July 12, 2013

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I’m happy to participate for the second time in Karen Valentine’s great
Welcome to my studio!

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Since last year I’ve moved some things around. Not the large furniture though. All those pieces just seem to be in the most convenient spots. It’s mainly the decoration that has been changed and I hope you like to take the tour even if you have visited my studio last year.
This is the view from the door. My cutting table consists of two drawer chests that are placed back to back and therefore provide a large work space – hypothetically, lol. Unfortunately it hardly ever looks so clean and is mostly buried under fabrics, lace and paper.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio

I found this large metal industrial basket some months ago at a scrap yard and knew right away that I had to have it. I use it to store larger fabric and lace pieces.

Metal Industrial Basket
Vintage with Laces - Studio
My glass cabinet holds vintage linen and some baskets that are filled with lace.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
 Glass Cabinet Decoration
Clothes Hanger with Lace
I keep wide pieces of lace on this altered clothes hanger.

Lace on Clohtes Hanger
I exchanged my spring bunting with this one. The burlap I used is very old and solid. I embellished the triangles with lace and buttons. Simple but sweet.

Burlap Lace Bunting
I had taken a picture outside before fixing it underneath the shelf.

Bunting with Shutter
I love vintage sewing notions and like to use them as decorations.

Vintage Sewing Notions
The soldered bottle on the left was a gift from Lisa and the pocket in the back was made by Marie.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Some things I like to create with: Game pieces, faux pearls, small keys and some bling.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Pretty white vintage embroidered monograms.

Embroidered Monograms
You might know that I have a thing for numbers and they appear a lot in my studio.

Number 25
Vintage with Laces - Studio
 Vintage with Laces - Studio
I love vintage eye charts but hadn’t been lucky to find one. Therefore I made one myself.  To add a personal touch, I used my blog name.

Eye Chart - Vintage with Laces
Some nature finds: Dried thistles, tiny wasp nests, snail shells and a turtle shell. I found everything, except the thistles in our garden.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
All the beautiful creations on the rusty rake are gifts from blogging friends and I enjoy them very much.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
The shutter and the old suitcases have moved and now stay beside the cabinet, along with my vintage parasol.

suitcases and shutter
Vintage with Laces - Studio
The sweet angel doll was created by Dorthe and has a good view point from the top of the cabinet.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
I’ve moved my computer from the living room/kitchen area into my studio. It’s not so pretty but more practical.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Almost everything French inspired now has a place on the corner shelf. Most of the things you see here, are gifts from blogging friends who know how much I love the French theme.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
 Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio 
Boxes and drawers on my sewing table.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
You might remember Maybel from the Dressform Ball in March. She stayed in her ball dress for some months, but now changed into a very light summer outfit that I had made for her out of an undershirt, a deco fishing net and some shells. The corset bag on the wall was a gift from Anneke.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
The doll underneath the cloche was another gift from Dorthe.

Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
Vintage with Laces - Studio
I’ve redecorated my large white frame and use it now to display my heart collection. Some are gifts from blogging friends and some I sewed myself.

Heart Collection
Apothecary Drawer Chest and Trunk
We’re at the end of the tour. Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you very much for the party, Karen! I’m looking forward to taking a look at all the other studios.
Please click on the button to get to “My Dessert Cottage” with the list of participants.


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Have a great weekend!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

GREAT Looking Photos!

marie said...

Oh Julia....you have an absolutely delightful creative space! I love it all! From your "Studio sign" to your "lace clipped on hangers"! You have so many great ideas!
I shall save this post forever...I will refer to it for reference. I'm moving my creative space this year, so your post will give me much wonderful inspiration!

Lululiz said...

My dear Julia, I think you know by now how much I love all your beautiful creations and vignettes and how much I adore your beautiful studio. It is a wonderful space to dream in, create in, be inspired in. xxx

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh My Dear Sweet Friend,
I'm leaving a comment here now but I'm finding that I just want to stay!
Everything looks so charming with such an air of elegance.
I especially love your newly acquired wire basket, your very inventive Eye Chart, your rusty rake for displaying your gifted collages, your coat hanger dripping with wide laces and those sweet little vintage embroidered monograms.
Thank you for sharing everything with us and I will return.
Have a wonderful trip around the blogs and a lovely weekend,
Sending very big warm hugs,

Bente said...

Oh my so beautiful. Love your creating space and could sit there for ever..

Have a great weekend


bolletjelucky.blogspot.com said...

Wow,wow and wow again,this is al so lovely,so creative,so gorgeous...can I move in...;p greetings Miranda

Sharon said...

