August 16, 2012

Cute Kittens and a Happy End for a Puppy

A while ago, a tricolored stray cat had shown up in our garden, attracted by the smell of grilled fish. At first she was rather shy and wouldn’t come too close but after a few days we had earned her trust and she started eating straight out of our hands. We’ve been feeding her daily ever since. We call her Carlotta. A scar of about 1/4” around her neck tells that the poor girl must have had an unpleasant experience in her young life already. She got pregnant so shortly after her first visit, that we didn’t had the chance to get her spayed. Three weeks ago four cute little kittens were born. I was glad that Carlotta came by just before her labor pains started, so I was there and able to assist. Everything went fine at first but the last kitten came with his legs first and then got stuck with his head. It was pretty difficult to get him out and I had to pull quite strongly, fearing I could hurt him. First I thought he hadn’t made it but then he started to breathe and everything was fine. That day happened to be my birthday and Carlotta had brought me four so sweet and precious gifts. I couldn’t have been happier.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the little ones. Aren’t they just so cute?

 White Collar


White Collar in basket1

3 in a basket

White Collar in basket

This is their mom Carlotta. From time to time we see a dark gray colored male cat in our garden and believe that he’s the dad.


Last week dear hubby dropped off some waste at one of the public garbage containers, when he heard something whimpering. He saw a puppy at a fence and and thought he was whining because his mother wasn’t in sight. Hubby went to the puppy to comfort and pet him. When he came closer, he realized that the puppy was not just standing there but was stuck with his little head in the fence and couldn't get out. The way he was trapped must lead to the assumption that this hadn’t been an accident. A cruel person must have squeezed the puppy’s head between two fence bars to get rid of him. Hubby hailed to some guys who were nearby and they said that they had heard the dog for some hours but there is always some barking or whimpering, so they didn't care. Isn’t that so sad? Well, at least the guys got a pair of tongs and helped hubby to cut the little guy out. Since there is not even one animal shelter here, hubby brought the puppy home. The poor baby was pretty dehydrated from being trapped there in the blistering heat for hours and he was quite hungry as well.

Please welcome little Bailey.




  Our sweet Cecil and Miss Carlotta unfortunately don’t like one another but now they both agree to hate the dog. Having a mutual enemy at least brings them to not hiss so much at each other anymore, lol.

You probably can imagine, that with caring about all the furry babies, I haven’t gotten around to creating a whole lot lately. There are a few things I made though and I’ll share them with you soon.





Rostrose said...

Ach Julia, Julia! Ich könnte euch umarmen!!! Ich kann mich ja schon an den kleinen und großen Kätzchen nicht sattsehen, denen ihr ein Zuhause gebt - und nun ist da also auch noch Bailey! Es ist schrecklich, was Menschen Tieren antun - und so wunderbar, dass es auch andere gibt... Menschen wie dich und deinen Mann! Hoffentlich gewöhnen sich all eure Vierbeiner noch aneinander! Allerliebste Streicheleinheiten & Küschelbüschel an euch alle, egal wieviele Beine ihr habt!!! Bussi, Traude

morkaren said...

Åee nej, det skærer en i hjertet at læse om dyr der ikke har det godt, jeg kan se i den lille hunds øjne at den har haft grimme oplevelser, og er ved at miste tilliden til menesker, godt der findes nogle som dig der prøver at rette op på andres onde gerninger. knus morkaren.

Lululiz said...

You and your darling husband deserve the biggest hugs for being such wonderful people and rescuing these poor little creatures. My god,they are so adorable. I have fallen in love with Bailey! I just want to pick him up and cuddle him, he is such a beautiful doggy. Big hugs, cuddles and kisses all round, I think. xx

bohemiannie! art said...

How wonderfully sweet and...wonderful!

Joanna said...

wspaniała kocia rodzinka !
pozdrawiam z Polski

Mary Lindsay said...

What a surprise time this has been for you and your lovely animals all look so safe if not real friends yet. I too found a very skinny wee cat in my garden on Sunday she had her little leg in my watering can trying to get to some water, she looked very unwell. We gave her some food and our wonderful Vet opened his surgery for us and checked out this wee soul. He could tell straight away she had Thyroid problems and that she could go into heart failre any second, he decided he would take care of her and refused our offer to pay for her treatment and I was asked to phone back today to see if she had survived. I called this afternoon only to find out that she has melted the hearts of everyone and is doing fine, she's not out of the woods yet - but getting there. It's a funny old world. mary

Alexandra said...

Süße die Kleinen sind wundervoll. Dein Baileys könnte ich grad fressen so süß ist er. Viel Freude mit deinen Vierbeineren. :)
Hugs Alexandra

Reserl said...

