too fast, even for that mode. Mom said, if  I’d like to become a cat model, I’d have to learn to hold a pose a little bit longer than a nanosecond – whatever that is. I don’t think I wanna be a model. I’d rather be a fisherman when I’m grown up or a butcher maybe. Then I could have fish or steak whenever I want. Sounds like a great plan. I gotta remember that.

Mommy says, I’m a kleptomanicat. I did not only steal her and daddy’s heart but I also frequently snatch her trims, fibers and doilies and take them to other places where I like to play with them. She’s never mad of me though because I’m so cute.


She also says that my teeth are sharp as needles. Wouldn’t that make me a good helper in her studio? I could sew with my teeth. Mom is not convinced yet. I try to help anyway. Here you see me offering to get something for her out of a drawer.


When I don’t play, eat or try to be a good assistant, I just sleep. Here is a picture of me while I’m taking a nap in my favorite basket.


I often fall asleep on other places as well. Like here on the sofa.



Here I took a moment to relax after I had played for an hour. Auntie Dorthe, I swear my paws were totally clean when I sat on your fairy doll’s dress.


I hope I’ll get along with my step brothers one day. They don’t like me yet. There’s that old guy Cecil. He thinks he’s just fluffy, I think he’s real big. I don’t take it personal though that he doesn’t like me. He doesn’t get along with anything that has more than two legs. Except for chairs and tables maybe.


Then there’s Barney. He always hisses at me when he sees me and makes scary noises. Doesn’t he know that I’m cute?


The dogs are not allowed to come close. They could think I’m a snack. Especially that Baxter guy. He always chases the neighbor's chickens. I don’t think I look like a chicken but who knows what Baxter thinks I am. I’m not allowed to go in the garden yet anyway. There is an owl showing up every day and mommy says that I’d be a yummy lunch or dinner for that bird. I love to eat but I for sure wouldn’t like to be eaten. There are less dangerous animals in the garden as well though. They’re called turtles. Mommy showed me pictures of them. She seems to be excited, each time she sees one. I’m pretty sure those guys are boring and not very playful. Mom probably likes them because they don’t move so fast when she wants to take a picture.


Mommy asked me to show you some gifts she had recently received. Her dear friend Liz had sent some very beautiful vintage laces and an owl card. From what I’ve heard about owls, the card scares me a bit but mommy thinks it’s so lovely. She doesn’t let me play with the lace. Bummer!

Owl Card and Lace

Dear auntie Dorthe had sent a fabulous card with a paper doll that wears a pretty tulle skirt. I’d love to play with the skirt or the flowers in the doll’s hair but I’m not allowed. Humph!

Doll Card

Another gift came from her dear friend Martina. She had created a lovely canvas with a charlotte doll. Mommy said the background has lots of great texture. I don’t know what that means. Is that something to play with? She doesn’t let me find out. This is just not fair. When I get a package one day, I won’t let her play with anything that’s in there, ha.


Mommy thanks the lovely ladies very much for sending such wonderful gifts.

It was so nice meeting you all. I’m a bit tired now and have to take a little nap.

Jules in Baket

Bye, buy and MEOW from here …



Anonymous said...

Dear Julia
The "Aaaaaahhhhhhh" factor is most certainly brimming over in this post and my heart has been stolen by Jules.
Now let me tell you that for a kitten to steal my heart, it is almost unheard of as I've had so many nasty encounters with cats whereas it is always dogs who make me go "Aaaahhhh" but this little Jules, he is quite the heartbreaker. I do feel as though he should be in the movies with his handsome features!
Such adorable photographs especially the one of Jules taking a cat nap (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!).
Beautiful creations from your sweet friends showing their individual styles.
Your text is so cute, I must read it again and of course take another peek at Jules :)

Janet Ghio said...

what an adorable kitty and a really fun post to read!

Karen B. said...

AWWWWWWW!! Oh my god, is this little baby kitten so cute!

Many hugs and one little one,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

marie said...

I enjoyed this post so much! A nice smile for the day!!
Jules sure is a sweet little wonder he stole your heart away!

Martina said...

Hallo Julia und vielen Dank für den entzückenden Post! Dein Jules ist sowas von goldig....das glaube ich Dir gerne, dass er eine Menge Unfug im Kopf hat und Dir Deine Schätze durcheinander bringt....Zu süß auch, wie Du diesen Post formuliert hast. Du hast mir ein Dauergrinsen ins Gesicht gezaubert.
Freut mich, dass Dir mein Canvas gefällt. Die Geschenke von Dorthe und Liz sind auch wunderschön!
Bis bald, Du Liebe

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, Julia, Jules is so precious!! Love the photos of him on his back!!!! Your kitties are all so cute!

Shame on me, I missedy your birthday?!?!?!??! I am so sorry. I see though that you had a wonderful birthday and received a very special gift, Jules!!!!

Lovely gifts from Liz and Martina!


Jayne said...