Hiya Julia, the title of your blog attracted me immediately. I am so pleased to be visiting you today. You have an awesome craft studio and I just love the neutrals colours you have used to decorate it.. crisp and clean. I see you love Teddy's too. Love your little drawers, the frame with the hanging hearts... oh gosh, my daughter and I love our hearts too and have filled our home with them. TFS, hugs Sharon

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hi Julia! Your studio is a work of art in itself. It looks like such a relaxed place to work in. Your idea for the eye chart is great! Thanks for taking the time to set it up for our visit!
Have a great weekend! Sue

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia, egal wie du dein Studio auch umndekorierst, es ist und bleibt ein HAMMER! Und überall die Julia-typischen witzigen und kreativen Ideen Ich sag nur: Augenarzttafel! Auf das muss man mal kommen! Chick auch wieder deine Maybel, diesmal im innovativen Sommerlook. Gefällt mir rundum sehr! Fühl dich gedrückt, du Liebe! Ganz herzliche rostrosige Grüße,

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Such a breathtaking space Julia! I could spend hours here looking at your treasures! thanks for sharing again with us this year!


Alexandra said...

Meine Liebe, wenn bei mir so toll aufgeräumt wäre wie bei dir hätte ich auch mitgemacht ;) Ganz ganz tolle Bilder und da gibt es soviel zu entdecken. So ein Garnrollenhalter fehlt mir auch noch.
Ich wünsch dir was
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Desires of the Heart said...

Oh Julia, your studio is soooooo beautiful and lovely. You have such creative ideas for display....especially love the hanger with lace and the vintage rack display, and oh, the picture frame with hearts. Everything is a feast for the eyes. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings to you, Linda

Татьяна-Пятница said...

Ooooooooo!!!!! Ich bin sprachlos geworden!!!! Deine Studio besteht aus sooooo tolle, schöne Dinge. Ich habe schon tausend mal jeder Stück wieder und wieder angeschaut. Jetzt möchte ich auch paar solche Stücke machen))))))- Muss ausprobieren zu schaffen. Sorry für meine gebrochene Deutsch)))-

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Your studio is so lovely Julia! Love everything especially that chippy white cabinet!!!!!! And I like how you lovingly display all your treasures!!!!!


Rebecca said...

Such a beautiful space Julia and every flat space is picture worthy! Your collection of creative work from friends is awesome and shows you are loved. It was all inspiring, thank you for letting us visit your private world

Unknown said...

enchanting....dreamy. you know i love all that lovely "white" inspiration and you display it all here to perfection! so many lovely touches....Maybel looks so sweet in her summer finery and i love your "french" corner and all of the gorgeous gifts from your creative kindred spirits! "merci" for the tour! what a pelasure!

Lady Pamela said...

Oh, how beautiful and peaceful your space is. I see so many ideas that I would love to try. But, where to start. I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you.

Jayne said...

You have a wonderful, peaceful and very beautiful studio. I love the organised element but it does not detract from the beauty of your space. There are so many elements that I love, you have turned many storage solutions into little works of art. I have just visited Suzy's amazing studio and you have both spurred me on to sort my box room out and create a lovely work room. thank you for sharing it with us. Jayne x

Linda K. said...

Yup, my fav creative space of all time. Love your creativity and how you've organized it all. I've watched you for a few years and pour over all your photos. Keep it up, Julia! We love you.

Queen Bee Cottage

Kathy said...

Your studio is wonderful, I especially love the eye chart and the way you display the lace pieces hung from the wooden hanger. Inspired ideas! Thank you for sharing.

May said...

WOW, Your craft space is Beautiful Julie...The layout & displays are perfect... & your creative work is outstanding....Love, Love, Love it.... Thank you for sharing & the inspiration.... Hugs May x x x

Something Special said...

My favorite visit so far today. You have to see my studio, as you and I would get along very well. If I am not already a follower I am now. Love love your creative space.

Dorthe said...

Hallo liebste freund!
What a dreamy and most beautiful studio my sweet Julia,-You have a gorgeous hand in making vignettes and decorations all over, and this almost new studio of yours, is a wonderful proof of that. I so love all your wonderful creations, and thankyou for showing gifts from me around in this dream-studio!I`m so happy to be there with you and all the other artist friends of you and me.
Your Maybel looks quite fresh and sommerly enjoying this place from where she can follow all that happens around her, lol. And the corner shelf is just filled with so much beayty, too dearest Julia- you must feel happy in this room to where you can drag yourself back from the world outside, to dream and enjoy your creating and love for all things lovely.
Thankyou sweetie for a gorgeous look, -I will be back, when I have more time again to study it all once more :-)
Hugs and much love, Dorthe
p.s. yesterday went a card off to you, I hope it reaches you in time , kys, kys.

