August 25, 2011

A Vintage Wash Board

It must have been about two years ago that I came across a metal wash board at the flea market. I bought it, not knowing yet what to do with it. It wasn’t very pretty but I liked it anyway. A view weeks ago I had a small amount of white paint left over and looked around in my studio to see where I could put it on. The wash board caught my eye and so some minutes later the thing was white. I distressed it a little bit and all of a sudden I had the idea, that it would make a great magnetic pinboard. A lovely image on the kind of crumpled top part would look great and my favorite fairy,

Karen the Graphicsfairy

had what I was looking for. I transferred a pretty French graphic using the gel medium technique. Then I glued magnets to the back of buttons, game pieces, a clock face etc. and the pinboard was completed.

 wash board3


wash board

wash board collage1

wash board detail2

For the soldered glass nugget below I had also used a French image from the Graphicsfairy.

wash board collage4

I like how it turned out and will keep my eyes open for another wash board that I will use in the kitchen to hold recipes and shopping lists.

I still have to show you some more wonderful gifts I had received for my birthday. Two packages came across the Baltic Sea from two sweet Danish friends. Dear Dorthe at Den Lille Lade had made one of her gorgeous driftwood angels for me.

driftwood angelcreated by Dorthe

Then I got this altered curtain tie back from my sweet friend. Wasn’t that a great idea? It’s so pretty.

curtain tie back

created by Dorthe

Furthermore, Dorthe spoiled me with this lovely domino necklace I had admired on her blog some months ago,

domino pendantcreated by Dorthe

a cute bird and an altered spool.

bird and spool created by Dorthe

This pretty card was also included. I still don’t have a clue how Dorthe manages to glue those fragile skeleton leaves onto her cards and collages. It’s totally amazing.

card created by Dorthe

The second Danish package came from dear Anni over at Fabric Art. Anni had sent me this lovely cone, filled with a beautiful tag, sheet music and a pretty altered mold

cone created by Anni

along with this sweet Marie card.

card Annicreated by Anni

All the way from Australia came a package from dear Suzy at Suziqu’s Threadworks. Suzy had created this gorgeous journal for me.


created by Suzy

Here are some of the lovely inside details but unfortunately the pictures don’t do the beauty justice.

journal detailcreated by Suzy

journal detail1 created by Suzy

My dear friend from faraway also sent me this pretty silver plated spoon which had been wrapped in a lovely piece of lace and a doily.

spoon created by Suzy

I was overwhelmed already but found another gift in Suzy’s package, namely this fabulous fabric collage. It even has my name one it, how sweet.


created by Suzy

collage detail

created by Suzy

Thank you so very much, my dear friends!

I’m blown away by all of your wonderful gifts. I had never anticipated that real friendships would develop over the internet and I’m very thankful for this fantastic experience. I would have never believed if someone had told me that two years ago.

There are a few more gifts I would like to show you but I guess this post is long enough already and so I’ll keep those for the next one.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great time!





Vintage Market Place said...

I love that washboard, I have never seen one quite that style before
What a transformation and so useful!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I just ♥ the washboard!! I have one that I have had for years but never thought to paint it!! You are so creative, Julia, and have a wonderful eye!!

What beautiful gifts you received!!

I hope you have a wonderful creative weekend!!!


Martina said...

Boah, was für eine tolle Idee mit dem Waschbrett! Echt spitze sieht das aus,liebe Julia!

Und Deine Geschenke sind einfach grandios! Klasse!

Wünsche schon mal ein schönes WE.

Kim Gillian said...

Your wash board is great! Love it
-Kim :)

Dorthe said...

Hallo meine liebe Julia,-
Deine waschbrett ist total schön- so eine tolles idee, und ich liebe was dran sitzt.
Und was du von Anni und Suzy bekommen hast ist so sehr fantastisch .Anni`s tussi mussi is so beautiful, with it`s pink accents, and Suzy`s journal, is gorgeus- she is a fantastic artist-ganz wie du, süsse.
Wünsche dir einer guter wochenende- sollst du am markte gehen?

Ganz liebe und wärme umarmen, mit kys, og kærlige hilsener, fra Dorthe

Alexandra said...

Du Glückliche, das Waschbrett könnte ich dir glatt klauen. Das sieht super aus meine Liebe.
Deine Geschenke sind auch fantastisch. Die Collage habe ich schon bei Suzy bewundert und Dorthes Angel ist auch zu süß.
Schönen Abend dir
liebe Grüße Alexandra

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julia...your washboard is GORGEOUS!!!! What a beautiful transformation...and your gifts are absolutely beautiful, such treasures from precious friends, I know you must love each and every goody ~ I hope you are doing wonderful sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Robin said...

