April 26, 2011

White Clothes Hangers and a Lovely Shade of Pink

I hope all of you had a lovely Easter. We had a quiet weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.
During a walk about two weeks ago, we picked up a bunch of wooden clothes hangers at the curbside. The trash collectors must have overlooked them the other day. Certainly good for me :-). We took them home and I gave them a shower. Then I painted the hangers white, sanded a bit paint off here and there and stamped some text and patterns on.

Painted and Stamped Clothes Hangers by Vintage with Laces

Painted and Stamped Clothes Hangers by Vintage with Laces

I use the ones with a bar to hold some wider laces. For now the job of the other ones is to just look nice :-). Maybe I find some pretty vintage clothes one day for them to present.

Painted and Stamped Clothes Hangers by Vintage with Laces 

 When I made guacamole last week, I remembered that Barbara over at Vintage Bunty had posted about dyeing with avocado skins. So instead of throwing the skins away, I looked again at her POST and followed her description. This is how my laces turned out. Some came out a little lighter than others but all have a lovely shade of pink with a beige undertone. 

Hand Dyed Lace by Vintage with Laces

I’m very happy with the results and will dye another batch when I make an avocado dish next time. I also love that no chemicals are necessary. Thank you, Barbara for posting about it!

Have a lovely week!



marie said...

Your hangers are wonderful...what a great idea! Your lace will look beautiful hanging on the one with the bar...I like that it says beautiful on that hanger!

I must try the avocado dying... your pieces have a wonderful color!

Emilie said...

So beautiful hangers.
I hope you find some pretty vintage clothes to hang on them...

And what beautiful laces! I did not know that you actually could dye with avocado skin. Thanks for the tip!

Greetings from FarfallaDK

Hearts Turned said...

What a wonderful ideas for those wooden hangers, Julia! I never would have thought of that--thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

I never knew you could dye with avacado skins--I usually have them on hand (being in California!), so I'll have to give that a try!

Hope you're having a lovely day, my friend!


June said...

Julia I've never heard of dying with avacado skins before. How awesome is that?!!! I will have to try that. I really love the colors that your's produced!!!
I LOVE what you did with those hangers too. I love to buy those old wooden hangers whenever I see them. I like them because the metal part of the hanger is usually rusty and I love anything rusty...well not everything.LOL! You sure made these lovely!!!!

I hope all is well with you and I think of you so often when I work on my collages with all my lace. I am very new to fabric collage, but I love it. I am making some things for my mother for Mother's Day that I think she will love. It is so difficult to decide what to get a mom who is 81, but I think these will delight her. You have certainly been an inspiration to me in this area.
sending hugs...

Linecas have said...

Hi Julia!
Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment about my kitty.
I have now spedt a good hour in your blog. Omg! I have added myself as a follower. Yoy are truly an inspiration. I feel all giggly and creative when I see all your pretty wonderful work. So wonderful. Dont know where to start to comment or to begin, so I wont. But surly you are a true inspiration. By the way, thanks for the tip on the avocado dying, never would have belived it would make such a gorgeous pink colur if I had not seen it. I must try that.
Big hug from Norway. :)


Lululiz said...

Those pinks are so delicious! I would have never thought that something as ugly as avocado skins could produce such a marvelous colour. I am so going to try it.
I love the treatment you have given the wooden coat hangers, very charming indeed.

My Creative House said...

Dear Julia wow your hangers are so beautifully made, love what you did on them, and the lace are fantastic, I've also tried it a while ago, the fabric I dyed is on my other blog, I really like how avacado skins colors fabric. Have a nice week sweet friend.
Kys og knus Anni

Rhonda said...

Very beautiful hangers you've created. I'm so in love with vintage hangers, I must admit.

And the avacado dying is amazing. I must try that one day.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Those hangers are adorable!
I'm in love with the pink lace too.


Robin said...

Those hangers sure are a great find! You have turned them into something absolutely lovely, and that lace is an incredibly beautiful shade of pink. I'm off to check out Barbara's post on avocado skins. Have a wonderful day.


Rebecca said...

What wonderful ideas, I can see I will have some garage sale shopping to do this summer. I love your blog, so many pretty things to feast my eyes on.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Julia,-
How wonderfull your hangers all ,are- looks beautiful, with the stamps--how did you manage to do it so perfect on the bow,I don`t know...
And the laces are beautiful, dear friend--I have tryed the avokado skin ,too- but mine were not that strong in the color....yours are fantastic--maybe mine were not ripe enough.What beauties are you going to make with this yummy laces ?
I wish you a lovely evening, dear Julia.
mange kys og knus -und liebe grüsse.

Bunty said...

Love the hangers Julia - I have some old wooden ones and I will have to try stamping on them.

Glad you tried the avocado dyeing - it works a treat and such a lovely shade of pink.


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I love vintage hangers. I have several of them! I am so glad you were able to rescue these and beautify them!!!

Have a wonderful week!!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

I love what you have done to the old wooden hangers, I have a few from years ago and love this idea.
I have never heard of dying with avocado skins and adore the pretty pink colour. On Caterina's blog I saw where she dyed her lace with lemon zinger tea and that came out a really pretty pale pink. Like it that there are not strong and nasty chemicals.

Happy week

Sandi said...

