September 26, 2011

A Three-Tiered Platter and a Bit of This and That

 Last Sunday I bought a wooden three-tiered platter at the flea market. It was brown and in a rather pitiful condition. I painted it white and distressed it a little bit for a shabby chic look. I checked my doilies collection and found one of the right size for each of the tiers. It’s now decorated with all kinds of finds and some gifts from dear blogging friends.

three-tiered platter

three-tiered platter detail1

three-tiered platter detail2

The cake stand hadn’t been the only thing I had brought home. Who would have thought, LOL. I couldn’t pass up this candy jar and filled it with some balls of crochet thread.

candy jar

This letter holder had caught my eye as well and is perfect to keep some old letters in lovely handwriting.

letter holder1

I have such a thing for all kinds of scoops. I think this metal one looks pretty and is decorated with a bit of lace and some wonderful vintage clothes pins from my dear friend Marie.


I love glass scoops too and was happy when I found two of them for only 75 Cents each.

glass scoop

The shoe lasts are for children’s shoes and less than 6” long. So cute.  I’ll probably use the baking molds for some Christmas creations. For the coffee measure I don’t have an idea yet but I’m sure, I can use it for something sooner or later.

shoe lasts and molds

Since I now have some old weights, I should watch out for a pretty vintage scale.


 These had been my latest flea market finds but I also have to show you a few creations.

I had made this fabric collage for my dear friend Viola’s birthday.

Collage for Viola

Collage detail


Collage detail1

This was my birthday card for her. When I was finished with the other gifts, the weather unfortunately had been too bad to take reasonable pictures of those.

Card for Viola

This is a tag I had created lately. I love that dress form image which had been provided by Jane a while ago. Thank you, Jane!

Dressmaker Tag1

This wonderful baking book and the beautiful book holder had been a gift from my dear friend Liz.  The “Monster Brownies” on page 106 had caught my dear hubby’s eye right away and so that recipe was the first one I have tried. They were delicious and I will bake them again for sure. Liz had also given me a vintage white apron to alter. I will show it to you when I have embellished it. Thank you, sweetie!

baking book

Yesterday was such a gorgeous fall day with lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. We took a walk through the woods to the other end of our little town, had breakfast at the harbor and walked back on the seaside promenade. It was a perfect morning. Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend too.

Have a wonderful week, dear friends!