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Liebe Julia, Du meine Güte! Das sind wirklich Hammer-Bilder von einem Hammer-Studio. So ziemlich das schönste Kreativ-Zimmer, das ich je gesehen habe. Auch wenn man die Fotos vom letzten Jahr kennt, gibt es hier wieder Neues und Anderes zu entdecken. Einfach "zum-Nase-am-Monitor-plattdrücken". Glückwunsch zu Deinem kreativen Händchen liebe Julia.
Herzliche Grüße von

Doni said...

Wow how lovely! Each area just makes me want to sit and play, touch and admire! Lovely gorgeous photos and inspiration galore! Love the cutting table and pure creamy goodness. Peaceful yet so amazingly full of lovely crafts and ideas! Thank you so much for the tour!

Tammy said...

Your room is so pretty and there are so many beautiful collections! Thank you for the tour!

Rhonda said...

Julia, I love your studio. It felt like home to me. I especially love your dress form, that made me smile.

fairyrocks said...

LOVE all your white on white displays and your gorgeous works. Your space is so tidy and yet full of wonderful details. That personalized eye chart is so clever. Keep smiling and creating. Thanks for sharing your space and art.

Lily's Lace said...

Oh Julia, I am so in awe of you and your talent! Now I also have studio envy. I want you to know that your studio inspired me when I designed my white studio! I looked at your photos over and over from last year and just drooled. I LOVE everything about your studio and your work. Let me know if you ever come to Texas!-xoxo-cindy

Carmen said...

Julia, what a lovely space you have. I do admire the white spaces... your glass cabinet is fab! :-)

Boxwood Cottage said...

Guten Morgen meine liebe Julia,
so heute nachdem ich endlich ausgeschlafen habe und die Kopfschmerzen ein Segen momentan weg sind (hatte gestern Nachmittag noch Migräne bekommen und die kann ich dieses Wochenende gar nicht brauchen, hab ich ihr auch gesagt), komme ich endlich zum kommentieren. Du weißt ja dass Dein Studio mein Favorit ist und daran hat sich auch nichts geändert. Alle diese liebevollen Details machen es einfach ganz besonders. Den Bügel mit den angeklippten Spitzen finde ich ja wohl toll und Mabels summer outfit mit dem Fischnetzrock, so clever. Deine Spitzenfische finde ich übrigens auch total schön und sommerlich. Deine Burlapgirlande ist auch wieder so schön geworden und ja, dass wir beide die Idee hatten mit dem Augenarztschild finde ich eh genial, nur dass Du das mal wieder viel ordentlicher umgesetzt hast als ich. Ich finde es gerade so schade, dass wir uns nur virtuell in unseren Studios besuchen können. Da wäre so vieles bei Dir was ich gerne noch näher ansehen würde, aber jetzt bist Du ja noch weiter weg als früher. Ich kann mir gar nicht vorstellen, dass Dein Studio auch unordentlich aussehen kann, weil alles so toll organisiert ist. Dein Zuschneide-Apotherkertisch ist mein Lieblingsmöbelstück in Deinem Studio und die große Weidentruhe mit den Körben darauf. Worauf Du u.a. aufpassen müsstest, wenn ich Dein Studio betreten würde wäre Dein alter Sonnen- oder Regenschirm, denn so einen suche ich schon lange, aber bisher waren die immer unerschwinglich.
Ich wünsche Dir noch ein tolles WBC Party Wochenende!
Ganz liebe Grüße
Carola xoxo~

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your creative space, Julia! This is what my room wants to be when it grows up! : ) I love everything in here. That eye chart is such a great idea and I like how you have pretty things on display.

Jennifer's Vintage Paperie said...

What a beautiful space. I love the way you display gifts from friends. The eye chart is brilliant. Thanks for sharing your space.

Michaele Sommerville said...

Wow Julia- what a serene space! The unity created by color is gorgeous- my own craft room is a bit more... gypsy (?) but without the fringe and tassels. :) Your lace hangar really caught my eye- did you alter it yourself?

I'm looking forward to coming back for another visit!

Michaele (Twigs and Tulle)

Tammy said...

