September 20, 2010


Did you ever go on a mushroom foray? My dear husband and I did that last year for the first time. We went into the forest and picked a basket full, not really knowing what we had found. I had thought it would be easier to identify them with that very detailed book that we had with us, but some edible and poisoned mushrooms look pretty similar and we certainly didn’t want to take a risk here. We asked a friend, who is very knowledgeable about mushrooms, to look at our finds and she told us that none of them were poisoned but not very tasty either. So we decided not to prepare them.

Last week we didn’t go into the woods to pick mushrooms but to watch out for  a couple of nature items I could use as embellishments for a mushroom collage, like beechnuts and feathers.

Mushroom Collage - Vintage with Laces

During our excursion I also spotted an empty snail shell and some pine cones. A bit of the Spanish moss that my friend Jodie had sent me, was a great addition to my creation as well.

Mushroom Collage - Vintage with Laces

Mushroom Collage - Vintage with Laces

 The collage is now hanging  in our living room but for the photo shoot I took it outside and pinned it to a tree.

Mushroom Collage - Vintage with Laces

These mushrooms are not the only ones for my fall decoration. My friend Liz had sent me a basket, filled with beautiful fabric mushrooms she had made. Aren’t they adorable?

Fabric Mushrooms

Some of them were excited to meet a real one :-).

Fabric Mushrooms

Fabric Mushrooms

Fabric Mushrooms

Fabric Mushrooms

Fabric Mushrooms
The mushrooms went of course back into the living room after the photo shoot as well :-).

Some trees have started to become yellow over here and we even have the heater on already. There are still quite some tourists in town but it’s not as crowded anymore as in July and August. I love the clear crisp air in the mornings and enjoy those fall days much more than the summer heat.

I hope you enjoy this season too. Have a wonderful week, dear friends!



September 03, 2010

Laces and Other Flea Market Finds

For a lot of months I hadn’t found any laces at the weekly flea market and my stash was pretty reduced from using lots in my creations. Even dear hubby admitted that there was a lack of laces in my studio. When that happens, it must be true, right ;-)? So I was very happy when I found some beautiful laces lately and besides my lace addiction I had a real serious reason to buy them :-).

Aren’t they yummy?



Other things I can never pass up are mother of pearl buttons and wooden spools – at least when the price is right.

MOP buttons and spools

I had been watching out for such a vintage potato basket for quite some time and two weeks ago I was lucky to find one. The old grater had to come with me because of the decorative ornaments. I thought it could make a nice label holder for a cabinet door.

potato basket

Old scissors were among my latest flea market finds as well as those rusty hinges.

scissors and hinges

I came across this vintage typewriter some weeks ago. The typewriter ribbon is dried out.  As soon as I remember to buy a new one, I will not only use it as a decoration but also to type words and phrases for my collages.

type writer

type writer detail

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Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends and if you go treasure hunting,