Well Julia, I never knew little kittens could be so clever and write blog posts! What an adorable little chap you have there and I think he will be a cat model as he seems to love posing. I am sure the rest of the family will be accepting of him in due course when they realise just how adorable he is. I wish you a belated birthday Julia and your cards are absolutely beautiful and all little works of art in themselves. Jayne x

viola said...

E' bellissimo Jules! Very very nice!!

Chris said...

Well hello little Jules....aren't you a cutie? And such a lucky kitty to have a home and family and a world of adventure to explore.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You're just a little fluffy ball of cuteness! Don't worry, your step brothers will learn to love you, I think they're just jealous right now.

May said...

Hi Jules, You are such a handsome kitty... You are going to love your new home me thinks...Lots of cuddles I'm sure... as you are soooooo cute. Welcome to blog land...Hugs May x x x

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

What a beautiful little kitten, and such a great writer, too! May I use him to be a guest writer on my blog when I am away next time? Thanks for sharing those adorable photos. Hugs, Sue

Irene Helms Designs said...

Jules looks like he is going to be a great addition to your family. Thanks so much for posting!

Dorthe said...

Oh my goodness dear Jules , you are absolutely something of the cutest I have ever seen of cats- no wonder mother Julia fell in love with you, the minute she first saw you !!
And you my dear will be treated as a prince--mind you the king is Cecil !!!
Thank you for taking care of your auntie Dorthe`s (me) angel doll, and not making her skirt dirty .... hehehe... you looks adorable there!!!!
Your auntie would love to give you a hug and a kiss , but that will be send with the wind to you and to your wonderful mom !! Tell her I send her viele liebe grüsse und mange knus og kys !!!
Auntie Dorthe :-)

Carole said...

Oh Julie your new baby Jules is amazingly cute. Wonder if he realizes he hit the kitty lottery getting adopted by you guys.
Your studio is a dream and love all the new things you have done with it.

big hugs


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh stop, He is soooo cute, I could just squish him! I love the picture of him sleeping. Great cards, I love the tulle dress!


Maureen said...

OMG! Jules you ARE too cute!!!! What a lucky family to have you join them. I hope your other furry family members get used to you being around and accept you soon. Thank you for posing so nicely so I could smile real big at your lovely face!

marda said...

What a sweetheart...and such a wonderful writer. I can see why mom and dad fell in love. Too cute for words. (Those other animals are just jealous you know!)

Rostrose said...

Ach du Liebe Zeit, Julia, es wundert mich nicht, dass Jules euer Herz gestohlen hat - der ist ja wirkich umwerfend! Seltsam, dass die beiden anderen Herren Katers das nicht begriffen haben. Ui, und Cecil ist wirklich ziemlich mächtig und üppig, wenn ich da so eine kleine Babykatze wäre, hätte ich ganz schön Schiss vor dem. Ich drück die Daumen, dass sie sich anfreunden und auch Barney bald kapiert, dass Jules kein Hühnchen ist. (Ich kann da übrigens auch gar keine Ähnlichkeit erkennen...) So, und jetzt muss ich rausflitzen, der Briefträger war gerade mit seinem Knattermoped da!
Küsschen und Tierchenknuddels (auch an die Schldkröten ;o))

Sarina said...

Hi Julia,
What a sweet sweet sweeeeet little cat. He's adorable.
I loved to read your story,about him and the other animals.You have a lot of animals, just like us.We have 2 dogs, a cat,a canary,a turtledove, a turtle(44 years)and fish.
I would not want to live without them,
Have a great weekend, with your little kitten and other furry children.

Ellen said...

Hi Julia,

how sweet, I melt. You must be a true animal lover ;-), so am I. Your creations are beautiful again as always.

Hugs and have a nice day,

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Julia,
such a lovely post. Jules is just adorable and the gifts from Liz,Dorthe and Martina are beautiful.Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful weekend.

kliaksa said...

dear Julia, thank you so much for such a positive post! You may write "little kitty's story book!"
Julue is adorable! And the gift you got from Liz are beautiful!

Viola said...

Oh Julchen, alles Liebe und Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag.Sorry, habe ich doch total verschwitzt, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes! Bei den Temperaturen hier in Deutschland!
Dein Jules ist ja sowas von niedlich ( wie Dein Post auch).So ein süsser Fratz! Da hätte ich auch nicht widerstehen können.
Und die Geschenke sind allesamt wieder wunderschön.
Ein tolles WE und ganz liebe Grüsse, Viola :)

Carole said...

Hi Julia, I'm so glad I dropped by today. A wonderful post and how adorable is little Jules, sooo darling! I see where you are going to be kept busy snapping pictures, have fun Julia and enjoy the week-end.

