July 08, 2010


As a quilter you mostly swap pieced, stitched or appliquéd quilt blocks, fabrics, sometimes embellishments but rarely something finished that you could put on your table or hang on your wall the moment you receive it. Only very few of  the quilt blocks I had swapped during my years of an enthusiastic quilter made it into a finished project. Often the blocks didn’t match too well or I had been busy working on other quilts. When they had laid around for months or years I often had lost interest in sewing them together because my taste of colors or style had changed by then.

When you swap with friends who love mixed media and altered arts, it is different. You do not only receive amazing treasures to use for your creations but also beautiful artwork to decorate your home or yourself with :-). The swaps with

KAREN of  ”Some Days are Diamonds”


JODIE of  “everything vintage”

had been no exception.

Today I show you pictures of my swap with Karen. At first the goodies that she had sent me.

A box decorated with lovely flowers

box detailsbox and ribbons

Pretty ribbons, laces, charms, jewelry pieces and buttons


paper tape and charms

A beautifully embellished notebook


with adorable pink vintage rhinestone buttons

detail notebook2 

detail notebook

I love embellished bottles and was very excited to see that Karen had made this cute pink one for me. The sweet wallpaper in the back and underneath the bottle had been a gift from Karen as well.


bottle detail

More pretty velvet ribbon, lace and a wonderful vintage French book

book and ribbon

Thank you, Karen! The box and the sand dollar are decorated on one of our living room window sills. Your pretty journal and the lovely bottle went onto my studio shelf.  All the other treasures are wonderful additions to my stash :-).

♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ - ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ - ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ - ♥ – ♥ – ♥ - ♥

This is what I made for Karen. She had sent me a couple of pictures of her Mom to use in one of the gifts and I decided to make a fabric book.

fabric book cover

fabric book1

fabric book2

fabric book3

On the left pages I had created pockets to put in some real pictures or maybe a letter or note written by Karen’s Mom.

collage fabric book

Then I made this heart for Karen. If you hadn’t known by know, I’m a lace addict. Here are more evidence to proof it, lol.



Stamped clothes pins and some of the embellishments, buttons, ephemera etc. I had sent

clothes pins

heart and goodies

Karen collects cups and saucers. I chose this demitasse because I thought she would like that cute size, the flower pattern and the gold. A name tag for her to wear maybe at the next art retreat.

cup and name tag

If you have never participated in a swap, I can only encourage you to do so. It’s not just the fun and excitement to receive a package from a swap partner. I also enjoy thinking about what to make, finding out what my swap partner might like and finally creating the gifts and putting the goodies together!

In my next post I will show you what I have swapped with JODIE.

Until then, have fun creating!




Sandy said...

Wow Julia, da hast Du wunderschöne Sachen bekommen und auch Deine Werke als Gegenleistung sind ein Traum. Wunderwunderschön.

Lululiz said...

What a stunning, totally fabulous swap! You both put together the most amazing treasures.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Julia, those are beautifull items. Real treasures.
Greetings, Johanna

My Creative House said...

What a wonderful swap Julia all these beautiful things you have recieved, and the fabric book you send to Karen, so beautiful and very personal with the images of her mother, lovely heart too.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!!!

I saw the journal over on Karen's blog, so beautiful!!!

I'd be totally inspired receiving such a gorgeous swap as the one you received and sent!


Sue said...

Both these swaps are sheer eye candy! Stunning items. Thank you Julie for sharing with us. Looking forward to seeing the treasure in the swap with Jodie.


Tina said...

what a wonderful swap. I love everything you reveived from Karen - the colors are some of my favorites and your package to her sooooo beautiful Julia. So sweet of you to create the beautiful book with the photos of her mother.
can´t wait to see your swap with Jodie - I´m sure it´ll be amazing
xo Tina

marie said...

Such beautiful swap items ~ both given and received!

The fabric book for Karen is wonderful. Certainly a future heirloom for her family!

Karen said...

Julia - I just love it all! And I hope you enjoy "playing" with everything I sent your way. This was just a "beyond" swap. Thank you for initing me!
Big hugs from So Cal USA! :) Karen

Beth Leintz said...

Oh my gosh- so pretty, every picture is full of inspiration- I love the look of the blues mixed with sepia and the patchwork lace book you made. Looks like an A+ trade!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I just love love LOVE that book you made...ALL THAT LACE! {sigh}
I just love your work Julia...you are sooooo above talented...I need to figure out a word that best describes you.
Let me think...
Just in case you are wondering...
it's a combination of:

I love the little box, bottle and book Karen made too!
I'll be posting about our swap soon too :)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Julia,
omg, what a wonderful swap.
Love all the treasures you received as well as the ones you send out! Your Lace book is to die for.Can't wait to see your swap with Jodie.Have a wonderful weekend
my friend.

Dorthe said...

Oh sweetest Julia,
what a dream swap, everything so beautifull,and romantic, all the lovely things Karen send you,-I love the turkoise tones, and the bottle in pink -the book,--a real gifts of love, and you dear Julia,are only to love,I for sure know that. The book you made Karen is the most beautifull piece of art,and lovely moments for Karen to remember.And,the heart is a little wonder of art.
Dear friend, this was a wonderfull way of starting my friday-seeing all this beauty, before leaving for my weekly -grosseinkauf- in Rønne,with my friend Solvejg.
Dickes umarmen, und kys og knus.

Les Cotrions said...

what a gorgeous swap Julia! Love your creations! Each detail is so beautiful a d special!
Enjoy a nice Summer week end!

Lisa said...

