July 12, 2010

A Package From My Cajun Girlfriend

When I received the swap box from my sweet, funny, dear and so wonderfully crazy friend
I couldn’t help myself but just rip it off right away. I knew that everything would be just fabulous but it was much more than that.
THIS GIRL had spoiled me rotten with the most gorgeous things. Amongst others there were velvet flowers, vintage brooches, hand made tags and this rusted door back plate she had bought at the antique fair in Round Top/Texas.
door plate door plate1
A basket filled with the most YUMMY things
Gorgeous laces, millinery and vintage earrings
The softest velvet ribbons in delicious colors,  numbered tags and more earrings
A sweet lavender pillow with the scent of the Provence
lavender pillow
Another beautiful door back plate. JODIE had embellished this one with our initial :-)
pocket hanger detail
and it is part of  the gorgeous pocket wall hanger she had created for me
pocket hanger
Can you read the wonderful quote?
“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.”
Henry Ward Beecher
pocket hanger detail1
What would be more appropriate than using the pocket to keep my brushes in?
A zipper rose – another sweet detail
pocket hanger detail2 
An attached note had asked me to take out the pocket wall hanger carefully out of the package because it would hold something breakable.
Inside the pocket I found these salt shakers. Would you think that German glass glitter would be the hardest thing to find in Germany? It in fact is and so I was thrilled to see these three beautifully embellished bottles filled with glass glitter in yummy colors. Don’t they just look so PRETTY?
glass glitter
I was already over the moon with all those amazing treasures but there was more to come.
A small velvet sack. I was wondering what it would contain and found out that JODIE had created the most BEAUTIFUL necklace for me. I jumped for joy! Take a look at the vintage plate with a “J”! Jodie told me that she had bought it from a lady who assumed that those plates were either used as handle bars of old bicycles or maybe in old automobiles. Isn’t it such a cool idea to use it for a necklace? I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and had worn it several times in the meanwhile.
necklace detail
I thought I had reached the bottom of the box and had been more than overjoyed already when I discovered that there were even more gifts for me to unwrap.
When JODIE had posted about her trip to the “Petticoat and Parasols” art retreat in Savannah, there was one picture showing her wearing a pretty yellow hat. I had commented that I liked it, not knowing that the sweet girl immediately decided to send me the same hat. I LOVE the hat! It suits me very well and is such a great match with lots of my clothing. Since I’m a camera shy girl, you only get to see my mannequin wearing it, together with JODIE’s necklace  though :-).
hat and necklace
Vintage watch straps. What a cool find is that? I can imagine using them in collages and assemblages.
watch straps
  In this pretty sugar sprinkler you see something that is typical for the area where JODIE lives. I had no idea what Spanish moss is and learned that it is a plant that grows on large trees in humid regions like Louisiana.
spanish moss and watch straps 
Another gift from JODIE’s home was the "Louisiana Hometown Cookbook". Anyone in the mood for “Sweet & Sour Alligator”? I’ve eaten alligator once in Florida and it was very tasty. It’s almost impossible to find them in grocery stores over here though and therefore I will more likely go for recipes like “Cajun Chili”, “Charlie’s Chicken Jambalaya” or “Sweet Potato Casserole”. Yummy!
JODIE, Thank you so much for  all the wonderful treasures! I love each and everything and I love you too, girl!
Well, wasn’t that a most amazing package? I’m not even sure I really covered every single gift. There were so many and I was totally overwhelmed as you can imagine. I hope the swaps you are participating in are as wonderful as the ones I had the pleasure to be a part of.
I wish you a lovely Tuesday, dear friends!


Jessica Rodarte said...

Jodie is the sweetest! Such a pretty package! :)

Karen said...

Absolutely amazing!
But - you knew it would be coming from Jodie!
I can't wait to start cooking Girl! What shall we make first?
Hugs! Karen

The French Bear said...

Wonderful, but of course it would be, Jodie has an exceptional eye for detail!!!! Love all the swap things you all sent, next time I want to be in it!!!!
You girls do it up right!!!
Margaret B

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, my, I don't know where to begin!! What absolutely divine treasures! That wallhanger is awesome!!


