March 21, 2013

Easter Egg Carton

There are so many ways to display Easter eggs. This year I put some of them into an egg carton that I had painted white and embellished with a graphic and flowers.

Easter Egg Carton with Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Vintage with Laces

Before I painted the plastic eggs, I had decoupaged them with brown printed tissue paper to get some texture and at the same time have some color shining through the paint.

Easter Egg Carton with Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Vintage with Laces

Each egg is embellished rather simple but I like how they look all together in the carton.

Easter Egg Carton with Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Vintage with Laces

 Easter Egg Carton with Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Vintage with Laces

The adorable hare image is from The Graphics Fairy. Thank you, Karen!

Easter Egg Carton with Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Vintage with Laces

 Easter Egg Carton with Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Vintage with Laces
This is my sweet little helper Barney. He’s now 8 months old and likes to play with my “toys” as you can see. If there is not as much lace on the eggs as you might have expected, it’s because Barney claimed it for himself. :)

I know that a lot of you are longingly waiting for spring to come and I hope that it will show up at your door step soon. Even though we didn’t have a lot of sunny days this year so far, at least the temperatures were springlike lately and therefore the fruit trees have started to bloom. I quickly dismissed the thought of cutting some branches and putting them into a vase. They wouldn’t survive Barney’s and his sister Dottie’s play instinct for a long time. Maybe next year. Just hoping, lol.

I’ll be joining these parties:

Be Inspired Friday at Common Ground
Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage
Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy
Blissful Whites Wednesday at Timewashed



Dina said...

Die sind toll Julia!! Super Idee die einfach in einen Karton zu stecken! Manchmal denkt man einfach viel zu weit. :)
Liebe Grüsse, Dina

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello dear Julia,
your eggs turned out lovely and I love how you displayed them:) Simple but tres cghic.Barney is jut too cute.
Have a wonderful day.
Can I sent you some snow? We got plenty and the next storm is not far away.

Jayne said...

How simple but so effective, a carton and some eggs but you added your magic Julia, they look so lovely together and your sweet sentiments adorn each one. You have inspired me to create something for easter... Spring has not arrived yet, it is snowing and very very chilly. I have seen some tiny crocus bulbs peeking through the grass this week. jaynex

Lady Pamela said...

I really enjoyed your creation this morning - especially the 'Do not disturb'. You must have had fun making these.

Sarina said...

Lovely eggs Julia.But the winner is:the lovely cat,what a beauty!!.
Have a nice weekend,



Dorthe said...

Hallo meine liebste Julia,
So beautiful to display your eggs like that in a real carton , I love the distressed painting, and your eggs are so lovely in their nests of shredded paper,with the sweet words and images onthem.
And that Barney ,what a beautiful cat, dearest friend,-so sweet a face with that pink nose, and nosy eyes :-) I can see why you love him, and his sister. They are better that branches on your table.
Thankyou so much for your spring wish, I can so need that...we have had snow for 4 dayes now!!!
Süsse ich schreibe dir morgen, -bis dann alles liebe und HUGS

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

I love your little egg carton...great idea! Cats are cats...I have two and would hate to live without them! Sue

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh my gosh Julia I just love, love, love your embellished eggs! I just found them through Debra's Inspiration Friday. When I scrolled through all the photos yours cought my eye right away. So beautiful and special! No one would believe that they were just plastic eggs. Fabulous! You inspired me my dear and I can't wait for the weekend to start so that I can sit in my studio and create again and in that case I don't even mind the frosty weather outside, although I'm a bit jealous hearing you talk about blooming trees. Aw and Barny is such a beautiful and sweet companion, great portrait of him!
My next post will be about your beautiful parcel btw and I hope to get it done before Easter.
Sending you a huge virtual hug!
Carola xoxo~

Boxwood Cottage said...

........and pinned! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful idea-eggs is very pretty and cat is amazing :-)

bohemiannie! art said...

Oh Julia...these are Really JUST wonderful!

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Aller liebste Julia,
das sind mit Abstand ja wohl die aller aller schönsten Ostereier inklusive Schachtel, die ich jemals gesehen habe. Wo nimmst Du nur all diese romantisch schönen Ideen her? Wunderschön!!!!

Barney ist ja ein kleiner Süßer und bestimmt der beste Helfer beim Ostereier kreieren, den Du weit und breit finden kannst.
Hier schneit und schneit und schneit es weiter und weiter. Das beste ist, dass es die nächsten Tage wieder kälter werden soll. So langsam hole ich glaube ich die Weihnachtskisten wieder hoch.
Ich schick Dir liebe Grüße und wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende.
Viele liebe Grüße

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

This is absolutely adorable! I love the the way you decorated the eggs....oh so pretty.