Joanna said...

sweet little cat !
pozdrowienia z Polski

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello My sweet Julia
Now I know why you've been so pre-occupied! Oh my not only have you acquired the sweetest looking kitten but oh so full of talent in being able to write as well!!! What a little treasure Jules is - so pretty and those eyes so alert!
I do hope that Cecil and Barney accept him into your little cat family very soon!
There won't be much creating in that studio of yours now for quite a while that I can see!!!
Such lovely cards from our dear friends for your Birthday too!
Thinking of you fondly and send you
many hugs and kisses,
Suzy xox

My Creative House said...

Dear Julia, what a wonderful post about your Jules, he is so cute and lovely, I understand why he can get away with playing with your beautiful laces and other things, you have received some very beautiful birthday card from some very creative ladies, wish you a wonderful weekend with all your dear animal friends.
Warm hugs Anni

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh!!! What an adorable kitten! Welcome to the world, Jules! I love cats. They are the most amazing creatures. Someone say that cats have many of the similar emotions of humans...I can sure relate to that!
Just coming to follow your blog, dear. Love all of your pretty creations.
Teresa in California

Ivy and Elephants said...

Jules stole my heart, too. What a little cutie pie!

Anneke said...

hello Jules.
first some words for you!
you are so adorable and you have stolen my heart.
such a cutie you are and you have found a wonderful and carring home by my sweet friend Julia.
welcome to the world jules and a hug for you.
ps, how nice for you Julia to have Jules now.
and happy birthday dear friend, although i am to late, but with this very warm weather it is not possible to sit in my craftroom behind the pc.
have a nice weekend and hugs to you.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

If he isn't the cutest thing...and what a perfect name.

Unknown said...

He has one little black "ink" pad

June said...

You are such a little sweetheart Jules...I could just hold you all day! You tell your mommy that I think she is one lucky lady to have you in her home. I sure hope the other boys take a liking to you soon. They just need a little more time to see how cute you are you know.
Thanks for showing us all your mommy's new gifts.
big hugs...

Boxwood Cottage said...

O H M Y G O D :)
A W W W W W W W :D
C U T E N E S S O V E R L O A D !!!
Manno man ist der süß das hält man ja kaum aus! Was für ein fantastisches Geburtstagsgeschenk!
Und ich bin mal wieder die letzte, die es sieht. TOTAL ENTZÜCKEND JEDES BILD!
Da hätte ich mal damals bei Riley drauf kommen sollen, auf den Sports Modus der Camera. Ich weiß noch, dass immer fast alle Bilder verschwommen waren. Gut, dass Dir das eingefallen ist!

Liebe Julia ich gestehe ich hab Deinen Geburtstag schon wieder vergessen und fühle mich ganz furchtbar dabei :(
Mitte Juli? Genaues Datum bitte!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!!!
Also ich werde mir alle Mühe geben Dein verspätetes, Halloween inspiriertes Geburtstagpäckchen noch diesen Monat abzuschicken! Ein paar Dinge fehlen mir noch. Ich muss mich jetzt selbst unter Druck setzen, damit es klappt, deshalb schreibe ich das hier ganz öffentlich! ;-)
Es freut mich sehr für Dich, dass Du so ein süßes neues Katzenbaby (Julia & Jules so sweet!) hast und einen schönen Geburtstag hattest.

Herzallerliebste Grüße

P.S.: Gibt es bei Dir in der Nähe eigentlich ein IKEA?

Kadee Willow said...

Oh, Jules... you've stolen my heart, too! Your personality shines brightly and fills one with joy! Such a gift you are!! And mom, you did a great job with capturing his poses and his antics! Such a wonderful way to wake up in the morning to read this post about this precious one!

Wish You Were Here said...

Such a precious kitty and your pictures are amazing, even with the fast movement! Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Janice

Anonymous said... sweet!!

Liefs Thea ♥

Sugar Lump Studios said...

you are a doll! so adorable!

janice15 said...

I love love your sweet post. Makes me want to go out and get a new kitten.. but I don't think it would be wise Sweetpea wouldn't let it rest at all and since I can't be home to watch them.. I have to wait.. you baby is adorable Best post ever with love Janice.. your newest follower..

PINTA ROXA said...

Encontrei por acaso o teu blog. Tens trablhos lindos.
Recentemente tambem trouxe para casa uma gatinha bebé.
Pinta Roxa

Shane Pollard said...

Dear Jules
Aren't you just the sweetest addition to Julia's household.
You're a very lucky kitty to have such a loving and fun home.... all those unmentionables that you just could get to play with one day... if no one's looking!
The big boys will get used to you and I'm sure they will look after you too - but the dogs could be a different story - just wait until you're a little bigger and can make a very fast getaway if you need too!
A big welcome from another blogging Aunty - if you've got any questions just pop over to my blog and leave a message and I'll get back to you!

Bye for now Jules and see you soon
love and tummy scratches from
Shane xox

Dortesjs said...

sush an adorable kitty you got she is so so sweet congratulation with her

Art and Sand said...

Your little kitty is too cute!

She would have fun romping with my new 10 week old golden doodle puppy.