October 15, 2012

Rusty and Weathered

Ever since I had heard about the Erosion Bundle Project back in 2010, it was on my to-do list to bundle up some fabrics, laces and metal pieces to be corroded by the elements while hanging outside. It had rained for several days in April,when I looked through my stash, gathered some things, tied up a package and hung it from the balcony. I was hoping for some more rain now and then but except for one tiny rain shower that lasted about 10 minutes, we didn’t see any water coming down from above for the next 5 months. So you might like to consider this idea if you want to have permanent sunshine, lol. After a few weeks dear hubby felt sorry for me and started watering my bundle. However, due to the warm weather it always dried up too fast and there was no impact. Then I got the idea to hang it underneath the drain of our A/C. There it would get constantly irrigated during the day. I opened my bundle 2 months later and that had worked out very well. The fabrics had rusty stains from the metal pieces as well as mildew stains from a couple of fern leaves I had added to the package. Some fabrics were wonderfully eroded. The smell was pretty ugly though but I got rid of that by soaking everything in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for some hours and then washing by hand carefully.

This is the quilt I created, using the fabrics, laces and metal pieces of my erosion bundle.

Art Quilt

To accent the holes, I used a black woolen material as background that had not been part of the bundle.

Rusty Details

Rusty Details

Lace with rusty washer 

Quilt Detail 

Artquilt Detail

Silk Rose

You might think that this creation was outside the box for me but it didn’t feel like that at all. Everything fell into place easily, like I had done it a lot of times before. With my next erosion bundle I’ll wait a little bit because for now I enjoy some rainy days after the long hot summer and don’t want to drive the rain away ;-).

Have a happy week!




Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh Julia this is just beautiful!!!!! I love it! My favorite elements rusty metal and tattered fabric!


Inmaculada said...

Un maravilloso y encantador trabajo.
besos y buena semana.......

My Creative House said...

Dear Julia, this collage is so wonderful and also very beautiful, you have got a great result with your rusty fabric, love the holes with lace and the little key,hope all is well with you and all your cats and the dog, wish you a lovely and creative week my dear friend.
Knus og kys Anni

Annie said...

This would SO be outside the box for me.....way outside. While I think you've done an exquisite job of your stitching work and creative embellishments, I really can't say that this technique calls to me completely. The rusty parts I love, but the mildewy parts not so much. All in all I'm terribly glad to see this technique and how it comes about.

Judith said...

What a wonderful idea! I've played about with rusting metal to dye fabric inside the house but never thought to leave it to the elements. I shall definitely try this as the results are so beautiful ... and, unlike you, here in Yorkshire, England we've had nothing but rain for the past five months so I feel sure that it would be a success. The quilt you made from the result of your experiment is absolutely beautiful. Judith x

Sarina said...

Hi Julia,

I think it's GORGEOUS.

Have a nice week,


Tammy said...

You are right ... I was thinking this isn't something Julia would normally create, but then again, art is art and it comes naturally to you so it should feel natural. Nothing would erode here since we don't get rain -- now if you want to make a dusty bundle, we've got you covered. Ha! Take care, Tammy

Rostrose said...

Liebe Julia, ich sitze grinsend vor meinem PC, weil ich die Idee und den Wunsch, das Herstellungsmaterial erst mal "verderben" zu lassen, dermaßen schräg finde - und das Ergebnis dann dennoch so ästhetisch geworden ist. Du bist einfach eine Zauberin - egal ob etwas rostig oder vom Zahn der Zeit angenagt ist oder ursprünglich mal aussieht wie (du verzeihst hoffentlich, aber die Ähnlichkeit des Stoffes hat mir den Vergleich einfach aufgedrängt) mein Mal- oder Schuhputzlappen - du gestaltest dann etwas daraus, das kunstvoll und schön wirkt und Geschichten erzählt. Kompliment!
Oh, und ihr hattet 5 Monate lang keinen Regen? Klingt tatsächlich nach einem geeigneten Urlaubsziel! :o))
Hab eine schöne neue Woche, alles Liebe & herzhafte Küschelbüschel, Traude

Licho_Nie_Spi said...

Beautiful and moody :)

Jayne said...

Hi Julia, how fantastic your pieces are, I absolutely love them. The trouble with bundling is waiting - I am not good at that part!. We have had so much rain here it would have been very rusty indeed. I love what you have created, it has so much depth and quite fascinating how mould, mildew and rust create such beauty. I absolutely love it!!! must try this.....

Dortesjs said...

this is totally awsome love it wonderfull with all the layers

Kadee Willow said...

I have heard of this project, also, but have not tried it! You and your husband had some creative thinking on how to make this work during a drought! What a lovely quilt to add to your collection!

gail said...

I think this is a fabulous piece Julia! I keep thinking about it and yet don't do it. Looks like I should really get myself in gear and give this a try if it turns out this wonderful!

Pam said...