It's amazing how much your fur baby looks like my Gizzy. They could be related! LOL! Anyway, Gizzy likes to nibble on things too.


Reserl said...

Liebe Julia,
ganz zauberhafte Eier und dein süßer Kater schaut unserem Sammy total ähnlich.
Liebe Grüße von Tatjana

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia,
Barneys Blick hat mich jetzt gleich mal ganz verzaubert! Ist der ein CHARME-BOLZEN!!! :o)) Dabei wollte ich mich doch gar nicht von deiner genialen, weil auf der Hand liegenden Osterdekoration ablenken lassen: EIgentlich hast du mit deinem Eierkarton die Sache auf den Punkt gebracht: Mahr als Eier und einen Karton braucht es zu Ostern nicht - immer vorausgesetzt, es gibt dann auch noch eine schöen Hasengraphik, ein paar Spitzen und sonstige liebevolle Details ;o))!!!
Fühl dich herzlichst rostrosig gedrückt!
Einen wunderschönen Frühlingsanfang wünsch ich dir!
Alles Liebe, Traude

PS: Deine Aussage zum Thema "vielleicht nächstes Jahr blühende Zweige" legt den Rückschluss nahe, dass ihr nun doch eher länger bleiben werdet??? (Als es um Kürbisse ging, hofftest du ja noch (wenn ich mich richtig erinnere), die nächste Kürbissaison bereits wieder in D zu erleben...)

♥ Erican Vaaleita Unelmia ♥ said...

Your eggs are absolutely adorable <3
Huggs Erica

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

I love your sweet idea of the Easter eggs and how you have decorated them.
I can see how Barney must be a great little helper, such a darling kitty.
Glad that Spring is there and the fruit trees are showing blossom.

Have a happy weekend

June said...

Absolutely beautiful dear Julia! This is such a perfect way to decorate for Easter. I love the little saying on the eggs. I also love your little Barney helper!!!
I really loved the beautiful outfit your girl wore to the Party. She must have been the Belle of the Ball.
many hugs from me...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Julia! I love them in the carton and how you decorated even that. What a great display this project makes!

Robin said...

It's hard to believe that these were once just plastic eggs! You have transformed them into a stunning display for Easter. Have a great day.


Spittin-Toad said...

Love the eggs and the carton!! I pinned it for all to see. :)

foreverdecorating said...


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my Dearest Julia
What a beautiful surprise to see your Easter eggs all sitting in their egg carton. I just love the way you have decorated them and added a different caption with different embellishments for each one plus your carton is decorated so beautifully with that hare!!!

Can't believe you have had Barney and Dottie now for 8 months! Oh how time flys! He looks so gorgeous and truly understand why you can't resist having him next to you while creating!
I could certainly give you a few more cartons if you need them - they are stacked sky high in our pantry as everyone here recycles constantly which is great!

Sending you much love and many hugs with an email coming too!

Unknown said...

Im loving this absolutely stunning piece!!! The eggs are just so dear! :D


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You have taken a humble egg carton and brought it up to a whole new level. Absolutely gorgeous display. And kitty is so sweet. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

So very pretty, Julia!!!! And Barney is just precious!!!!!! Happy Spring!!


Wendy said...

Your eggs are so lovely! These are so full of inspiration and are so lovely to see sitting in the egg carton. A great idea and I think they look elegant sitting there.

Unknown said...

The eggs and carton are just lovely.
Thanks for sharing.

Debra@CommonGround said...

oh Julia, these are gorgeous, and love the wonderful carton you've decorated! Barney is adorable. How can we complain when they want to play with our goodies!!

Mom E. said...

Beautiful Easter Egg decorating! I love the way you "play" with inspiring! I want to Lace some eggs!
Hearts to you,

Tina said...

Your Easter eggs are so pretty Dear Julia - such a great way to display them.

20 North Ora said...

Julia, love your eggs and the carton you fixed to display them in.


Carole said...

Hi Julia, love what you did with your eggs, absolutely wonderful. What a clever idea to decorate the carton, and using brown tissue paper on the eggs totally awesome. Julia, you do some amazing work and I just love to visit you my friend. Hugs ... Carole

Christina Paul said...

This are wonderful- love the natural color scheme and different textures- what a great vignette- and your "helper" is adorable!
Happy Spring!

MaytagNMom said...

Very charming... how nice to not just see pastels at Easter but these colors from nature :)

The egg that s my fave says "Do Not Disturb" lol

Visiting from Brag Monday linky party @Graphicsfairy
Suz @ MaytagNmom

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love your eggs and the way you displayed them!! And your helper is ADORABLE!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! (via Graphics Fairy)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Your Easter Egg carton and eggs are so lovely! You are very talented! Nancy

Shahrul Niza said...

