December 02, 2010


You don’t believe me?
Then please take a look at all these gifts and this picture doesn’t even show everything I have received!

OK, I admit, it wasn’t Santa who brought me a all these wonderful gifts but our mail lady, delivering a swap package from the sweet bear maker and mixed media artist
TINA from Denmark.

I can assure you though that unwrapping everything felt like Christmas.
Tina spoiled me big time with a beautiful papier mâché tussie mussie, a wall pocket, laces, frozen charlottes, sheet music, vintage bobbins and so much more. This is a gorgeous tag book, she had created with lots of laces and beautiful images.

 Isn’t this girl on a swing just cute? She went straight on the Christmas tree and makes such a wonderful ornament there along with some of Tina’s beautiful tags.

One of the tags I used to embellish a silver plated bell.

Besides the large frozen Charlotte there was this tiny one. Tina had also sent me a vintage cookie mold and a very pretty altered optometry lens.

I love this beautiful wall pocket Tina had made for me. For now I have included it in the Christmas decoration. After the holidays it will go into the studio to hold all kinds of ephemera.

Then there was this Danish lady for my collection of adopted ancestors, a vintage powder box, a heart ornament and vintage bobbins.

Receiving all those awesome gifts, wouldn’t you have felt like Christmas too?
Dear TINA, I can’t thank you enough!!! I love including your gifts in my Christmas decoration and will have lots of fun using the goodies :-).
Please visit Tina at her lovely blog TinyBear where she shows her sweet bears and her mixed media creations!
♥ – ♥ –♥
Here you can see my swap gifts for Tina. The middle picture shows a Santa wall hanging and then there are fabric ornaments, an embellished tin, paper trees, laces, buttons, vintage stencils with her initials and other things she can play with :-).

Next time I have to show you the wonderful advent calendar swap I had with my dear friend MARIE over at Lost Bird Studio. Receiving her 24 beautifully wrapped packages felt again like Christmas.
Here is the number 1 as a little sneak peak. Doesn’t it look very pretty?

advent calendar1

The snow outside is adding to the Christmas feeling. We got about 4” over the last days. If you have snow too, I wish you save travels and hope you stay warm.



Vintage Market Place said...

Oh what wonderful friends you have to send you such beautiful art.
These are all so special and yes, I would say Christmas came early with that package.
Your snow sounds beautiful, I miss feeling that part about Christmas.
Waiting for it to snow, living in the desert, somehow Christmas isn't the same.
Take care and enjoy that snow for me!

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Julia,
Such exquisite presents, yopu are a lucky girl!
Most of the UK is snow covered except here in the very south of Devon. We can feel those Arctic winds though.
Enjoy your gifts and stay warm.
Hugs, Angela.

Hearts Turned said...

Such beauty all around, Julia! What lovely gifts much inspiration!

Hope you're staying nice & cozy with all that snow! Here in California, it's just cold and pretty snow to set the mood!

Happy December!


Lululiz said...

Absolutely gorgeous swap gifts, every single little treasure is a piece of exquisite beauty. I hope Tina is going to post soon as well, because your mosaic of your gifts to her is so lovely, I can't wait to see them all properly.

Sunday Roses said..., liebe Julia, das ist ja ein dreifaches Weihnachten. Ein Teil schöner als das andere, ich krieg den Mund nicht mehr zu. Werde gleich mal auf dem schönen Blog vorbeischauen.
Ich hoffe, du versinkst nicht im Schnee? Bei uns ist es im Rahmen geblieben...schöner Puderzucker - aber kalt!
Liebe Grüße

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, Julia, well, I know others have been able to see the photos but all I see is a red X?!

Santa came early to my house too! The wonderful Margaret from the French Bear made me a little bear inside a stocking!

I'll check back later and see if your photos appear . . . .


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Oh how wonderful that Christmas came early for you!
I am like Marsha could only see two of the photos, so I will come back later to see if they have appeared.
What I saw, the tag book and the calender looked very beautiful.

Stay warm and Happy December to you, dear friend.

LiLi M. said...

I had to click the question marks to see the photos, maybe that helps others for the time being.

I love these Christmas presents! So inspiring! And I can see you both must have been thrilled! I did an advent calendar too for someone this year, it is so much fun making one! Enjoy your gifts sweet Julia, it is a great start of Christmas!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Thank you, LiLi M.! I clicked on the x and was able to see the photos!

What absolutely dreamy eye candy, Julia, you received!! So you!!!

I love the silver bell with the tag. Hmmmm, I may need to look for some bells, they would look nice as a Christmas decoration!

Have a wonderful week!


June said...

Julie you and Tina made the most beautiful swap! So many gorgeous things shared between you. Like you, Tina is a wonderful artist. I am always so amazed by what you create, and I love it when you share it here, so we can all see it.
Now I can hardly wait to see what you and Marie swapped.
big hug

June said...

Sorry, I misspelled Julia. I sometimes type too fast for my brain.

Dorthe said...

Hallo liebste, Julia--

Sieht ja, sert schõn auss
nur gipts keine photos ,wann ich deine blog offen mache...nur wann ich clickt wo es sein sollt?????dan koomt eine kleine photo..
Ich fAHRE zur~uck heute abend, und hoffe dass ich morgen fr~uh zu hause bin :)

Dann hõrst du von mir, s~usse.
Allerliebste gr~usse -k~usse und knus-knus

Tina said...

Hi Sweet Julia
I´m so happy you liked everything and I so enjoyed making it for you.
I´ve just decorated with all your pretty creations and I so love it all.
Can´t wait to see the advent swap you did with Marie. That sounds wonderful and such a great idea.
Wishing you a wonderful evening and I hope it won´t be too bad with the weather.
Big Hugs

Lisa said...

Well sweetie, you can see we all love you & Tina so much we're all fired up over only 2 pictures! But what I see I am in love with. You are 2 of my VERY FAVORITES. Very talented, & generous. Both of you. Show me more, fix those pics so I can really drool up a storm. Lisa

My Creative House said...

Julia so many wonderful things in your swap gift from Tina, must be like a Christmas adventure to pack all these treasures out, I clicked on the images and could see them all (although I could not see them when I opened your blog), have a nice weekend.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

HI Julia. I was unable to view all the photographs (a blip in the system?) but what I did see - stunning. Special gifts from the heart.
Have a lovely weekend. My town is a Winter Wonderland, so gorgeous.
Wishes. Lynne M x (I am having a Giveaway for my Blog's 1st anniversary, open until 12th December, if you want a chance of winning:)

Carole said...

Hi Sweet Julia,
Just had a chance to sit down and wanted to say Hi. For some silly reason my computer won't let your pics come up on this post. I'll be back later to drool.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Julia,
Santa was really good to you and Tina!So many beautiful treasures.
Love them all. Now I'm off to visit Tina.Have a lovely Sunday and stay warm.
Big hugs my friend,

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Wow! Everything is beautiful!

Alexandra said...

Wie du hast noch mehr bekommen??? :O Das ist ja wie Weihnachten und Geburtstag zusammen. Julia deine Schätze sind ein Traum!

Anonymous said...

for some reason all of the photos didn't load properly for me...must be my connection right now..I'll have to come back here to get a full look at things..because from what I can see of the photos that did load...

well, let me just put it to you this way!

lace....more drool!

thanks for your visit!
ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Marilyn said...

All of these are exquisite. Your needlework is wonderful.