Beautiful Julia! Such a pretty space to create in. Everything is so neat and organized and clean. I especially like the shadowbox with some of nature's finds in it. Your work is always so lovely whatever you are making. Best wishes, Tammy

Bonnie said...

Enjoyed your photos so much! Your studio is stunning, and you shared so many wonderful ideas: My favorites are the fabulous eye chart, the beautiful altered hanger with lace strips, the creative display for your heart collection, and that whimsical wire piece that holds trinkets! I also loved your French shelf and your pretty collection of sewing notions. I enjoyed seeing the mix of white/off white with some warm natural wood. You used a very pleasing combination of the two. Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous area. I loved my visit!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Julia, what an amazing creative space you have. I love all your special touches and ways or organizing. I would never want to leave this wonderful studio. You are so very talented. I so enjoyed this visit.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Connie said...

Hello Julia, my, my, my your studio steels my breath away. It is gorgeous. You must go into that space and never want to leave.
Oh, and the fabric and lace fish in the post below, I love them :)
I'm having a Give-A-Way on my blog for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Please come over and put our name in the hat. All you have to do is leave a comment and follow me back. I am excited to have found you, now I going to look at more of your past posts :)
Have a great day,
Your newest follower #1800,
that sounds like a lucky number, Connie :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Well girl I loved your studio last year and it is still just as beautiful. That metal basket is to die for and I love Maybel's summer outfit! In a studio like this yuo can't help but create all the gorgeous work you do!

FrauHummel said...

Liebe Julia,
dieser Raum ist wirklich faszinierend! So viele kleine, feine, liebevolle Details, sooooo viel Material zum Verwerkeln- man möchte sich am liebsten hinsetzen und seiner Phantasie freien Lauf lassen! Du erschaffst aber auch so tolle Dinge, diese Spitzenfische z.B. sind zauberhaft! Meine Ponys sind ja jetzt in den Ferien bis zur 1. Septemberwoche, meine Tage haben plötzlich so viele Stunden, und ich merke, wie ich wieder vermehrt Lust habe, was mit den Händen zu werkeln! Im Moment ist ein kleines Schränkchen für's Bad in Arbeit, und so langsam wird's was! Vorhin hab ich die neueste "Molly makes" eingesogen; auch dort wunderbare Anregungen!
Ich wünsche dir ein wunderbares WE mit viel Raum für Kreativität und Erholung!

Laurel Stephens said...

What a beautiful studio!!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm speechless! Your creative space is stunning! I love every square inch and now you have me wondering how you ever leave the room. I'd live in it! Lots of pinning going on here.

Diana Seal said...

Hi Julia, thanks for sharing your amazing space, beautiful, so bright and organized! Love your beautiful vintage creations!
Have a great weekend!

melanie said...

Of all the spaces I have visited- yours is truly one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing...

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I'm finding I like the studios with white furniture and accessories, lace and linens, they're so feminine looking.
You've created a nice work space.

Romeo said...

Meowllo Julia, Cecil and Milo!

What a wonderful, wonderful creative space!!!! We love the whites and laces!!!! We have a great deal of shared interest there. "She" likes to create with laces, while I like the white AND laces because my cat fur shows up nicely on it after I remove myself from naps ;) Of course that's only if I can catch her when "she's" working with it because otherwise it is not within my reach. Milo and Cecil do you have that same issue?!?

Must also comment that you were very clever in creating your own eye chart! What a spendid idea and we like it much better than the real thing! And the bunting is a wonder use of the burlap, lace and buttons! Timeless beauty and purrfect for your creative space!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us and providing such a nice tour! We enjoyed ourselves!


Romeo and "her"

Sarina said...

What a great room, Julia.I really like it. Wow.
The cloth hanger with laces is stunning.



Chris Flynn said...

Hi Julia, nice to visit you again. I've been following you since last year's party. You always continue to inspire me with your pretty laces and linens. Thank you for sharing your amazing creative space!
Sweet blessings, Chris

Kadee Willow said...

Julia, I had the best coming over for a visit! I love all the laces and trims.. a girl after my own heart! Cute way to display them hanging from the vintage coat hanger. And the eye chart..I'm in love! Have you ever considered doing special orders? Let me know as I would love one and I'm not that great on the computer. What size is yours? Oh, and my mannequin would love to set up a lunch date with yours.. mine adored the summer outfit that yours is wearing!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Brilliant space to work in, so full of inspiration and calmness. I just love how you have used hangers and rakes to display things off them (I like looking for old antique hangers, among a few hundred others things I like to find : ) The eye chart is divine and again what a great idea to use it with your blog name, fun!!! I really love your white on white space and all the beautiful pieces you have there, thank you so much for sharing.

farmhouse-story said...

so very charming--each and every bit, julia:) maybel is just darling, too! thanks for sharing--love your space!