Liebe Julia,
ich bin über die liebe Traude (Rostrose) hierher gekommen.
Was bist du für ein lieber Mensch wenn du all die Tiere aufgenommen hast. So wunderschöne Katzen und der Hund so bildhübsch.
Ich wünsch dir alles Liebe und alles Glück der Welt.
Ich drück dich für deine Tierliebe
und schick dir Busserln aus der Oberpfalz aus der schönen Stadt Regensburg
herzlichst Tatjana

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh my goodness....those kittens are adorable....and the poor puppy...are you going to be able to part with any of them..I couldn't!

Debra@CommonGround said...

they are so adorable, and what sweet people you are to care for these poor little ones! there's a special blessing for those who help the abandoned of this world! thanks for sharing your new babies with us!

My Creative House said...

Oh dearest Julia, so many sweet and lovely babies you must take care of now, poor little Bailey, so horrible that someone could be so evil against a little puppy, take care of yourself also my friend.
Hugs and love

Cheryl said...

Well God bless you and your husband for taking in those little bundles of love. You surely will be rewarded for your kindness.
Big hugs,

Jayne said...

Oh what a wonderful story, new members of your family, i think you were meant to look after them. jayne x

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Seeing your fur babies Julia warms my heart. When was your birthday???!!!??

Did you get my email?


Maureen said...

Oh! You two are absolutely the BEST for being angels to these dear creatures.... I am so glad to hear they will be taken care of by such caring people. You're both awesome!!!

Astrid said...

Oh my gosh such a story, give your hubby a big hug from me for taking care of the poor dog.
You are both lovely people, i would do the same, we are animal lovers too.
BIg Hugs Astrid said...

Dear Julia,I was crying a little by reading your story,specially the part about Bailey.I had to put my dog to sleep in december when he was 15,5 years and I'm still not over it.And then I read what people do to these little helpless animals,it makes me sick.I thank god for people like you who have their hearts in the wright place.For me you earn a lot of compliments,hugs for you,your family and all the cats,kittens and of course Bailey x x x

Dorthe said...

My dear sweet Julia,
Now they are even more beautiful and sweet the little cat babies,than the first photo I saw. So lovely they looks- and their mother Carlotta is also a beautiful cat.Oh they looks so cute in your basket with laces -and I can see they have a wonderful life with you .
And poor little Bailey, having been treated like that, how can anyone do such cruel things, I can never understand. He looks beautiful, and so sweet, even you can still se the sorrow in his eyes- but that will quickly dissapear now, when he lives with two such wonderful humans as you and Helmuth. You have some big hearths my dearest Julia- but I have known that for long liebe freund.

I wish you wonderful hours with your babies, and hope Cecil and Carlotta will eventually if not love each other, then like each other, and also allow Bailey some quiet moments with them.
Love you dear Julia, and sends you many hugs and a kys.
Deine Dorthe

sharon's shabby creations said...

What a wonderfull lillte ones you have there!!
Love them and kiss them before you know the are cats in boots!! LOL!!
And the little doggy is so very nice!! I love it

Hugs Sharon

Robin said...

Oh my, you have been busy tending to your cute, furry friends :) I can't believe you actually had to assist in the delivery of that last kitten, you are amazing! Hope you have a great weekend.


She Uses Her Words said...

Bless your heart! We had the same thing happen on our farm. Mama cat was pregnant (very young) so we took her in, helped with the birth and then found homes for everyone. If I lived close to you I would take one of the kittens. They are adorable! And so is Carlotta! What a sweetie pie!
Take care, Karen

June said...

Now this IS precious!!! You are so wonderful to make a home for all of these beautiful creatures Julia! I think my heart melted when I saw the darling kittens, but then it just dripped when I saw your cute little Bailey.
SO funny about Cecil and Carlotta now deciding to get along because of Bailey : ) I know I am going to love seeing those kittens growing up.
I just had three kittens find us this past month too. They are wild, but are warming up to me nicely. I haven't named them yet because I was afraid to fall in love with them in case they decide not to stay here, but I just know I will win them over soon : )
I am so happy to know you and your dear husband have such warm, warm hearts!!!
hugs from me...

Sandy said...

Hallo meine liebe Julia,

Oh Du bist so ein herzensguter Mensch.
Jetzt haben echt süße Kätzchen und ein zum anbeissen süßer kleiner Kerl ein wirklich liebevolles Zuhause gefunden. Du wirst sie nach Strich und Faden verwöhnen und sie werden es einfach nur gut haben.
Ich würde es genauso machen wie Du. Leider kann man nicht alle Tiere der Welt retten, denen es schlecht ergeht, doch sollten sich viele ein Beispiel an Dir und Deinem Mann nehmen.

Ich wünsche nur Freude mit der kleinen Rasselbande und hoffe, dass sich alle schnell aneinander gewöhnen.

