June 25, 2012

Embellished Shoes

I’m not a high-heel girl. I like my shoes to be comfortable, however they shouldn’t look boring. When I bought a pair of cream colored espadrilles a while ago, I had the idea to embellish these shoes with a bit of lace and an image. Finding the right piece of lace in my stash was easy. The harder part was to decide which graphic to use. After printing out several on fabric, I finally went for a vintage grain sac image that Karen, The Graphics Fairy had provided. You can find it HERE on her DIY blog. Thanks again, Karen!


Using a fusible web, I ironed the prints right onto the shoes. I’m not sure that this will really last but if it starts to come off, I still can sew it down by hand.

shoes detail

I hope I’ll be able to find espadrilles over here because I have some more ideas to prettify them.

Have a wonderful week everybody!




June 18, 2012

Back With a Bottle and a Hat

Hello, my dear friends! I’m finally back from my moving break. Thank you for your well wishes! Not all went really smooth but my treasures arrived safely. Careful packaging with lots of bubble wrap and tissue paper pays off, especially when you have to unload during pouring rain and a lot of  boxes get soaked and break through. In the meanwhile everything is in place but I can’t say that I’m adjusting very well. Our new location is Albania and a lot of things are quite different here. I’ve  almost got used to the power outages and some other inconveniences.  What bothers me much more is that there are no flea markets and only just a few stores that have a couple of vintage or antique things for sale. I tell you, I’m on VERY serious withdrawal and my poor dear hubby has to deal with the symptoms like bad mood and outbursts of frustration. Well, enough of the issues that are no fun. On the positive side is my new studio that I love very much. I’ll be participating in Karen’s

Where Bloggers Create Blog Party

and will show you around on July 14. Click on the link above or on the button on my right sidebar to get more details. Maybe you like to party too and show your creative space.

I’ve been working on a couple of things lately, mostly finishing some projects I had started last year, like this bottle. It had been soldered and and the waxed lace had been attached already but it needed to be embellished. Here is the finished bottle now.




Margaret Detail

 I like to wear caps and hats and so I appreciated a promotion at the grocery store, when they gave a free straw hat with every 5 cans of beer. The ugly lime green and orange hat band with the imprinted company logo didn’t keep me from taking the chance. The minute I got home,  I ripped it off and replaced it with a strip of white linen and a lace flower. Much better.

Straw Hat

 Hat Flower1

That would be it for today but I promise to be back soon. Thank you for stopping by and have a very lovely week!