Beansieleigh said...

Very pretty!.. Thank you for sharing your creative space and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

Cindy said...

I love your space! I have a vintage hanger I didn't know what to do with and now I do! The mulitiple drawer cabinet in the corner by your dress form girl is gorgeous too! I feel like I could come over and be so comfy! Hugs! http://connell-crafts.blogspot.ca/

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Loved the tour and all your wonderful vignettes! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inspiring me today, because I am leaving with all kinds of ideas! Your studio is just gorgeous, thank you for sharing! Marcia

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

Your space is just a dream! So many beautiful, inspiring things in one room!

Laurie said...

Oh, the metal basket! The dress form outfitted for summer! The eye chart!! So much wonderful stuff; such beauty.

Sarah said...

Fabulous use of space- it all looks very tidy (at the moment!) You have used some storage items really well and it's made me think what to do when I move.

I love all the vintage items - and some you've made useful not just decorative, I like the idea of clothes hangers holding lace pieces and various storage boxes and stands.

Great space - I fear I wouldn't be able to keep it so neat though!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Fabulous magazine ready

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! I have got to do that with my laces, so easy to see!!! and your Racy dress form LOL!!! Thanks for sharing


StasaLynn said...

Your space looks like it stepped right out of a magazine... nice job and thanks for sharing! Take care.

Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

There so many beautiful things in your studio! From the hanger with the lace, your picture framed hearts and your corner shelf. I must look for one of those myself, yours looks great painted.
Thank you for sharing and happy making ♡

{oc cottage} said...

gorgeous upon gorgeous!

m ^..^

Faded Charm said...

Such a beautiful and calming area to work...love everything!


Rochelle said...

Always love seeing your space - so serene with all the white. And your creations are to die for gorgeous!
Thank you for the peek!

Unknown said...

Julia, what a gorgeous studio and so many beautiful vignettes. I will be certain to come back when I can spend more time. I see many great ideas that I can borrow from you, hope you don't mind. Happy creating!

andrea@townandprairie said...

Just found you on Common Ground. What a beautiful studio. I'm in love with everything. Dear swanky swim suit on your mannequin, stack of suitcases, etc. A girl could live in here, you know! Now following, A

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

It's like a little vintage shop in there. I am not sure I'd ever get anything done in such a sweet space. I'd want to sit and stare at everything all the time. Love it!

Becky @ Vintage 541 said...

Everything in your studio is gorgeous!! What a wonderful creative space to work in!

Becky @ Vintage 541

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Julia,
can I come over and create with you? Love your studio and the eye chart is gorgeous.You are so clever:)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Big hugs,

Dorthe said...

Dearest liebe Julia!
als ich nicht übermorgen zu hause bin, will ich schon here heute dir alles gute und einer wunderbares geburtstag wünschen!! Ich hoffe meine kleine karte will beim dir sein in zeit, und hoffe dass es einer guter tag sein will!!
Schöne grüsse, und liebesvolle geburtstag wünsche für dich meine liebste freund!!
Ich schicke dir viele umarmen und küsse- von deiner Dorthe.
Hoffe alles geht gut ??
KYS og KNUS!!!

Carole said...

Julia, it's always gorgeous around your place. Love it and love to visit. You always inspire me! Carole xox

June said...

It is beautiful Julia! Every lovely square inch of it!!! I love how bright and light it is and that it is so roomy. I am so glad you shared that the cutting station isn't always clean :) mine is seldom without a mess and I think all of us who like to sew and craft know all about it. I am always cleaning it up before I can start anything new and then by that time sometimes I am out of the mood haha
I love to see all the pretty things you keep around you. So beautiful!
sending hugs...

SImple and Serene Living said...

I really enjoyed looking at your studio space and since I am getting ready to create my own, I now have some great ideas. Happy to have found you through Common Ground. xo Laura

Anonymous said...

Your studio is a DREAM! I love your organization ideas! ~M.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love, love your space, Julia! You've got such great pieces for storage. They seem to suit the space perfectly. Such a great idea to alter that hanger to hold your laces. Keeps them neat AND in sight! You've got so many great ideas here that I'd love to incorporate in my own space. Pinning some of them! : )

must love junk said...

This is one of my favorite 'creative spaces' EVER!! So many fantastic details-love it all!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your studio is so pretty. I love the white furniture and all the great organizing ideas.

