September 03, 2010

Laces and Other Flea Market Finds

For a lot of months I hadn’t found any laces at the weekly flea market and my stash was pretty reduced from using lots in my creations. Even dear hubby admitted that there was a lack of laces in my studio. When that happens, it must be true, right ;-)? So I was very happy when I found some beautiful laces lately and besides my lace addiction I had a real serious reason to buy them :-).

Aren’t they yummy?



Other things I can never pass up are mother of pearl buttons and wooden spools – at least when the price is right.

MOP buttons and spools

I had been watching out for such a vintage potato basket for quite some time and two weeks ago I was lucky to find one. The old grater had to come with me because of the decorative ornaments. I thought it could make a nice label holder for a cabinet door.

potato basket

Old scissors were among my latest flea market finds as well as those rusty hinges.

scissors and hinges

I came across this vintage typewriter some weeks ago. The typewriter ribbon is dried out.  As soon as I remember to buy a new one, I will not only use it as a decoration but also to type words and phrases for my collages.

type writer

type writer detail

I’m linking up with

KECIA’S Flea Market Friday

So if you like to look at more flea market finds, please just hop over to her blog!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends and if you go treasure hunting,





Vintage Market Place said...

Oh it is all so lush and beautiful
great finds and those scissors are a score. I always grab scissors when I can find them.
Have a great weekend

kecia deveney said...

happy friday!

i am digging that typewriter - such charm and character. it'd be cute for you to print out a word in the biggest size font (like "Welcome" or "ART") and then have it sit in the typewriter like you just typed it.

i also like that metal basket peeking out in one of your photos (it's holding goodies!)

thanks for playing!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, I am in heaven!! What absolute LOVELINESS, all of it!!!!


All Things Pretty... said...

Julia - love all your fabulous finds! I also purchased a similar typewriter a while back and have not had any luck finding ribbon -- let me know if you find a good source! Happy Friday :) mercedes

Lisa said...

I take it for granted that we have so much lace around here. I've heard from many of you girls across the river that it's slim pickin's. I just may have to put together a little care package. Love your treasures, especially the typewriter. I've been searching for one forever, they just always cost to much. Hope you have a great weekend! Lisa

LiLi M. said...

Love your finds as always!! Wooden spools are getting pricier and pricier over here, especially the 'big' ones. Love the lace, we're always short of lace, aren't we? ;-)
The basket is great too. And of course I love the typewriter. I bought a vintage one too and it surprised me how easy it was to buy a new ribbon. Who needs typewriter ribbon nowadays???
Great post, have a nice weekend!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Julia,
I'm happy you found some lace - looks so good.All your finds are fabulous! And the typewriter is to die for.TFS! Have a wonderful weekend with lots of fab. fleamarket finds!!!

Alexandra said...

Gut dass du so weit weg wohnst sonst würde ich vielleicht heute Nacht bei dir einbrechen und Spitze klauen ;) Schönes Wochenede Julia

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Tolle Schätze hast Du vom Flohmarkt. Ich liebe die Spitzen genauso sehr wie Du liebe Julia. Auf unserem Flohmarkt bekomme ich (leider ;-)) immer welche, so dass meine Schubladen immer gut gefüllt sind damit.
Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße,

My Creative House said...

Julia wonderful flea markets finds you have found, love the old typewriter and the old scissors and all these beautiful lace wow, I know you will do wonderful things out of it all. Have a nice weekend.

Carole said...

Oh girl I've missed your posts but you've made up with this fabulous one. I noticed a sweet bit of tinsel trim amongst your gorgeous laces...see I don't miss any details.
Can't wait to see what you do with that're so clever.

Hope the cooler weather has come your way!

marie said...

You found some wonderful lace during your flea marketing!! Lucky lace ~ all of it will be used perfectly!

I just wanted to tell you that your photographs are always so beautiful...your blog is just a delight to look at!

Have a blessed weekend!

Sue said...

Julia, you found some lovely goodies!! Love, love, love lace!

I miss our local flea much fun searching for (and finding) treasures like you did.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie,
love all the wonderfull goodies, you have found Julia,I see it is the same as here,--we don`t also find much lace, and no tapewriters at all !!!! it is gorgeus, and your other finds ,too.
So lovely to see you hereagain dear friend.
Hugs ,knus,kys,und liebe grusse,

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

All your finds are wonderful...but I am crazy for those scissors....oh my goodness....they are fantastic!!

