July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

For the first time I’m participating in Karen Valentine’s wonderful blog party “Where Bloggers Create”.  I’m very happy to share my new studio with you and hope you enjoy the tour. Besides some creations you might already know from my blog, you’ll also see a few new ones as well as a lot of fabulous pieces created by blogging friends all over the world. The studio would not be the same without those gifts hanging on the walls, sitting on shelves etc.
I’ve used the upper part of an egg carton to create this studio sign. I just love to recycle and upcycle.

I sewed that pillow just some days ago. It was my first ruffled one. For years I had been intimidated by that big, complicated looking ruffler foot. After watching a video on the internet how to use it, I gave it a try and it was so easy-peasy. You’ll probably see more ruffled items here in the future :-).

The lace collars are flea market finds and I think they look quite lovely hanging on the shutter.

Some pieces of furniture could escape my brush and the white paint. This old apothecary drawer chest is one of them.

The steampunk fish collage on the left wall had just recently been finished.  The cool image came from The Graphics Fairy.

A girl needs stuff to play with, right? Here are some supplies like buttons, game pieces and vintage embroidered monograms on a three-tiered tray.

Some jars filled with fabric flowers and threads.

The pretty cold cream graphics on the left and the right jar also were provided by Karen, The Graphics Fairy. Thank you, Karen!
I have a thing for numbers. You’ll find quite a few of them in my studio. Another reoccurring theme is “Paris”.


I keep all of my vintage white bed linens in this cabinet, along with some doilies and laces.

My collection of vintage photographs and postcards.

 On the shelf you can see some of my favorite flea market finds.

I love the chippy mirror. I had picked it up at the sidewalk trash last year.

When I’m in the studio, Cecil likes to lay underneath my sewing table. During the photo shoot he all of a sudden decided to change the location and hopped onto my cutting table like he wanted to have his picture taken.

A found piece of brick painted white and turned into a brush holder.

My mannequin and more numbers …

 We visited a friend in his workshop, when I spotted a little shabby cabinet with a broken glass window. When I asked if he would still need it, he said “no, you can have it”. I substituted the glass with chicken wire and instead of hanging it vertically like it was supposed to, dear hubby helped me putting on 4 wheels. It looks like a little train wagon now, don’t you think?


I love vintage suitcases. The lower two were gifts from dear hubby.

Thank you for visiting me here in my refuge. Please don’t think that it always looks so neat. By the time you read this post, I might already have made a big mess again, LOL. It only takes one little project … Additionally I have to admit that I’ve put away my ironing board to get nicer pictures. Well, I guess you all know too well how such a thing looks like … ;-).
Thank you, Karen for hosting this great party again!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody and have fun visiting a lot of exciting studios!