Hab ein schönes und sonniges WE meine Liebe und lass Dich fest umärmeln.

lemonade kitty said...

Well done you, wish there were more people in the world like you, Lucey x

Unknown said...

Good job! Not a lot of people would had done it!
Take care and patience with all your new furry babies!

Jeannette said...

Bless your hearts for rescuing these precious animals! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Bless you and your husbands hearts, there are so many cruel people out there. THANK YOU for rescuing both the little kitten and her kittens and the puppy. I do hope the you are able to spay and neuter the kittens and find good loving forever homes for everyone.

Michele said...

you are truly wonderful people with a great heart for animals. bless you for what you do. and they are all so darling! xo

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Julia,
Those images just melt my heart!
I think you will have to rename your blog temporarily "Pets with Laces" (LOL!).
I can really understand why you have given them the loving home you have and I hope sweet Cecil and Miss Carlotta will become the best of friends.
Poor little Bailey - he still looks a little wary and no wonder but you and Helmet have given him life, love and safety that he would have never had!
Kindness attracts kindness and love attracts love!
I am so pleased that these little creatures have bought you some much needed love!
Sending more love and very big hugs all the way from here,

marda said...

I think there is an animal shelter.. it's your home! Bless you both for taking in these wonderful sweethearts. Great pictures too. Interesting how animals can pal up when another interloper is introduced!!!

Diana Seal said...

What a great gift to get for your Birthday, so glad everything went well, they are just adorable and Bailey just melts my heart. They are so lucky to have found a good home like yours. I wished there would be more kind hearted people like you!
Good luck with the new additions to your family!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

they are all just precious! You are a wonderful lady to take them all in. I hate hearing of abandoned pets. The tricolor kitty looks a lot like our calico "Sophie Lou"...congrats on the new additions!

Sarina said...

Dear Julia, you and your husband are two "golden"people, with your heart in the right place.Those poor little animals.I could you kiss you both on the cheek.I wish there were many more people like you.
Big Hug,


Unknown said...

You have a heart of gold!!
Thank you for taking care of the cat, kitties and the puppy!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi sweetie,
little Baily just melts my heart - he is so cute and your little kittens are so precious.I'm sure they keep you busy:)Have fun and a wonderful Sunday.

Dortesjs said...

awww so so sweet

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Julia,
Those kittens are a delight, so pretty. It's good to think you have looked after them so well.
Hugs and smiles, Angela.x

Kadee Willow said...

Oh, Julia... stories of dogs being abused makes me so broken-hearted! I just can't imagine someone being so horribly cruel. However, you have brought this story to a happy ending and your generosity and kindness are a blessing! Thanks for sharing this tale of how negativity can be turned around to utter joy!!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

The children are so adorable and Miss Carlotta is a real looker herself. I think it's so wonderful that you've opened your home to these precious animals. I'm sure they'll all be one happy family before too long.

Judy Ann Lincicum said...

I am so proud to know you, Julia, such a kind and loving person. I hope your little canine and feline family can finally get along a give you great joy and comfort in the many years to come!
Rescuers are #1 in my book! Judy

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

How wonderful that you have rescued all these precious animals.
The little kitties are so darling sitting in the basket amongst the laces, such darling photos.
Aren't some people so cruel at not helping out a poor whimpering puppy, so sad and makes you cry.
Bailey is the most precious puppy and he is so lucky to have found you and your husband. I laughed when your sweet Cecil and Miss Carlotta are now getting along!
Blessings and hugs, to you dear friend.

Tammy said...

Hi Julia, the kittens and Bailey are so sweet. I do believe that God sends those to us who most need our help. Carlotta is very pretty. One of the little outside cats here had babies in a pile of rubble across the street from us a while back. I told hubby to tell the neighbors not to move the pile until she could move the babies, but the rubble was gone one day as were the babies. Very sad for her as she didn't quite know what happened. She was such a baby herself. So sad for these street kitties. I'm glad that you are taking care of these precious little ones. I thought Kuwait was bad, but at least we do have two shelters that do their best -- the need is just too much for what they can even offer, though.

Thanks again for your email and the patterns. Have a great day. Hugs, Tammy

Hearts Turned said...

Oh my goodness, Julia! Your new babies are absolutely adorable! We recently had a similar experience, except we found three gray baby kittens that the mother had abandoned--just about 4 weeks old, in our garden. One didn't make it, but we now have two very healthy bigger kittens that we love. My girls were feeding them with bottles--so sweet!

What a wonderful man your husband is to have saved that sweet pup--and what a happy pup he must be--now!

What a beautiful thing you're doing, dear friend!

Wishing you the loveliest day...