Gypsy Fish said...

Rust, lace, wire! be still my heart...

Rhonda said...

Well, I am so behind in reading other's blogs, I'm so embarrassed.
Yours is simply beautiful, each picture is amazing.

I will not miss reading your blog ever again!

Love this lace - if I wouldn't look simply crazy, I'd roll around in mine...tee hee

Robyn said...

Julia, I am PLEASED AS PUNCH you visited me because then I was able to find you! YOur blog is a DELIGHT and I love LOVE your artful creations! You totally scored some very fabulous goodies at the flea market! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. The metal flower frogs are getting harder to find here as well. There are many glass ones, however! BTW, I'm your newest follower! YAY!

Celestial Charms said...

I'm in love with your vintage typewritter. Many years ago, I saw a beauty such as yours sitting on top of a garbage can...ready to be taken away. I was so tempted to rescue it, but sadly did not. I have kicked myself many times since. I must visit ebay to browse them.
Have a lovely weekend.

Hearts Turned said...

Just gorgeous finds, Julia--LOVE that typewriter!

Hope you're having a wonderful day...


Angela Richardson said...

Hi Julia,
Such lovely finds, I can find lace here but it is often very expensive.
Pop over to see me, I have a my first 'Giveaway' which has some bits of lace. It would be great to see you.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Jackpot Julia! Jackpot!!!!!
Girl, it's a good thing we aren't shopping together...we'd totally fight over everything we'd find ;)
Plus, when you get permission from the hubs to restock...that's always a good thing!!!!
I miss you :)
I hope you've been having lots of fun with your creations and swaps while I've been on the road. I can't wait to catch up with you :)))

Lynne Moncrieff said...

So many amazing finds, the typewriter, WOW. I would love to have one of those even just for decoration. TFS. Lynne M x

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

I am so happy for you that you got some perfect treasures when you went to the flea market.
I love all you got especially the beautiful laces, buttons, old cotton reels and the grater. Lucky lucky! I have my Mothers old Imperial typewriter.
thank you so much for your sweet words you wrote and inquiring about the earthquake here.
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

These are the best finds ever! Aged laces, buttons, metal things....the look perfect together in your photos. Now the fun begins!

Cristiana C said...

wonderful things on your blog!! I have a post with a vintage dress with lace, probably you could like!
We could be followers, what do you think?
tell me something!

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh so pretty! Love the eyelet lace so much. You always find such great things. Thanks for sharing and hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Shane Pollard said...

You're a great shopper Julia!!
All the things I'm always searching for here!
I'm in New Zealand and we don't have wonderful markets like you, so I mainly buy on-line which is expensive.
Take care

Leanne said...

potato baskets! I didn't even know there was such a thing. You mean I can store my potatoes in something than the plastic sack I buy them in? Sweet.

Also, the laces are indeed very pretty....

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

What fantastic vintage finds - love them all ~ thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Julia,du hast ja wieder tolle Sachen gefunden. Die Spitzen und Knöpfe sind einfach wunderbar. Schaniere kann man auch nie genug haben:-) Die alte Schreibmaschine ist echt genial! Ich habe auch so eine altes Teil, bei der das Farbband eingetrocknet ist. Ich bin bis jetzt noch nicht auf die Idee gekommen Wörter für meine Collagen darauf zu schreiben. Geniale Idee!

Tina said...

fabulous finds Julia - I love everything you have founds. The lace is so yummi and those old hinges are perfect.
Thanks for sharing.
have a wonderful week sweet friend.

Karen said...

Oh Julia. How awesome is that! HE NOTICED! Man - if my husband noticed I was running low on something - that's like giving me a green light to rush out and just BUY MORE! My problem has also been FINDING some.
And then I have this terrible problem with hoarding - I just cannot bear to use all the wonderful goodies I have been given, especially from you and Jodie. Sigh. It is a sickness I fear.
Love the typewriter. I use my Mom's old one. The ribbon is getting desperately dry . . . hard to find another one. Need to look on-line I guess.
Loved this post. LOVE those scissors and the grater!
Have a great day!
Big hugs! Karen

June said...

Hi Julia,
You and I have so much in common, as far as flea market finds we shop for. I would have bought every single beautiful thing you found here. I already know that what you create with them will be gorgeous!!!
I love the typewriter. I see many of these here at yard sales, but none as interesting as this and dare I call it pretty??? But it is, in all its vintageness.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It touched me deeply dearest friend.
hugs to you...