Karen's gift to you is lovely, it looks like she hit your style dead on. Great swap.
Your gifts to her just knocked me off the couch! I have gone over the post 3 times & zoomed in on each picture. I love the fabric book with the sweet pictures of her family. I wish you'd write a tutorial on how to do that. I know everyone would buy it! Your hearts too. You do such amazing work girl! We gotta talk soon! Lisa

Cassandra said...

oh wow oh wow! How very lovely! What you sent, and what you received are both so very stunning! :) Cassandra

zandra said...

What lovely goodies. And your book for Karen is fabulous!
Hugz, Z

Kateyed said...

That is the most incredible swap I have seen! What a talented group!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

What an amazing swap you had with Karen.
I love the gifts you gave to her and what she gave to you.
What lasting treasures you will be able to cherish.
You are both so very talented and thank you for showing us your lovely things.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Gaby Bee said...

WOW, tolle Sachen hast du bekommen. Das "note book" ist wunderschön und das alte französische Buch würde mir auch gefallen :-)
Das "fabric book" das du für Karen gemacht hast ist der Hammer. Da hast du dich wirklich selbst übertroffen. Wo findet man nur so geniale Spitze? Die kleinen Herzchen, Blümchen und Fächer...?
Ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

I am awestruck by the level of beauty in each and every item. The attention to detail, so much love. Thanks for sharing what you received. Then the fabric book you made using photos of her mum, that is such a very special gift. Everything is so precious. Lynne M x

June said...

Julia you are one lucky swap partner...as is Karen. WOW! I love the beautiful flowers on that box and yum,I love the velvet ribbon...and...and...and...Oh heck, I love every little bit of it.
The memory book you made for Karen is over the top gorgeous. What a wonderful thing to do for a friend. Your little lace heart is exactly what I love. For I am addicted to lace as well. I can't seem to get my hands on enough of it.
I would be way too self conscious to enter a swap. But I love seeing what all of you come up with to share. What artists you all are!
hugs to you from here!

Rostrose said...

Liebste spitzensüchtige Spitzenswapperin, das habt ihr BEIDE aber wunderwunderschön gemacht!!! Ja, ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass es dir mit solchen Swap-Partnern Spaß macht - euer Geschmack und Stil ist ähnlich, aber nicht ZUU ähnlich, eben eine Ergänzung, nicht austauschbar, sondern EIGEN-ART-ig ("eigen" im Sinne von speziell und originell, "Art" im Sinne von Kunst)! Wunderhübsch, was dir Karen geschickt hat - und ganz traumhaft schön & zauberhaft dieses Spitzenbuch mit Mutterbildern! Achgotterle, und das Herz mit dem nostalgischen Fotos sowie die gestempelten Wäscheklammern, die lassen mir sowieso das Herzerl aufgehen!
Dickes Hugserle an dich
und dem Cecil winke ich zurück und bestelle ihm außerdem einen lieben Katzengruß von Mäx und Nina! (Stell dir übrigens vor, da war ich vorhin auf dem Blog von Unikum-Eve zu Besuch, und was sehe ich da: Hat die doch tatsächlich meinen Maxwell fotografiert! Der muss dazu extra klammheimlich nach Klein-Gallien gereist sein!!!)
Bussal, trau.mau

Sugar Lump Studios said...

this post and artwork is AMAZING! every single piece has such wonderful detail and charm! I am so inspired and you create the most gorgeous things! :)

Debrina said...

What I love about swapping is the opportunity to learn something new not only about your swap buddy but also, if it's artwork, the inspiration and a type of packaged skill base that comes along with it. I have a friend in the States (as you know, I'm from New Zealand) who inspires me no end and constantly challenges me to work out how she created the thing she has gifted me or the technique she has used. And Julia - I have a huge apology to make. For ages now, I thought I had you on my Blogs I love list! Shame on me! I didn't! So, I've rectified that wee mistake right away! Love your blog! Love your work!
Debbie (Debrina)

Sea Gypsy said...

It is a treat to see these beautiful gifts! I have never participated in a swap, but I love the idea of surprise. I love the little crochet center of the flower on the heart and the book you made for Karen is just beautiful! I love it all! Gifts given and recieved.

The French Bear said...

You are so unbelievably generous and talented!!! Oh my goodness, I just saw all of the beautiful things you sent Jodie!!!! The brown velvet purse, that is exquisite!!!
I love the doll heads, love them!!!!! The lace and the Paris designs, you are soooooo inspiring my dear!!! I can tell both Jodie and Karen were over the moon with the wonderful swap gifts you sent!!!! You girls really out did yourselves!
Margaret B

The French Bear said...

Oops, I forgot to say how much I love the journal you made for Karen and all the lace....everything was just gorgeous!!!!
Margaret B

Sheila Rumney said...

I found you and your lovely blog through Jodie. So glad I did. Your work is magnificent! I'll be following!

Ineke Original said...

Perfect! I'm glad I did find you!
with love,

Boxwood Cottage said...

I totally lovre your lace hearts!!!

Viola said...

Du hast wieder ganz klasse Sachen bekommen Und Deine Werke sind wieder sooo toll! Einfach wunderschön, liebe Julia! :-)

Debby said...

Hi Julia, I am way behind in visiting my blogs but I love all the beautiful eye candy that you have happening here. So many beautiful things arrived to you from Karen, all of it gorgeous. You are so amazing, I totally love the package you put together for KAren and the journal is absolutely gorgeous, just so very precious.

The Sparkly Fairy said...

ooh what beautiful work. I love your matchboxes and lace hearts. Delicious!

CukiMuki said...

wow All those gifts are not just cute, are beautiful.