December 20, 2012

A Little Bit of Vintage White Christmas

This year I don’t have a lot of Christmas decoration to show. With our two sweet kittens Barney and Dottie, who play with everything that hangs down, sparkles or just seems to be interesting enough to get hold of, I decided not to put up a lot and decorated only in the studio a little bit. Additionally I didn’t have a lot of time lately to prepare for Christmas. For some weeks we had been the foster parents for a sick little kitty that had been found in the street. After little Sally got adopted, we took in a street dog with her four puppies. The puppies had started to move and were in danger of getting hit or run over by cars. Since the mother had enough milk, we added three smaller ones from another litter that had been found abandoned without their mother. We’ve also been taking  care of a poor dog named Luna who had been run over by a car two times. She had 17 bone fractures and had needed several surgeries. One back leg couldn’t be fixed properly and is crippled. The other back leg is heavily damaged. We are happy to see that this leg seems to improve and she uses it more and more. In the beginning she couldn’t use it at all and walked on her front legs only. It was very amazing to see how well she could hold her balance. As you can imagine our little zoo kept me quite busy and I haven’t done much more than cleaning up after the puppies, feeding and walking the dogs. Fortunately 3 of the puppies have found new homes already and Luna is supposed to be picked up on Christmas. We hope that the remaining 4 puppies will get adopted soon as well.

Here are some pictures now of my vintage white Christmas decoration. It’s a mixture of things I’ve created, vintage finds and wonderful handmade gifts and cards from several dear blogging friends.

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas

The cute rocking horse savings box in the picture below had been a recent find at a scrap yard.

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas

 Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas

This is one of the puppies who is still available. Isn’t she a cutie?


Merry Christmas to you and

your families!

After Christmas I’ll be back with pictures of a wonderful swap I had with my dear friend Marsha at Tattered Chick a while ago.

I’m linking this post up with Debra’s Vintage Inspiration at Common Ground.

Christmas Hugs,



December 10, 2012

Wonderful Gifts From Far Away

When I started blogging about 3 years ago, I never expected to make very dear friends in that virtual world but it happened. There is not a single day anymore, that I don’t think about, write to or talk to at least one of these friends. It’s amazing what familiar friendships have developed with some lovely women I have never met in person. We share happy and sad incidents, worries, hopes, everyday occurrences, creative ideas, plans etc. On special occasions or sometimes “just because” we send each other gifts. Opening a package from a blogging friend is always exciting for me and I had that pleasure several times lately. Suzy over at Suziqusthreadworks is one of the sweet ladies who have spoiled me. A lot of you know her gorgeous fabric creations but if you don’t, please hop over to her wonderful blog for lots of eye candies.

I was thrilled when I unwrapped this beautiful collage. I love the neutral colors Suzy has used, the adorable image as well as all the pretty laces, doilies and embellishments.

Fabric Collage Detail

Fabric Collage

collage detail 1

Fabric Collage Detail 1

Suzy had also created this fabulous clutch bag for me. Isn’t it just stunning?

Clutch bag

Here is a detail picture of the pretty yo-yo flowers and the layers of lace.

Clutch bag

She also sent me this beautiful tag. I felt like a princess receiving all those lovely gifts. Thank you so very much again, dear Suzy!


Another fantastic package came from my dear friend Lisa at Tarnished & Tattered. She knows that I don’t get a lot of vintage treasures and craft items here and had sent me a care package with lots of goodies and one of her gorgeous creations. Isn’t that sweet?

Look at this awesome altered purse. Lisa had turned it inside out and filled it with ephemera, dried flowers and tulle. I love it! The adorable girl’s dress was a gift from Lisa as well.

Purse Detail

Altered Purse

Let’s see what else I found in Lisa’s package. Pretty laces and old buttons. Lisa knows so well how to make me happy. The metal feather-like piece and the vintage curtain rings are wonderful too.

Laces and buttons

A silver plated coffee measure, graphics, monograms and a pretty old book cover. In the paper bag I discovered several acrylic shapes to create with. I couldn’t get a reasonable picture of those though.

book cover, monograms

Lovely bird napkins and images.


Ceramic mushrooms to be altered, wonderful square clock glasses, a rusty ash tray and a monogram stamp.

clock glasses

As you can see, Lisa had spoiled me big time. Thank you so much, sweet friend! Your awesome purse is hanging on the wall here and I’m looking forward to playing with all the great goodies.

I’m very sorry that momentarily I can’t visit you as  frequently as I would like to. The power outages have increased and the electricity drops out 4 – 5 times almost every day. Sometimes for only a few minutes but often enough for some hours. It doesn’t make much sense to reboot the computer every time because the electricity might be gone again some minutes later. Additionally we have internet outages almost every day. I’ll try to stop by as much as possible though.

Have a happy week!