Joyti said...

What beautiful finds! Lucky you...

Anneke said...

so i see that i am not the only one who is addicted to lace.
wow, it,s beautiful and lucky you to find this on the flea market

Rostrose said...

Liebstige Julia, da hast du deinen Spitzenvorrat aber wirklich wieder spitzenmäßig aufgestockt - traumhaft schön, deine "Beute"! Und ebenfalls ganz hin und weg bin ich wegen der alten Schreibmaschine - so eine würde mir auch sehr, sehr gut gefallen (wobei ich natürlich mal wieder nicht wüßte, wohin damit... *ggg*)
Danke auch für dein liebes Daumendrücken zu unserem Buch: Die Sache mit dem Katzen-Diät-Kochbuch fand auch bei Mäx und Nina überhaupt keinen Anklang, da stimmen sie also voll und ganz mit deinem Cecil überein. Im Moment sind die beiden so richtig in der jede-Menge-Winterspeck-muss-rauf-Phase, liegt wohl an den derzeitigen Temperaturen...
Ich drück dich ganz lieb, und der Cecil wird auch geküschelt, -büschelt und von meinen Katzis gegrüßt! Auf bald, trau.mau

June said...

Julia I was so excited to see you in Romantic Homes this month!!! Wonderful for you. It was such a lovely feature.
Hugs to you...

Minna Perälä said...

Thank you for stopping by at my blog! I love your artwork!!! You are very very talented !!!! And I´ll begin to follow your beautigul blog immediatedly :)

Hugs, Minnamarika

Jacque said...

Hi friend ... Your blog is beautiful!
Your cat is very beautiful ... Cecil
Good week!

Excuse the way you write ... I do not speak English.



Robyn said...

Julia, I know I already commented to this post but I wanted to tell you again how much I LOVE the projects you have in your side bar! They are just DELIGHTFUL! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! ;-)

Diana said...

Your flea market finds are beautiful. I love the pictures you took of all your finds. I will be going to a flea market in Oct up in Sacramento Ca. I will be on the look out for laces and rusty hinges too. Love them.
Your blog is beautiful and inspiring.

Susan said...

Oh my, what treasures you found!! Love the blog. Susan

Jillayne said...

Beautiful finds Julia - love that lace! It looks like you found some pretty good treasures - I am a lover of mother of pearl buttons too but they are so expensive at the shops around here!

June said...

Ohhh wow what gorgeous lace and vintage goodies. I never seem to be able to find such things, you have such beautiful treasures
hugs June xxxx

Les Cotrions said...

What a beauty Julia! Your finds are wonderful and your photos are so charming! We'll have the flea market tomorrow...hope to find something interesting!
Happy week end!

starrynightimpressions said...

Whoohooo, I found your blog from the feature in Romantic homes mag. and I'm sooo thrilled.
I am an old lace and trims collector and lover too, love the look, the smell everything about it. Sometimes the sellers look at me funny when I want to buy their beat up falling apart lace, lol.
They don't realize that to me it's a treasure!
PS. Congrats on your being featured in such a wonderful magazine :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Sorry to have visited so late with the breaking news of your featured spot in Romantic Homes Magazine, I too was featured in the October issue 2010 right next to you, I loved being right there next to you we just blended and meshed together in harmony.

Love your inspiring post!
see you soon congrats girl, would have been over sooner, I have just been crazy busy :)
See you soon, keep on inspiring us all.

Ineke Original said...

Just love this!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Julia, You have a beautiful blog and I'm in love with that gorgeous bird collage!

Viola said...

Boah, vor Neid blass werde, hihi! Tolle Schätze hast Du ergattert! Ich warte auf kommenden Sonntag, da ist der Riesen-Trödelmarkt in Wuppertal! Da bekommt man wieder einen steifen Nacken, kicher! 2 km rechts hin und dann wieder 2 km links zurück. Da bekommt man echt nen`Haltungsschaden, lach! Schönen Montag, liebe Julia! :o)

Sue said...

Julie, what great items, and of course, I LOVE the lace!



Lovey said...

Such awesome goodies!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I always love looking at your gorgeous treasures you share here on your blog. The typewriter really tugs on my heartstrings. I have my Dad's that he was given at age 13 which is very similar. They are so awesome! :)

Griselda said...

Beautiful blog...great works of art. You are very inspiring.