Wow Julia. What a beautiful creation! Your patience and hard work paid off for you. Just love the outcome! xo's Pam

Robin said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Julia! Your collage has so many interesting textures and I love the addition of the chicken wire. Great piece, I bet you will be doing more of these! Have a wonderful day.


Sandy said...

Meine liebe Julia, das ist ne super Deko.
Das gefällt mir total gut.
Mal was anderes und einfach genial.

Gaby Bee said...

Tolles Projekt ... ganz nach meinem Geschmack. Ich liebe alles was 'rusty' und 'grungy' ist! Der Hühnerdraht passt perfekt. Echt cool, Julia!

LG Gaby

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Julia,
Your piece is wonderful, such a great idea and created so beautifully.
We have had so much rain here, I could have helped you out...
An inspiring post.
Hugs, Angela.x

Alexandra said...

Deine Stoffcollage ist wunderschön geworden meine Liebe. Auch die Farben so super abgestimmt. Gefällt mir total gut.
l.G. Alexandra

Minna Perälä said...

What an exciting technigue - how clever you are!!! I love the colours and all the little details you have put to your unigue artwork!!

Have a nice week!

June said...

Hello Julia,
This is sheer genius! I love how it came out. A beautiful and unique piece of artwork : )
I would try this also but we sure need the rain : )
sending hugs to you...

Lululiz said...

Absolutely fascinating. It really is astonishing what beauty you have created with something that most people would have declared totally disgusting and thrown away. I mean, mouldy fabric, lol, how many people would see the beauty in that?? Yet, you have created a stunning piece. Congrats.

Tina said...

Your collage turned out so beautiful Dear Julia - great idea with the erosion bundle. I have to try it some time. Love the details with the chickenwire - very cool.

Shahrul Niza said...

This work is wonderful!!!. It rain so much here (Kuala Lumpur), I wonder how the cloth would be then :). Moldy?, maybe even has little mushrooms growth:). Amazing texture and colors on the cloth!. LOVE how organic it become and LOVE all the additional embellishments :). TFS!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a wonderful idea Julia and how clever to put it under the air conditioner! Love the results you achieved. Hummm??? I wonder if it will keep the rain away if I make up a bundle? LOl

Thanks for your sweet comment on being a new Grandma. Christmas time can't come soon enough!
hugs Lynn

Dorthe said...

DeaREST Julia,
Here I am, my family drove home today, and it is time for blogging and visiting again, liebe freund.
Your collage is just stunning, and so
filled with beauty from nature- your erosion buntel is fantastic- you got so much colour and rust,and used it very wonderful to make this beautiful piece. I love the eroded places in the fabric, and the chicken wire you used are perfect for it.The sweet rose adds the fresh beauty to the tarnished and tattered -what a very special and fabolous creation, liebste freund.
Viele liebe grüsse, and warm hugs, with kys-
deine Dorthe

Sandi said...

This is spectacular Julia! Beautiful!!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

This is gorgeous Julia!

Shane Pollard said...

It's a beautiful piece of art that you and Nature have made together!
The chicken wire imprint is love,ly

Like you, when I originally read about Erosion bundles, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to take part in, but I didn't do it then either!

Julia you've inspired me to make my own little bundle and see what happens - thank you!
Shane ♥

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi sweetie,
your collage came out beautifully.
Love it.Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Martina said...

Liebe Julia, was für eine abgefahrene Idee mit diesem verwitterten Stoff. Das Ergebnis kann sich echt sehen lassen.....das sieht einfach supi aus. Hast Du den Geruch komplett wieder raus bekommen?
Klasse finde ich auch, wie Du das Teil an dem Maschendraht aufgehängt hast. Einfach genial!
Ich wünsche Dir schon mal ein schönes WE. LG MARTINA

Sugar Lump Studios said...

fantastic work Julia. I am giggling about your hubby watering it to help out. so sweet. they know how important our art is to us. Always love my visits here - it always inspires me.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my sweet Julia,
Just wanted to come a leave a comment about your astonishing result and how you turned it into a piece of beautiful nature art!
Love the mouldy colours and pieces with holes which you have backed in black to accentuate them!
The wire, the washers, the string and thread all add to the textural look of it and embellished with that rose just fashioned out of a piece of silk/cotton?
Did you wrap the items in a piece of linen?
Hope your Sunday is calm in your house with dear Helmut, Bailey and the kittens.
Sending you lots of love and hugs,

Lisa said...

Dawn told me I needed to see your bundle & boy was she right! It is so awesome! It turned out wonderful. What a great idea to back it in black. Your rosettes are perfect too. Love, love.
I tried this last year after seeing Dorthe's post about it. Unfortunatly we had a mild winter & I got no good result. I tied mine up with twine & hung from a tree. I even buried one. They were just a mess. Maybe we'll have a real winter this year & I'll try again.

RJ said...

I am completely in love with this art quilt!