January 31, 2010

Silver Sunday (5) - No Calories Today

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Happy Silver Sunday everyone!

Hopefully you are not buried under snow! Friday night we got about 10 more inches over here and the snow piles up very high at the curbsides. Besides there had been a nasty wind that had caused heavy snow drifts. Thankfully we were grocery shopping on Friday, so we could stay at home yesterday. Although it seems to be a lot of snow for us, I know that some of you live in areas that have even much more snow. I hope all of you will stay warm and won't have power outages!

Today I won't serve you food in my silver dishes but some of my favorite yummy goodies that have no calories and are free of cholestrol. I'm just thinking about your health here ... ;-).
These are things I like to collect and can hardly pass up on a flea market if the price is right.

You probably won't be surprised that I love laces. I don't know what it is about laces but they just make me happy and I use them a lot in all kinds of projects.

I have winded larger pieces onto clothes pins. Normally I keep those in a large glass as you can see in my blog banner but I also like how they look in the silver dish.

Pearls are another passion of mine. These are all faux but I don't mind.

May I introduce you to little Benjamin. I had received him as a present some years ago. He wanted to participate in Silver Sunday so badly. I told him that he would have to wear something silver and he agreed. Unfortunately no necklace fitted and he just didn't want to wear one of my silver rhinestone brooches. Who can blame him! Too much bling for a guy. Then I showed him a decanter label. He would have prefered a tag with his name but he finally let me put it around his neck. So let's just call him "Port" for today ;-). He is the button caretaker by the way.

The engraving on the label is very thin and not hard to see, not only on the picture but in real as well.

The nut dish has a sweet pattern and an engraved monogram.

I found a whole bunch of those metal numbered tags on the flea market last year.

Numbered plates and wooden spools are always a great find too.

What are YOUR favorite flea market finds?

Please hop over to our wonderful hostess Beth to see her Silver Sunday treasures and don't miss to visit all the other participants too!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


January 25, 2010


Welcome to the 4th annual
"One World One Heart"

Thank you so much for stopping your magic carpet at my place! I hope you had an exciting ride so far and have seen a lot of beautiful spots yet!

I decided to make a fabric collage as my giveaway for you. Not so long ago I couldn't have imagined to make such kind of a collage with uneven and frayed edges. I had been a traditional quilter for many years, always doing my best to sew straight lines and match points. When I didn't meet my demands, the seam ripper got some work to do. About two years ago I got hold of an issue of "Somerset Studio" and had been fascinated by mixed media and altered arts immediately. All of a sudden I was drawn to artwork that was so different from what I had adored for years. I started loving uneven shapes, frayed edges, stained fabrics etc. Now, don't get me wrong! I still love a neat traditional quilt but I do love the other kind also. Sewing my first intentionally uneven seam had been quite a challenge for me. It felt pretty weird. In the meanwhile I got used to it but I can still sew neat also :-). You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

If you like to win this collage, please leave a comment until February 14th (midnight, German time). This drawing is open to all bloggers around the world. I will draw and announce the winner on February 15th. Just make sure there is a way I can reach you if you win.

I would like to thank Lisa for creating and hosting this wonderful event!

Good luck and have a great ride on the magic carpet to your next stopover!


January 23, 2010

Silver Sunday (4) - Let's Go Out !

Welcome to Silver Sunday # 4!

 Would you be in the mood to go out tonight? Yes, you say? How about a visit to the theater to see Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest"? Well, then girls, dress up to the nines, brush your hair and put the pearls on!

Here is an opera glass for you to get a better view at the cute leading man ;-)


Some rhinestone buttons, accessories to dress up and a perfume bottle that has a silver cap, filled with a flowery scent

Pick one of the vintage Czech hat pins (which are unfortunately not silver) to match your favorite hat ...

... and off we go! Hopefully you will enjoy the play!
If you don't make it to the theater you can still rent the movie :-).

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Have a wonderful Sunday and please come back on Monday to check out my giveaway relating to the "One World One Heart" event!


January 17, 2010

Silver Sunday (3) - Breakfast Anyone ?