Julia, your decorated eggs (& the carton) are totally gorgeous!!!. I'm in awe, looking at all the whites & the laces texture on them :). Delightful center piece, for sure. Thanks so much for kind words on my post!. Stay warm. HUGS.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

These are so darn sweet! What a great way to add texture and the embellishments are perfect. Hope spring comes your way soon.
Barney is so cute, he looks right at home sitting on your lace.

Rostrose said...

Liebste Julia,
ich möchte dir noch einmal ganz lieb für deinen letzten Kommentar danken,
ehe ich mich in die "unter Protest genehmigte" Blogpause verabschiede :o) - und natürlich möchte ich dich auch herzlich zu meinem Giveaway einladen! Kraul mir bitte den Charmebolzen und die beiden anderen süßen Miezen!!!
Fühl dich rostrosig gedrückt,
Herzlichst Traude ღღღ

Sugar Lump Studios said...

these are AMAZING! what a gorgeous group of eggs! Your talents never cease to amaze me!


Of course your eggs are gorgeous, of course I love your pictures, but I have to admit that moreover to your so nice creativity I felt in love with So sweet Barney ! I love ginger cats, but one of my cats doen't want any more cats home... so. She adopted my French poodle and she's ginger, but it's not the same !!
xoxo from PARSI

BECKY said...

Hi Julia! These eggs and carton are so incredibly lovely and charming! Just absolutely love the look! Thanks so much for sharing them on Blissful Whites Wednesday! And that little Barney is just as cute as he can be! We have an orange tabby, and a seal point Siamese we adore!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

The eggs are just so pretty and look cute in the holder! Happy Easter!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

So pretty and unique...I adore this project! Hello to Barney. :)

Mom E. said...

these are gorgeous! I was hoping to get some made, but I haven't yet...
I will make them after Easter for next year...that is just how I seem to work! LOL

Unknown said...

You did such an amazing job! I just love the "do not disturb" one :))

Chenille Cottage said...

What a wonderful post. I love our carton full of whimsy. The Do Not Disturb sign is adorable...not to mention your precious kitty!
Blessings and Happy Easter!
Carolynn >^^<

Lori Lehman said...

I love the eggs they are beautiful!!! I also "aged" some plastic eggs this year and love the way they turned out. Love the painted egg carton too!

ornate splendor said...

Hi Julia! Love the sweet eggs displayed in the carton. Simple and sweet - well done! Catherine

Malinda Tamlyn said...

Hi Julia,
Great job on the eggs and carton. What a beautiful addition to any Easter display!
Reuzeit Emporium Blog
Reuzeit Emporium

Plumfield House Gardens said...

Great idea to do with the carton, very pretty!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful. You are SO creative!

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

These are so pretty! I love the texture. I'd love it if you would share this at "What We Accomplished Wednesday," at Green Willow Pond. It is live right now. Have a great week!


debra @ homespun said...

Not only are these pretty but I just cracked up at the Do Not Disturb them all but especially that one! Have a wonderful are so creative! :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Julia,

Sie sehen gut aus, diese Kunststoff-Eier.
Ich weiß, sie sind nicht leicht zu bearbeiten.
Viel lieber, arbeite Ich mit Styropor Eier.
Aber manchmal muss man mit dem auskommen, was gerade vor hande ist .
Schön, so in diese Schachtel.

Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Ostern.

Lieve groetjes van Thea ♥

FrauHummel said...

Liebe Julia,
dieser Karton gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut! Das sieht perfekt aus mit den schönen Eiern und dem wunderbaren Hasenbild. Klasse!
Tja, auch bei uns schneits grad mal wieder Bettlaken.....Aber was soll's: Wir machen es uns einfach so gemütlich wie möglich, ich werd ein bisschen basteln und handarbeiten (in meinem Kopf tummeln sich wie immer 1000 Ideen! Gut, hat morgen der Heimwerkermarkt offen..... ;oD), und beim Reiten gilt der alte Leitsatz: Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur schlechte Bekleidung! Achja, und dann noch was Leckeres auf den Tisch und eine dicke Portion Schoggi hinterher- Herz, was willst du mehr??
Auch dir wunderbare Ostertage, geniess sie! Und ich freu mich auf mehr von dir....

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Liebe Julia,
Dir und Deinen Lieben wünsche ich frohe Ostertage.
Ganz liebe Grüße

Joanna said...

Julia ... Happy Easter !
radosnego świętowania !

Maureen Wyatt said...

I just love your transformations and I'm following you now. Thanks for your lovely comment!

Olga Siedlecka said...

Love them!!!