Lucky you to find those hangers! I love to paint and embellish hangers too...must get busy on mine now! Love the dyed lace too. Had no clue you could use avacodo skins for that. That is what I love about blogging...learn something new every day!!

LiLi M. said...

I love the old hangers too! I have collected some old ones with writing on them and last year at our queen's official birthday I bought some child size one to paint and stamp...but I still have to do it and our queen's official birthday is April 30th!!!
Your 'centimeter' makes a perfect bow, how do you do that?
I love the pink shades! Who would guess that is avocado? You did some fun and inspiring projects again Julia, please keep on the good work!
Hugs LiLi


Love how they turned out! I have some..somewhere..

Carole said...

Who would have thought that you would get pink out of avocados? Now I want to go right out and try it. Guess I'll wait until I have more time to play. I like the idea of using no chemicals too.

Love what you did with the hangers. Especially the ruler one with the curves......you are good!

Sounds like you had a great Easter too quiet but wonderful like we had.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I've been using avacado dye too, it makes such a pretty, vintage pink.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Julia,
your wooden hangers came out beautiful and the Lace is just gorgeous! It is such a beautiful shade of pink.Thanks for the tip.
Can't wait to see what you will do with it.Have a lovely day my friend.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Julia
Those wooden hangers have been given a new vintage look - lovely designs - what a great idea. The dyed lace is stunning and more importantly, to me, is that they have been dyed with a vegetable dye - how great is that. Yes I have seen this before and love it. Your laces will look stunning hanging on the hanger with the bar.
Hugs to you,

MiniBinoy said...

pretty hangers:)

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Hi Julia
Imagine those hangers in the trash. You were meant to find them to bring them to life again. Imagine such beautiful hangers in a wardrobe, I am drooling LOL.
The lace is the most gorgeous shade of pink - this is inspirational!
Have a lovely weekend.

smokeysmom said...

The wooden hangers? Now why didn't I think of that?! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing:) Hugs, Maggie

Martina said...

Eine super Idee mit den Kleiderbügeln mit großer Wirkung, liebe Julia und die pinkfarbene Spitze ist ein Traum.
Hab ein schönes WE meine Liebe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, pink from avocado skins? Who knew! Such lovely, muted shades!
Hugs, Diane

Tina said...

Hi Sweet Julia
Your hangers are so pretty. What a great idea to use one for your pretty lace. I had no idea that avocado skin would make pink! So beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.
xo Tina

Rostrose said...

Prust - ich bin hin und weg - Guacamole mit dekorativem Nebeneffekt! Niemals wäre ich auf die Idee gekommen, dass Avocadoschalen zartes Rosa erzeugen könnten! Wunderschön sehen die Spitzen aus, liebstige Julia - und die Kleiderbügel machen sich super mit der neuen Bestempelung!!!
Auch ich schick dir samt Schmusetigerchen die herzhaftesten Küschler und Büschler - alles Liebe, trau.mau

Marge said...

Oh, these clothes hangers are really lovely! Your post giwe us allways so much inspirations!!
I wish that May giwe you many beautiful moments!♥

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Beautiful hangers!

Anneke said...

wow, such a wonderful hangers, i get a lot of inspiratiuon from them.

Lisa said...

Hi Julia,
Love this idea with the hangers. I have a bunch in the garage just waiting for projects, think they need to go to work holding lace. I have heard the avacado thing from a few different people, I gotta try that. Great result.

Unknown said...

Cute hangers! I love your idea and have a few of my own that I may paint. Whether Hubby likes it or not. HA :) That would have been a great find here. Old hangers actually sell well at the flea markets.

Brianne said...

Hi, Julia. What a find, those hangers. You have such a flair at creating beauty with your craft! Thank you so much for the tip on the avocado skins. I didn't know and would have never suspected! I am itching to try this. I am currently dying with blackberries, because they are ripe in the wild right now and make a pretty purple/pink color. Such fun, creating. Peace. Brianne

Oxana said...

Such a beautiful creations!!!

Unknown said...

I found your blog from Karen DeCapite's pinning of your hanger pic! I LOVE they way they turned out - such a beautiful idea!
Have a wonderful day ~ Heidi

Charlene said...

GREAT hangers!!! You scored for sure. And I have heard of others using the avacados to dye things. GREAT COLOR!

Barbara Jean said...

I love the hangers. How did yo do the tape measure on that top one??

And, our avocados are green. Are your pink? Or is your guacamole different than ours??

Enjoying my stroll through some of you past posts.

barbara jean

peggy aplSEEDS said...

how wonderful to find some hangers and make them as lovely as these!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I love those gorgeous hangers! When I visit your blog there is always so many treasures to take in that I could sit all day looking! :)

d e l i g h t said...

Hello, just found your blog this morning and everything you make is so beautiful! I adore these hangers!

Veronica said...

What a fabulous idea!! Such a cute git these would make! Thanks for sharing. I'm off to pin these! (Love your blog- so I've joined!)

Annie said...

I've found your blog via another blog...you know how that goes. Your banner for your blog is awesome looking and those really grabbed my attention! I took me a bit, but I finally found your post about them. They are wonderful. Where I am at the moment has quite a bountiful supply of wooden hangers. Some have already been painted and sold at craft fairs, but there are still plenty left in their natural state. I can't wait to start adding stamped images on them. Thanks for this awesome inspiration.