What a great idea to paint and distress that old washboard Julia. It is the perfect vintage pinboard and you have added such sweet magnets to it!! Your gifts are simply fabulous, isn't blogging great?


My Creative House said...

Dear Julia what a fantastic use of the wash board it looks gorgeous with the white paint, glad that you can get online again, I hate when I have computer problems, it feel like you miss everything in the blog world, dearest you have recieved so many wonderful gift from your lovely friends, have a nice weekend my friend.
Hugs Anni

Unknown said...

Oh everything is just lovely! I absolutely love what you did with the washboard! :D


Carole said...

What a clever idea for the washboard. I never would have thought you could use gel medium. Thanks to you I now know how to use it. I've been slacking on finishing projects since I've been trying to not get distracted in my organizing. Uggh organizing is overrated I think:)
Love everything and am a little jealous of all these talented ladies but happy for you.
Great idea with the tie back. I was staring at a strange curtain thingy that I've had for 20 yrs. thinking I could do something with but it's pointless. It's going in the donate pile. Maybe someone better then me will figure it out.
ok sorry long comment.


Sandy said...

Boah was für ein grandioses Waschbrett meine liebe Julia. Das sieht richtig klasse aus.

Und die Geschenke *umfall* Toll, da kann man sich nur mit Dir freuen.

Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes WE *winke*

Evy said...

With a lot of delay: beautiful birthday Julia! The presents that you received in this opportunity are any supernaturals!
I like very much the reconversion of this washing board, the idea of magnets is brilliant!

Beautiful day

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Great idea for the washboard and and all the different magnets. Very pretty!

You certainly have been spoiled for your birthday. So many wonderful, beautiful collages and creations. They are all so lovely! Enjoy!

Have a great day. Tammy

Tina said...

Your washboard is so pretty Dear Julia - what a great idea. So so pretty.
Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend
xo Tina

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Julia
You have been so inventive with that washboard. I have never seen one quite like that with the metal around the sides. Love the French image header and all the little magnetic attachments. Your gifts from Dorthe and Anni just so gorgeous - Dorthe's driftwood angel - Oh! plus all the other little items along with Dorthe's special card. The tussi mussi from Anni is so sweet in the rose pinks.
You enjoy them dearest as they are special just as you are special!
Emailing very soon.
Big love and hugs,
Suzy xoxox

Jane said...

The washboard is perfection!! I love the distressed white paint and the graphic is perfect!! I love making magnets out of little bits and pieces all looks fabulous!

Sonya Badgley said...

I really love the washboard! And all the embellishments are perfect.

Such wonderful gifts from sweet and talented friends. I love all of their work and so generous of them to gift it to you. You are blessed.

Angela Richardson said...

Hello Julia,
Your washboard is so delightful. Isn't it great to complete something like that.
Your gifts from your friends are so very special. such talented, gifted and generous ladies.
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blogs, I really appreciate every one.
Hugs, Angela.

Lynn Stevens said...

Julia what a fab-u-lous idea with the washboard. I LOVE it!!!
and what gorgeous gifts from your blog friends. I'm always amazed at how generous so many of them are. Enjoy your treasures!
hugs Lynn

Yitte said...

The washboard looks gorgeous!!! love the idea. And the gifts you received from your blogger friends are so lovely. A nice thought that internet can stretch your wings like that and you can make new friends in other countries so easily.
Have a nice weekend

het tuinengeltje said...

Oh my gosh, you make beautifull things....! You give me inspiration. I will became your newest follower. Will you be mine too?

Hugs, Sylvia

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Julia,
your washboard is just gorgeous and I hope you will link to Brag Monday.Such beautiful gifts you received from our Dorthe and dear Suzy!!! Enjoy your treasures.Have a wonderful weekend.
Big hugs,

Anneke said...

the wash board is gorgeous julia.
i like the design very much and an original idea.
and what a wonderful gifts you always get.
lucky you and i am curious were you keep your treasures in.
hugs !

Anonymous said...

Julia, what a lovely idea. I've never seen a metal washboard before. I have 3 wooden framed ones. Very clever to use it as a magnetic board!

And...what lovelies that your friends made for you!

Hugs, Diane

Bunty said...

What a great find the washboard was - don't see many about! Love the white paint on it - it is beautiful now.

Beautiful gifts from your friends by the way.


Sugar Lump Studios said...

I adore your washboard Julia. You have really made it beautiful. I own my Great-Grandparents washboard and while I would love to clean it up and make it beautiful...I think it might be best to keep it the way they used it!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Julia! What a wonderful idea!!! It looks absolutely wonderful!! You are never lacking in fabulous idea for things. The goodies you got from Dorthe and Suzy are beautiful too. It must be so much fun to always be exchanging gifts with friends from afar. Have a great week sweetie!

BellaDonna's Charm said...

