August 05, 2013

French Inspired Clothes Pin Bag

Last week I sewed a vintage and French inspired bag for my clothes pins. The French word for laundry is linge and I’ve stamped it directly onto the linen. I printed out a clothes pin graphic from The Graphics Fairy on fabric and sewed a little tag.

Clothes Pin Bag

As backing for the opening I used an antique sewing pattern that I had printed out on fabric as well.

Clothes Pin Bag

The wooden clothes pins are for decoration only. Even though they are so much prettier than the plastic ones, I suspect that they could leave stains on the clothes after they’ve been used for a while.

Clothes Pin Bag

I’m off now to hang some clothes on the line and then I’ll cook eggplant and tomato sauce with pasta. It’s lunch time over here.
Have a wonderful week.

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So nice creations ! and I love you use my French language to write "linge". by the way Jules's so so cute.
xoxo from PARIS


Karen B. said...

Sweet Julia,

your clothes peg bag turned out so lovely!

Karen B. Todolwen

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Very pretty, Julia!! I have several clothespin bags and they have all been put to use!!! xoxo

Joanna said...

Julia... ślicznie to zrobiłaś !

Jayne said...

That has to be the prettiest clothes peg bag I have ever seen Julia.

Dorthe said...

That is a very beautiful clothes peg bag, my dearest Julia!!-A lovely idea with the card showing up in the hole,- and with the sweet tag, and -LINGE- stamped .
Such a beautiful piece to have help you collect the pegs untill used !!
Ich hoffe du machts gut liebe, und schicke dir viele liebe grüsse,-bist deine summer auch sehr wärm ??
Liebe hugs und küsse, von deiner Dorthe

Lady Pamela said...

So lovely, you make the nicest things. Would love to be talented and creative. But I can always dream, right?

Anonymous said...

Truly lovely!

May said...

Simply Beautiful, Your needlework is so inspiring...Love your work... Hugs May x x x

Anonymous said...

This would bring such joy into the ordinary chore of hanging out the laundry.
Beautiful chic and such a wonderful clothes pin graphic.

June said...

What a charming bag! I love that you stamped the word "linge" onto the linen bag. What kind of stamp ink pad did you use?

Cynthia said...

Such gorgeous creations! Blessings!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This is so pretty Julia. I love the sewing pattern and the lace you added to the bottom. I think we were on the same wavelength this week:-)

Createology said...

My Grandma used a clothespin bag and I am very fond of them. Yours is beautiful. I missed your post on Jules and read it now. OH Jules is just precious. I adore kitties. Blessings...

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

You have succeeded in taking the mundane out of doing laundry! How beautiful! Sue

marda said...

What a beautiful clothes pin bag.. too pretty to leave outside!
I made one many many years ago, but nothing that looks like yours. I recently saw someone on ETSY selling some "unusual vintage clothes pin".. on my, I have loads of them in my old clothespin bag. It's been a long long time since I've had a clothes line. For some reason I missed that Jules was a boy!!!!!He is quite the cutie.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Your laundry bag is so beautiful and such a lovely place to keep your pegs.
I have some new wooden clothes pegs that I have been using for a while -
Oh how darling little Jules is and he looks full of fun and energy.
Have a happy week

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Tres chic,dear Julia.Have a lovely evening.

PattieJ said...

Your laundry bag is beautiful!! You are so talented and creative!!! I LOVE all of your work!!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

That is just plain fabulous! I love the vintage sewing pattern and the touches of lace...Perfect!


Unknown said...

Hi Julia, I found your blog at Timewashed link party. Your pin bag is adorable, I like this kind of vintage style things. Have a nice day. Greetings from Slovakia. Renata

Kadee Willow said...

Your creative spirit amazes me! I just adore this project! You know just when to add something and when to stop. That's an art in and of itself! Lucky you that you hang your clothes out on a line. When we lived in Geneva, Switzerland I would do that. Clothes smelled great and it required no ironing as the heat of the sun erased the wrinkles!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

How darling Julia! It looks like it was an antique treasure from long ago. So sweet!

Lululiz said...

What a gorgeous little bag, it definitely keeps away the wash day blues. My peg bag is on its last legs, you have inspired me to make a new one. Soon. :-) xx

Barbara Jean said...

so lovely!!

I had my sweet fella custom make some smaller hangers, that went straight across like yours.
I wanted to make clothespins bags, but not huge ones.
You've inspired me, and maybe I will actually do them now.
But of course mine would be tea stained and grungy. =)

be blessed

Ivy and Elephants said...

These are so beautiful! They'd make a gorgeous addition to any laundry room.
We'd love to have you link with us.

Rostrose said...

Ach Julia, bei dir ist immer alles bis ins klitzekleinste Detail liebevoll und schön gestaltet - einfach supersüß & schön, dein Wäscheklammernbeutel (auf österreichisch "Kluppensackerl" :o))!!!
Herzhafte Grüßerchens & Küschelbüschel an dich und deine (2- und 4-beinigen) Lieben,
Traude (zerfließend - deine Kühlhaus-Idee finde ich zur Zeit sehr verlockend!)

Vintage Paint and more... said...

Very pretty - love it. Stopping by from Be Inspired am a new follower on Bloglovin....

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

Love your clothespin bag! So pretty. I found you at Timewashed and am a new follower. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs :)

amy of studio four corners said...

