November 04, 2012

A Lovely White House

When I receive a package, I get a little note in the mail, telling that there is something for me to be picked up in the main post office in Tirana. In the little town where we had lived in Germany, driving to the post office took me 1 minute and there was always a parking spot available. Here it’s a totally different story. Besides the lack of parking lots in the city and the heavy traffic, there are these totally, totally crazy drivers. Not only a few like everywhere but an incredible amount. Whatever they learn in driving school, especially the guys seem to forget it the minute they got their license or maybe they just don’t want to follow any rules because that and driving less reckless would take away from their masculinity. Red lights, stop signs, road markings … those things are obviously not made for machos. I’m not a chicken-hearted driver but here I don’t drive. NO WAY! Sitting on the passenger seat often enough freaks me out. That means, dear hubby has to drive me everywhere I need or would like to go. He doesn’t mind doing that but when he’s got lots to do, it can take a few days until we can make the trip to the post office because it needs some time to get in and out of the city.

On the postal slip I receive, the country of origin is stated, so I often have a guess who is the sender. When I got a message that a package from England had arrived, I was quite sure that my sweet friend Liz over at Lululiz in Lalaland had sent me something. I would have never expected though that it was the gorgeous white shadow box house she had shown on her blog before. The house would have been an awesome gift already, but Liz had filled each compartment with wonderful treasures and even added some more surprises.

To show you the beautiful graphics, Liz had used for the background, I’ve put in only some of the goodies. I LOVE this house. Isn’t it fabulous?


Liz has spoiled me with a lot of her wonderful vintage flea market finds, like pre-wound bobbins, a monogram stencil with my initial, laces, millinery flowers, a frozen charlotte and a needle book.

Monogram stencil and lace

She added one of her beautiful tags and these cute envelopes that had contained the stencil above as well as the vintage pearls and the little numbers you can see in the next picture.

Tag and envelopes

This is a tiny pot, Liz had found in France. Normally it’s used to serve a snail. I’ve eaten snails once and they tasted good. It was a one-time experience though. Let’s say the night after had been far away from pleasant, lol. A serving of vintage pearls is much more my liking.

Pearls and numbers

Numbers and bobbins

When I opened the package, an enchanting scent of lavender escaped. It came from this lovely lace, Liz had perfumed. The beautiful box was full to the brim with creamy white buttons.

Lace and box

This was an amazing package. Thank you so much, dear Liz! The gorgeous house hangs in my studio and I’m looking forward to playing with the lovely goodies.

I’ve received some more great packages lately and will show you them soon. With the following cards I’m much more behind. I wish I could say they came a few weeks ago, but it’s already been some months.

This adorable card was created by my dear friend Martina over at Stempel-Gewerkel.

card from Martina

My dear Danish friend Dorthe over at Den Lille Lade had sent me this lovely card.

card from Dorthe

From my dear friend Marie over at Lost Bird Studio I had received this beautiful creation.

card from Marie

Thank you very much again, sweet friends! All three cards are displayed in my studio.

I’m off now to take a bath and then I’ll probably play a little bit with fabrics and laces. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Happy Sunday everybody!




Unknown said...

Wow, what a beautiful present to receive. It is amazing.

Magdalena said...


liniecat said...

Got to be worth the trip to collect things like this lol

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a lovely gift!!

Rhonda said...

Words escape me, all of your gifts are so beautiful. You are adored Julia! Thank you for sharing with us.

The French Bear said...

Julia, what thought went into your gifts. Beautiful house and all the precious goodies inside, oh how wonderful!!! I love bits of lace and threads and those pearls in the snail pot!!!! Exquisite!!!!
I love the sweet cards from Dorthe and Martina, they are so lovely! Such great friends to put so much thought and care in their gifts, but I have seen the amazing gifts you have sent to, I still envy the lace one you sent a few years back.....sigh, it was so beautiful.. Enjoy your gifts, I can't wait to see your next creation!

Anneke said...

the house is beautiful and the goodies inside and also the gifts from dorthe and lululiz.
hugs from ann

Shortbread and Ginger said...

What a gorgeous gift!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What lovely lovely treasures! Love them. I always come here for "inspiration" on settling into my new area. I don't think this new little space will ever be done - but at least I can keep looking at your space! ;)

Have a happy Sunday!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, Julia, what deliciousness you received! So beautiful!!!

Receiving "love" mail is the best!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I hope you receive more love mail SOON!!!!


Lady Pamela said...

I hear what you are saying about traffic. I hardly drive anymore myself.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

You have received such beautiful treasures from your friends.
Love the gorgeous little house with all the sweet gifts.
Also the cards are so lovely.

Wishing you a happy week ahead

BECKY said...

What fabulous treasures, Julia! And a wonderfully generous friends! I know it just delights your soul! The little house is so precious, and so is the little snail bowl with pearls!

Have a lovely week!

Unknown said...

What a lovely and beautiful gesture. You are one very lucky lady :-)

Dorthe said...

meine liebe Julia,
what a fantastic gift from dear Liz.
I love the house, and have admired it when shown on her blog, and I`m so happy for you it now rests on your wall, for you to admire and treasure every day.Isen`t it fantastic how our creations,are litereraly flying the world around, filled with goodness and love.
So many lovely things Liz enclosed in your house and packet, too.
I also love Dear Marie`s and dear Martinas beautiful cards.
They are both romantic in each it`s own way!
Dear friend, thankyou for your note on my post, we will talk more later.
Liebste ,wärmeste grüsse, und viele küsse, von deiner Dorthe

suziqu's thread works said...