Just arrived at you blog through the brag monday at Graphics Fairy. Oh my, do I love your art and creative mind! I'll be watching this blog closely, thank you for giving us so much of your time and mind...

Oxana said...

WOW! I love you washboard! Beautiful!

het tuinengeltje said...

Hello Julia,

A few minutes ago I did make a post about your blog because I made also a vintage book with lace. I was inspired by your book.
So thank you very much, lol!

Have a very, very nice day!
Bey, Sylvia

Rostrose said...

Hallo du liebe, liebe Julia, das ist wohl eine der schönsten Wäscherumpeln (= Wienerisch für Waschbrett) der Welt! Macht sich einfach traumhaft und lässt mich grübeln, ob ich das im Vorjahr erstandene Waschbrett, das derzeit noch bei mir im Garten steht, eventuell ebenfalls weißeln sollte. Naja, aber wie ich mich kenne, kommen dann wieder 1000 andere Projekte dazwischen - und das Waschbrett wird einfach weiter vor sich hin altern, bis es zerfällt...
Wundervoll auch all die schönen Happy-birthdays! Genieße deine Schätzchen und die Tage rund um den August-September-Wechsel (Ich hoffe, auch bei euch ist es noch schön, aber nicht mehr all zu heiß! Wir hatten vorige Woche erstmals in diesem Sommer so richtige Superhitze, schlimm für mich, aber jetzt find ich es traumhaft!)
Allerliebste Küschler und Büschler und Pfötchenstreichler auch an Cecil

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I love that washboard and all of the fun things you make! Great ideas you have shared with us.
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!


June said...

So many beautiful things in this post that I don't even know where to start.
The washboard is a treasure now. You did an awesome job upcycling such a unique washboard. I was admiring all the lovely things you have on it as well. You always surprise me with your creativity.
Dorthe, Anni, and Suzy have sent you so many pretty things. I think you just may have to build a bigger house for all your beautiful gifts.
Isn't it wonderful to meet so many lovely, talented women all around the world. This blogging has been so much of a blessing to so many.
Thank you so much sweet friend for your friendship. You are one of the brightest gems I have met.
sending hugs...

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING is stunning! You are obviously cherished in the blogging community! and oh so deserving of these lovely creations!

Have a great day!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Marge said...

Julia, my sweet blogfriend,

I really LOVE, LOVE your washboard!!!
It is so wonderful and beautiful idea!!
I can only say: "Oh, lovely!!" when I visit on you blog!:)♥
Big big hugs from Finland

Ihre Marina Hutflies vom Bastelshop said...

I adore your works, They are all wonderful! Manya Hugs from Marina

Please visit my first creativ Blogspot too and enjoy!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

I love what you have done to the sweet wash board, how beautiful and you are so talented and always enjoy seeing what you are creating.
Also what wonderful gifts you got from such talented and lovely friends.
What a happy day that must have been.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend

Lisa said...

Wow Julia,
So much to comment on.
First, the washboard. I LOVE what you did to it. I inherited my Grandmothers washboard that has been in the attic because I don't know what to do with it. I love your idea but my board is glass. Put your thinking cap on for me!
Now Dorthes gifts. She is one talented lady, I don't think she knows how great she is. That skeleton leave over the image gives me chills. I'm pinning that picture. And Suzy, I'd love to own a piece of her beautiful work. I love her blog, so much inspiration. The cone & other goodies from Anni are beautiful too. Boy Julia, your going to have to add on a room just for your gifts! There is one more sad little thing coming your way. Since your birthday is long gone I will call it an Autumn gift. It's too bad you have such a slacker as a friend. I'll just use my triplet get out of jail free card. LOL
Have a great day sweet girl.

Guriana said...

what a lovely transformation of wash board!!!:))
beautiful gifts you recived from talented friends:))

Viola said...

Hi Julchen, Dein Waschbrett ist absolut genial. Brauch ich auch noch! :o)
Und Deine Geschenke sind der Hammer! Ganz, ganz toll! Nochmal einen wonnigen Tag, hihi!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Julie--that washboard is completely amazing!!! And all this art by Dorthe, Suzi, and Anni-WOW!!! They are so completely talented and wonderful people with hearts of gold!!

Cindy Adkins said...

And Cecil is adorable!

Lovey said...

So many awesome gifts! Just beautiful!

Sandra said...

moah, das waschbrett sieht ja geil aus. ich wusste gar nicht, dass es die auch mit metallgestell gibt, ich kenne die nur mit holzbau. muss ich unbedingt mal ausschau nach halten :) liebe grüße, sandra

Rhonda said...

How did I miss this post? Beats me.
Your washboard is so shabby and sweet. You did a fabulous job with it. I love it.

Your gifts are so wonderful, too.

xo Rhonda