Maggie said...

Your white and lacy studio is just dreamy! I'm so glad I stopped by for a tour. The large frame filled with hearts is such a thing of BEAUTY. I love the laces hanging from the hanger, and the way you've decorated the tops of your big glass storage jars. All of it...just too yummy for words!!

Lucy E. said...

Wow! What a beautiful studio you have! So many treasures and yet it's so functional. It's like a small museum. Thanks for sharing.

bobbie said...

Such a glorious room! I love how your "no color" scheme feels so warmly textured and inviting. Thanks for sharing!!

halohill.blogspot.com said...

How gorgeous and what talent you have! I'm glad I found you through Common Ground.


Sugar Lump Studios said...

Hi Julia
Wonderful to see your studio again! I could stay here for hours looking through each photo! :)
I hope the heat leaves you soon! I think it may have come over from the USA! :(

Happy Thursday!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

What a neat space! I am currently working on an office/craft room/studio overhaul. Yours is certainly inspirational!
Thanks for sharing.

I found your blog via The Polka Dot Closet. I'm going to add you to my blog roll and would love to come back and visit again!


Madewithlovebyteresa said...

I was looking at your beautiful things on your blog and came across a photo of your vintage monogram appliques. On the top I saw the initials TC. I have been looking everywhere for my initials but have no luck. Can I buy that one off of you?


White Lace and Promises said...

I've found another blog to follow. Oh my! I adore every inch of your space or might I say, "spaces." White is my favorite and of course, the lace! You have given me inspiration! Thank you!
White Lace and Promises:)

Rostrose said...

Allerliebste Julia,
ich komme einfach mal wieder auf einen Sprung bei dir vorbei, zum virtuellen "plaudern" und um dich zu drücken für deine immer wieder so lieben Kommentare! :o) Total praktisch, wenn du gerne Hühnchen isst und dich Baxter so gern damit verwöhnt - dann hast du wenigstens immer die richtige Grundlage für Lavendelhendel oder Curryhuhn ;o)) Vielleicht kannst du mit den Nachbarn ja eine Vereinbarung treffen - dass du die Hähnchen so wie beim Metzger bezahlst, und Baxter ist quasi dein "Einkäufer" *ggg* Lamm mit Lavendelsoße klingt auch großartig... und Fleischliches ist mir sowieso ebenfalls viel, viel lieber als Tofu, denn der ist auch nicht "meins". Aber ich weiß, dass manches, was mit Fleisch geht eben durchaus auch mit Tofu funktioniert, vorausgesetzt, er ist gut gewürzt. Wenn schon vegetarisch, dann ist mir persönlich aber Grillkäse lieber... :o) Den mag ich sogar richtig gern!
In meinem nächsten Posting geht es allerdings wieder "tortig" zu, denn Jana hate am Dienstag ihre Gesellenprüfung... Ächz und stöhn! :o))
Fühl dich herzlichst rostrosig geküschelbüschelt - und zärtliche Fellchenstreichler schick ich auch mit!
Alles Liebe, Traude

Tea in the Library said...

Lovely space! Love how you have 'elbow room' and still room for lots of supplies and lovely things on display.

The Old Parsonage said...

WOW - I want to live there!!! Gorgeous and so wonderfully vintage!!! I'm loving it!

Your newest Follower


Art and Sand said...

I don't know how I missed viewing your beautiful creative space. I participated for the first time and I thought I view every single blog.

I found your tonight on Pinterest and clicked on a several year old project of yours.

B E A U T I F U L !!!

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

great job, I love love loved the vintage white frame of vintage and lace hearts.


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! I adore your frame with your heart collection! I have a small collection, too, and need to make some myself to add to it. Such a pretty and creative piece! Love all you do! And of course, your studio is...sigh...gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Wow! Love all the vintage touches, the cabinets and especially that frame with all the hearts... so beautiful! What a great room - thank you for the delightful tour!

Teri said...

Oh my goodness, your space is just so wonderful... all of your treasures...so special!!! I wish I could spend time there!!

The Feathered Nest said...

OMYGOODNESS!!!! Julia! I have been drooling over each and every photo of your beautiful studio!!! Lisa and I have been on the phone talking to each other as we both look through this wonderful post...thank you so very much for sharing so many photographs!!! Everything is just gorgeous sweet friend...hugs and love, Dawn


I love your studio space! So many wonderful pieces and ideas.


Hands To Work Studio said...

I so love your work space. It is gorgeous- and so are your goodies that you've decorated with!