My dear Julia
Dorthe took the words right out of my mouth! Oh MY GOODNESS! How very sweet and incredibly kind hearted Liz is to gift you with such a beautiful thing!
I so loved the little house when I saw it on her blog and now seeing it on your wall is just fantastic! Filled with so many beautiful things to use and to love!
Shows just how very special you are to us dear Julia!
Love all the extra little gifts like the frozen charlotte, the monogram stencil that have been collected by Liz!
The cards made by Dorthe, Martina and Marie have been especially made with love for you too dear friend so many lovely details.
Sending much love and many hugs,

Yitte said...

The little house is so exquise must be great hanging this on your wall so you can look every time at all the little treasures inside. Love all the extra gifts that came with the house and ofcourse the beautiful card from Your dear blogger friends.
Have a nice week
Love Yvonne

Alexandra said...

Meine Liebe ich kann das gut nachvollziehen mit dem Autofahren :O Ich würde mich da auch nicht trauen.

Außerdem habe ich hier noch eine Mail zum beantworten an dich... und ich würde so gerne zum Telefon greifen und dich anrufen. Ich vermisse dich hier in Deutschland. Komme wieder zurück.
Es ist so viel zu tippen.

Deine Post von Liz ist traumhaft schön, da hätte ich mich auch gefreut an deiner Stelle. Aber ich beklage mich nicht, ich bekomme ja auch ständig Post von der lieben Liz und ich freu mich jedes Mal wie ein Kleinkind an Weihnachten.

Deine restliche Post ist auch super schön!

So ich wünsch dir was ... hier ist das Wetter voll beschis... und kalt.


fatti navarro said...

Olá Julia, bom dia...

obrigada pela visita lá em meu blog! a ultima imagem eu tb nao tinha créditos, só quis acrescentar junto aos pacotinhos de presentes!

bjus e uma linda semana de inspirações!

My Creative House said...

Dear Julia the shadow box house from Liz is so wonderful, I have admired it on her blog when she showed it, the cards you have recieved are all so beautifully made of creative ladies, hope you are doing well my dear friend, wish you a lovely week.
Kys og knus

Martina said...

Ach Du meine Güte, Julia! Ist das wirklich so furchtbar mit dem Autofahren? Ich glaube, ich würde mir das auch nicht getrauen. Na ja, andere Länder - andere Sitten! Ich habe in einem türkischen Taxi auch schon Todesängste ausgestanden und als ich einmal in Bangkok mit dem Tuc-Tuc gefahren mitgefahren bin, dachte ich, dass ich das niemals überlebe......
Deine Geschenke sind sehr schön. Ich freue mich mit Dir.
Hab noch eine schöne Woche und viele Grüße an die Miezen:-)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Omg, dear Liz really spoiled you.Love everything she sent you.Both cards from dear Dorthe and Martina are so beautiful. enjoy your treasures.Have a wonderful week sweetie.

vintagegirlbirgit said...

Hallo liebe Julia,
oh weh...die Autofahrerei hört sich ja abenteuerlich an...das wäre für mich ein echtes Problem, da ich am liebsten unabhängig bin. Das liegt sicher daran, dass mein Hubby nie Lust hatte, den Führerschein zu machen (irgendwie fehlt ihm das Autofahrer-Gen) und ich somit immer fahre.
Aber der Weg hat sich geloht....was für ein zauberhafte Geschenke....ich muss mir gleich nochmal in Ruhe die Bilder anschauen.

Ach ja....herzlichen Glückwunsch....ich habe Dich in der "Romantic Homes" entdeckt. Im Oktoberheft wird Dein Blog und Deine schönen Handarbeiten vorgestellt. Ich hatte mir das Heft im Urlaub gekauft und jetzt erst mal in Ruhe angeschaut.

Rachel Ashwell zu treffen, war wirklich sehr beeindruckend....da hätte ich auch niemals mit gerechnet, sie live zu erleben.

Soll ich mal schauen, ob es das Romantisch Einrichten-Heft noch gibt? Falls Du es haben möchtest, könnte ich es Dir gerne schicken.

Liebe Grüße,

Jayne said...

Oh my what a beautiful gift to receive with such exquisite treasures inside, each one a joy. You must have been thrilled to receive such a parcel - even though you had to risk life and limb to collect it. jayne x

Lisa said...

Boy you are one spoiled little girl~ LOL You so deserve it tho! Liz did it up big! What an amazing box of treasures. Your right, the house shadow box in itself was great but the goodies too?! Those numbers are too cool, and the metal J, oh my fave. I'm sure you'll incorporate it into some beautiful art.
The cards from Marie, Dorthe and Martina are precious too!

Mom E. said...

Oh, such beautiful gifts! and we do love all of your things as well! What fun to have friends who honor and love you!
Bloggy friends are so sweet!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Gosh, Julia! Liz's gifts are absolutely fantastic! Definitely worth going to the post office for. Driving here is ridiculous, too. People run redlights every single morning as we are on our way to school. In fact, yesterday was a near miss for an accident when one idiot decided he was in such a hurry -- several cars could have been involved and it would have caused such a mess. People just don't think about anyone other than themselves when they get on the road and there's no courtesy when driving. Makes me want to smack them all. I do often get quite tense with the experience. The handmade cards you received are all so beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Lululiz said...

You are the sweetest, I just want to give you the biggest hug! xxx

By Neymes said...


Laurie said...

OH MY, that is LOVELY! I know what you mean...everything is so much more peaceful/easy in German dorfs!

Olga Siedlecka said...

As always evything is so stunning!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

these are all so lovely! as always I find inspiration here. No worries on the sled - even though it would be adorable outside it means WAY too much to me. If I had found it at an antique shop that might be a different story. :) Waiting on the inlaws arrival today - have a great Sunday.