Good morning and Happy Silver Sunday! I thought I would make you breakfast today, so hopefully you bring a little appetite. I'm sure you have eaten healthy all week long and can allow yourself some bacon and eggs now. There is also homemade cherry and apricot jelly if you would rather have something sweet. Would you prefer coffee or tea? You can also have a fresh squeezed orange juice. How about some music? Just let me know what you would like to hear!  If you choose to have this breakfast in bed, I kindly point out that this will be at your own risk and I don't accept any complaints about toast crumbs in your bed ;-). Enjoy your breakfast!

For more Silver Sunday posts, please visit Beth and the other participants!


January 15, 2010

A Little Sewing Studio

It must be for about 10 years now that my dear friend Liz and I know each other. We first met at a regional quilter's gathering of a German online quilt group. Liz showed me a crab she had hand appliquéd. I was totally stunned by her gorgeous work. You wouldn't believe how tiny the crab legs were. Some weeks later Liz taught me how to appliqué and we are best friends ever since. She is the queen of appliqué and makes the most beautiful quilts. For the last two years I haven't done much quilting but a lot of mixed media and altered art projects. One of those had been a box, decorated with all kinds of sewing items. Liz had liked that box and I thought I would make something similar for her. So for Christmas I gave her this little sewing studio. Since she too loves pink I could do it in my favorite color:

In a miniature dollhouse shop I bought some small baskets, a sewing machine, scissors, a glass vase and a dress form because those were things I couldn't make myself. The base of the dress form had been a little bit too wide and so I replaced it by a thread spool.

The shelf had originally been a small shadow box itself. It had the perfect size, I just had to get rid of the roof and the molding, turn it and paint it white.


I had some tiny spools and thought it would be nice to have a spool holder. So I made one from a round wood chip, a little wooden stick, a bead and some toothpicks:

For this tiny pincusion I used a button as a base and I also made that little quilt journal:

Every quilter has at least one scrap basket, so here we go:


Liz also likes to embroider and therefore I filled a basket with floss bobbins. It had been quite a challenge to cut those tiny cardboard bobbins (1/4" width) and wind the floss around.

I added bolts and piles of fabric as well as ribbons and laces.

Liz had let me borrow this picture with a Cent she had taken to show the dimensions of the notions.

I had a lot of fun working on that sewing studio for Liz and I'm so glad that she loves it.

Have a great Friday and stay warm, dear friends!


January 10, 2010

Silver Sunday (2)

Welcome to the second
Silver Sunday
hosted by Beth over at Gypsy Fish Journal !

Today I will show you a couple of silver trays. Since I thought that the bare trays might not be too exciting for you to see, I added some decoration.

Hopefully you enjoyed my "tray-day". To see more of "Silver Sunday" please visit Beth and the other participants!

Have a relaxed Sunday!

January 03, 2010

Silver Sunday

Welcome to the first day of the Silver Sunday blogparty, hosted by Beth over at Gypsy Fish Journal ! Beth had the fabulous idea that we show our silver treasures to have some bling in January.

It was over 12 years ago during a vacation in New England when I suddenly developed a taste for decorative and/or useful silver items. I visited a lot of antique shops at beautiful route 6A on Cape Cod and there seemed to be lovely silver objects everywhere and I was attracted not only to the shine but also to intersting patterns and sometimes amazing workmanship. One of the first things I bought was an olive spoon (3rd from above). It is so delicate and exquisitely crafted. The cute cream ladle on top and the sugar spoon underneath had been recent flea market finds for only $ 1.50 each. The whipped cream ladle on the  bottom is used often when we have guests. I believe the spoon on the right side to be a petit fours server. On the detail picture you can see that it has a beautiful flower pattern.

I love scalloped shaped sugar spoons. When the handle is not so pretty they still can make a wonderful spoon pendant.

Although this sugar tong is lovely, I hardly use it because I just like "regular" sugar better than lump sugar. 

I didn't even know that there was a thing like a sardine server before I bought this one

I believe the one on the top and the 3rd to be sardine servers too but I could be wrong.

Isn't that a lovely pattern?

Nibbling a corn-on-the-cob can look a little bit more elegant with those corn hoIders, don't you think? The caviar spoon underneath had been found by hubby on the flea market last year. The silvering had been rubbed off but I find it still very pretty with the mother of pearl fish head. I have a thing for salt spoons because they are so tiny and cute with a length of about 2.5".

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my silverware!
Please hop over to Beth and take a look at her and the other participant's Silver Sunday posts!

Have a wonderful Sunday!