Julia - what a lovely project - I love the gray tone of the Paris city map! I browsed a couple more of your posts - LOVE the eye chart you made with your name! great idea...mind if I copy it? did you use a template? it has inspired me!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Such a beautiful work of art! So original! Love it!


Angela said...

This little bag is so cute, I love all the little details on it.
I need to learn how to print on cotton..
I love your blog and your sewing room, so tidy! it puts me to shame..
Enjoy your sweet little kitty, they grow up so soon.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Julia, this is so pretty! makes me remember when I helped my mom hang the clothes on the line. we didn't have such a sweet little bag!

Keepsake Designs said...

You have so much talent. I absolutely love what you create. Thank you for sharing such beautiful posts.

My Creative House said...

Dear Julia, what a very beautiful and elegant bag to store your clothes pins in, mine are in a old plastic bag, oh I love that you have decorated some clothes pins, wish you a lovely Sunday.
Hugs Anni

June said...

Such a lovely way to hold the pins for the line Julia! I love the map graphic you used inside that sweet little bag. It would make one feel like it wasn't a chore at all to hang out the clothes :)
many hugs...

FrauHummel said...

Liebe Julia,
zuerst mal: herzlichen Dank für deine immer so lieben Kommentare!
Was ist das für ein süsser "Chlämmerlisack", den du da genäht hast! (Das ist der Ausdruck dafür in unserem Dialekt! ;oD) Da macht das Wäscheaufhängen doch gleich viel mehr Spass (falls man da überhaupt von "Spass" reden kann!) Aber mit einem so netten Teilchen vor Augen geht einem diese Arbeit sicher gleich leichter von der Hand! (Du merkst schon: Wäschemachen ist keines meiner ganz grossen Hobbys, *ggg*!!) Ich find das total schön, wie liebevoll du all deine Nähkunststückchen bearbeitest!
Und dein kleiner Jules- meine Güte, was für ein zauberhaftes Kerlchen! Gibt es was süsseres als Babykatzen, frage ich dich?! Mein Murphy auf dem Heuboden (also der Cousin der beiden ganz Kleinen von meinem aktuellen Post) sieht aus wie dein Jules. Leider ist er noch nicht handzahm, aber er getraut sich doch schon ziemlich nahe ran. Heute hat er ganz interessiert zugeschaut, wie ich mit den Minis gespielt hab. Ich hoffe, er erkennt, dass ihm bei mir keine Gefahr droht, und lässt sich irgendwann mal knuddeln! Naja, ich hab ja viel Geduld und Zeit.....
Dir wünsche ich eine wunderschöne Woche!

Shane Pollard said...

Dear Julia
Oh my this is an exquisite peg bag - it's dreamy!

I love everything - the beautiful old linen with a touch of organza and finished with lace, buttons and gorgeous stamps!

My mother used those wooden clothes pegs and I can't remember any stains on clothes - maybe she boiled them before using them.

An inspiring post dear Julia
Shane xox

Dortesjs said...

Yahh the prettiest cloth bag I have ever seen also, aww you make such lovely Things got to have you link to my blog and follow you closely. Have a nice week end

Rostrose said...

Hej, liebe Julia, ich hab mal wieder vorbeigespeanzlt (...-gelugt, ...-geguckt), um zu schauen, ob's hier was Neues gibt, und muss grinsen, weil du offenbar nicht nur von mir, sondern auch von der lieben Hummeline "Sprachunterricht" erhalten hast - eines Tages wirst du perfekt Schwyzerdütsch und Ostösterreichisch parlieren können! ;o)) Im übrigen hoffe ich, dass es dir und deiner 4benigen Schar gut geht - und will dich auch mal wieder umärmeln für deine immer so lieben Zeilen (hab mich köstlich amüsiert über deinen Ritterburg-Kommentar - oh, und was die schwarzen Geräte betrifft: Da sitzen die von dir erwähnten Hofmaler DRIN (sie sind nämlich winzig!)
Alles Liebe aus Rostrosenhausen samt Küschelbüschels für alle,
Traude ✿ܓ

Alexandra said...

Tolles Teil meine Liebe sowas fehlt mir auch noch in der Waschküche aber ich bin so bastelfaul zur Zeit.
Schönen Sonntag dir
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Martina said...

Liebe Julia, Dein Wäscheklammer-Beutel ist eigentlich viel zu schade, um nur Wäscheklammern darin aufzubewahren. Einfach ein Träumchen!
Wie Du ja weißt, verbrachten meine Tochter und ich eine Woche in London. Es war bereits das 5. Mal, dass ich diese faszinierende Stadt besuchte. Wir hatten viel Spaß und haben viel Neues entdeckt.
Ich hoffe, dass alles in Ordnung ist mit Dir, Deinem Mann und den süßen Kätzchen?
Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes restliches Wochenende (morgen "darf" ich wieder arbeiten....grrr...)
Hugs and kisses

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

I'm your latest follower! This blog has me swooning!

CatieAn said...

what a sweet clothespin bag! I have an old one my mom used when I was growing up. We used wooden clothespins all the time but did not have stains on anything. We did have some clothespins that had wire in them as well. The wire helped them open and close. Those would cause rust stains if they stayed out on the line in all weather and got rusty. Anyway, beautiful work.