August 16, 2012

Cute Kittens and a Happy End for a Puppy

A while ago, a tricolored stray cat had shown up in our garden, attracted by the smell of grilled fish. At first she was rather shy and wouldn’t come too close but after a few days we had earned her trust and she started eating straight out of our hands. We’ve been feeding her daily ever since. We call her Carlotta. A scar of about 1/4” around her neck tells that the poor girl must have had an unpleasant experience in her young life already. She got pregnant so shortly after her first visit, that we didn’t had the chance to get her spayed. Three weeks ago four cute little kittens were born. I was glad that Carlotta came by just before her labor pains started, so I was there and able to assist. Everything went fine at first but the last kitten came with his legs first and then got stuck with his head. It was pretty difficult to get him out and I had to pull quite strongly, fearing I could hurt him. First I thought he hadn’t made it but then he started to breathe and everything was fine. That day happened to be my birthday and Carlotta had brought me four so sweet and precious gifts. I couldn’t have been happier.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the little ones. Aren’t they just so cute?

 White Collar


White Collar in basket1

3 in a basket

White Collar in basket

This is their mom Carlotta. From time to time we see a dark gray colored male cat in our garden and believe that he’s the dad.


Last week dear hubby dropped off some waste at one of the public garbage containers, when he heard something whimpering. He saw a puppy at a fence and and thought he was whining because his mother wasn’t in sight. Hubby went to the puppy to comfort and pet him. When he came closer, he realized that the puppy was not just standing there but was stuck with his little head in the fence and couldn't get out. The way he was trapped must lead to the assumption that this hadn’t been an accident. A cruel person must have squeezed the puppy’s head between two fence bars to get rid of him. Hubby hailed to some guys who were nearby and they said that they had heard the dog for some hours but there is always some barking or whimpering, so they didn't care. Isn’t that so sad? Well, at least the guys got a pair of tongs and helped hubby to cut the little guy out. Since there is not even one animal shelter here, hubby brought the puppy home. The poor baby was pretty dehydrated from being trapped there in the blistering heat for hours and he was quite hungry as well.

Please welcome little Bailey.




  Our sweet Cecil and Miss Carlotta unfortunately don’t like one another but now they both agree to hate the dog. Having a mutual enemy at least brings them to not hiss so much at each other anymore, lol.

You probably can imagine, that with caring about all the furry babies, I haven’t gotten around to creating a whole lot lately. There are a few things I made though and I’ll share them with you soon.