November 11, 2010

Flea Market Treasures and the Best Find Ever

On the last couple of Sundays I found some great treasures at the flea market that I would like to share with you.

I have a thing for pudding molds and I was happy when I got those two for a song.

pudding molds

I also love enameled  items and therefore this chippy bottle came home with me.

enameled bottle

When hubby saw me carrying this bucket, he asked me what I want to use it for. I said “It’s so pretty, you know and it even has a lid”. I certainly knew that this was no answer to his question but since I didn’t have a plan what to do with it, I wanted to point out its qualities and gain some time to come up with an idea, lol. Hubby smiled at me, asked again and I told him that this bucket makes a great storage container because it has a lid :-).


A week later I spotted another cream colored bucket. No more questions from hubby. He just smiled. I’m wondering if this is the beginning of a bucket collection.

small bucket

White or cream colored ironstone is not easy to find over here and so my heart jumped for joy when I found this pitcher.


I was also excited about this cast-iron fleur de lys. It’s 12” high and I was happy that I found it at the first booth that day, so that the car was not far away and I didn’t have to carry this heavy thing for too long.

Fleur de Lys

Another cast-iron item that I had bought was a lovely door knocker. A box full of vintage swan ornaments was a great find as well.

door knocker 

These vintage silver cones and bells as well as the zinc bowl will be part of my Christmas decoration.

zinc bowl with ornaments

No clothes line will get winded around this vintage winder but laces :-). I also love the wooden spool and wish the dealer would have had more of those for sale.

clothes line winder

Isn’t that a sweet doll dress? All the embroideries and even the edges are done by hand.

doll dress

Transfer ware with red and green patterns can be found frequently over here. Brown is very rare though and I was lucky to find this sugar bowl and even luckier that it was only 75 cents.

sugar bowl

I wouldn’t say that I had always dreamed about a vintage rusty grain scoop but when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. I also couldn’t pass up the Christmas tree toppers and a bag of wide laces.

grain scoop

The best find ever hadn’t been found at the flea market but last year just outside the house though. Cecil had been a starving, straying cat with a very bad ear infection. He had scratched himself so intensively that the skin behind his ears was all gone. We took him to the vet, nursed him back to health and decided to keep him. He is the sweetest cat and very cuddly. We are so happy to have this cute little guy around.

Cecil checking out flea finds

I have started to work on Christmas decorations and enjoy this a lot. Especially Christmas trees are so much fun to make and some popped out of my studio into the living room already. What kind of Christmas projects are you working on, dear friends?