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Julia! I came to visit via Julie from The Vintage Chic! Oh my heavens! I love your fur babies and what tender hearts you and your hubby have! The kittens are adorable and the puppy is pulling at my heart~strings too. What a sad story. It just kills me to think that there are such cruel people out there. How blessed this little fellow has joined your sweet family. Now off to give my fur babies tons of hugs. You are an inspiration! xox


Luna und Luzie said...

Oh sind die alle süüüüüß!
Kleine Kätzchen und nun noch den niedlichen Bailey. Das ist eine Menge Arbeit aber auch eine Menge Glück!!!

Ich wünsche euch ganz viel Spaß mit euren fellnasigen Freunden!
Unsere Katzen sind auch nicht gerade begeistert, dass vor 14 Tagen ein Welpe bei uns eingezogen ist, aber langsam gewöhnen sie sich aneinander und es wird sogar schon gekuschelt :)

Liebe Grüße


Bellissimi i gattini, e anche il cane!!!

Viola said...

Da sind ja die Süßen, hihi! So zauberhafte kleine Fellnasen!! Und little Bailey ist ebenfalls soooo süüüüß! Was für ein niedliches Hundebaby, Julchen! Viel Spaß mit Deinem Zuwachs! Ein schönes WE und ganz viele herzliche Grüße, Viola

Anneke said...

you are both so sweet for saving these little adorable kittens.
and bailey is so adorable and i want to give him a hug.
they have such nice colors and are so helpless and are depending of people like you .
very lovely pictures from them and a blessing to have them all and watching them growing up.
have a nice weekend my friend and a big hug.

Unknown said...

Hello Julia

Y love your blog and the betiful thing you made I am gonne vollow you the kittens are wunderful

Love Nellie
from Amsterdam holland

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Liebe Julia,
Du meine Güte! Geburtshilfe für solche süßen Fellbündel mit einer derart schönen Mama und dass alles an Deinem Geburtstag. Herzlichen Glückwunsch noch nachträglich dazu. Du hast das kleine Katzenbaby wirklich gerettet und ohne Dich hätte es es nicht geschafft. Kaum auszudenken, wie es dann Carlotta ergangen wäre ohne Deine Hilfe.
Na ja, und dann auch noch dieser süße Welpe. Wie kann man so ein kleines Wesen derart quälen, um sich davon zu entledigen !!! Solche Geschichten treiben mir die Tränen in die Augen und ich bin froh, dass alle bei Dir nun ein wunderschönes und liebevolles Zuhause gefunden haben. Auch wenn es zusätzlich sehr viel Stress und Arbeit sein wird, sie werden es Dir mit Liebe wieder tausendfach zurück geben.
Viele liebe Grüße

bobbie said...

Bless you and your sweet hubby for the rescues!
There is a special place in heaven for people like you!!

Sarina said...

Hi Julia,

Wishing you a nice,new and most of all ,sunny week,

Hug, Sarina

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I loved this story and you and your husband's compassion. We just adopted a rescue yorkie and she, Dixie and our cairn terrier, Daisy and my hubby and I are all adjusting fairly well after a frantic few days; flying trip to the groomers for a de-fleeing of Dixie(over 200 fleas on a 7 lb yorkie), washing, washing washing linens, vet visit, etc. I think all will work out well and I wish the best for you.

Marge said...

♥ How SWEET!!!! ♥

Julia, thank you for your blogfriendship!♥
God bless you and your family!
Many, many hugs to you,

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Congratulations on your spotlight in Romantic Homes....that is quite the honor.

lala said...

I actually started tearing up when I read about the cruelty inflicted upon the poor puppy. How very lucky for him that your husband is such a kind and caring soul. Bailey, Carlotta & the kittens now have two very special and loving people in their lives.

Sarina said...

Hello Julia,
How are your lovely animals doing?
Are Cecis and Miss carlotta still hating the dog? Haha.Our old cat loves the dog, but the dog is always looking like:Hey don't press your luck. The cat is 15, the dog 14 years old.

Have a nice sunday,


Lynn Stevens said...

Awe now if this doesn't tug at the heartstrings nothing will. What a sweet Birthday gift of new kittens and what a guy you have to rescue the little puppy. Hopefully they all will be best of friends soon. Enjoy all your new fur babies!
hugs Lynn

Karen said...

Oh you made my heart ache for the little guy. Thank God your hubby has the kindest heart ever and rescued him. You guys are special "parents". YAY!
Love and hugs.

franki.ok said...

Uwielbiam tu zaglądać. Piękne miejsce ! Pomysły, klimat wszystko the best. A te kociaki są tak słodkie i bardzo pasują do całości ! Pozdrawiam , podziwiam i się inspiruję !

jenni jones said...

Thank you to your husband for saving this gorgeous little puppy and to both of you for taking him into your home. I would love to do to those "animals" what they did to this puppy.
I wish you all wonderful happy times together.