Sheila Rumney said...

What an amazingly wonderful package of delightful goodies! Jodie sure spoiled you!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh Julia, what gorgeous items. I love that wall hanging. I just don't know where you girls find all this gorgeous stuff. I would be sitting playing with all of it over and over! Enjoy it!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Julia,

Oh dear lady you must be over the moon with such wonderful treasures.
I know I was holding my breath after each gorgeous item after the next!! What a lovely lady Jodie is to even send her Hat to you!! :D

Have a wonderful week!!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

What an absolutely amazing lot of gifts you received from our dear friend Jodie.
Wow! I knew that she would be sending you some great stuff, as she has only the best treasure.
It must have felt like Christmas.

Have a wonderful week

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Julia...
What I sent to you is only a "drop in the hat" compared to all of the BEAUTY you sent me girl!!!!
As I was writing my post yesterday, I was having fun all over again.
This swap with you and Karen was delightful and I appreciate being a part of it.
Thank you!!!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Julia,
what a beautiful package of treasures.You can feel the love
in every item Jodie send you.
Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day my friend.

carole brungar said...

You are soooo spoilt!!!

Lucky you :))

My Creative House said...

Julia all these wonderful treasures, you are very lucky to have received all these findings, I love especially the sugar sprinkler and salt shakers, they are so pretty. Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Hi Julia. That Jodie is just a doll isn't she! That swap box deserves 5 stars and an apple pie. What pretty fun things. And everyone of them had a sweet and special detail. I know you'll enjoy it all.

Hugs...Tracy :)

P.S. My giveaway ends tonight. I hope you can come by and enter.

Dorthe said...

meine güte---this is overwhelming,so many ,many wonderfull things Jody send you.
The necklace is stunning, and the wall hang so wonderfull,too.
And all the beauty you can create ,with the goodies you recieved will be amazing.
Dear Julia, such gifts of love, what a treasure chest.
Ich wünsche dir eine schöner tag liebe- --viel zu heiss hier--wohl auch beim dir?
Ich schreibe dir abend liebste freund.
Alles liebe, grosser knus, und kys.kys.

Tina said...

oh - what a great swap you two have done. So much pretty stuff. You lucky gal Julia.
LOVE the necklace Jodie made for you and the pocket wall hanger is so amazing too.
Also loved everything you send to her.
Wishing you a wonderful day
xoxo Tina

Anonymous said...

Jodie loves you so much girl! Well, we all do. Those gifts were over the top cool. I happen to know for a fact that she has been working on this swap for at least 4 months, that's a lot of thought & planning.
I loved the pocket hanger & what an appropriate quote. That necklace....AWESOME! I've never heard of initials for bikes, but I don't doubt it.
But of all the things my sweet little Cajun put together for you, the one things that showed her love the most was....Glitter~~~~~~~~~ Did you know that stuff is like Kryptonite to her! She won't usually go near it, breaks out in a rash. LOL She must really love you!
What a great swap you guys did, if I hadn't done swaps with you both already I'd be super jealous. Oh, & Julia, please stop giving all your stuff away! There is no way you have anymore doll heads & one day, maybe for my birthday hint hint, I may want one. Lisa

PS Go read Jodies post to see how I drooled over your stuff!

Lisa said...

That anonymous comment is ME! I don't know why blogger has turned on me like this! I didn't do anything to him! Lisa Marie from Tarnished & Tattered!

Les Cotrions said...

Lucky Julia! Wonderful gifts you received! Your friends is very talented! I just adore the rusted door plate!!!
Enjoy yor gift and a nice Wednesday,Julia!

Sue said...

Julia, you must have had so much fun opening this fabulous package. What terrific items and all of them have so much thought behind them. The pocket wall hanging and the necklace that Jodie made you are amazing! True gifts from the heart.

You are lucky to have such a friend (and she obviously feels just as lucky and blessed to have you as a friend).

Thank you for sharing with us.



Sugar Lump Studios said...

you received some gorgeous treasures! So many beautiful things to cherish! thanks for sharing!

June said...

Julia the way you artists bless each other is so heartwarming. I just was over at Ann's at the tin rabbit and saw what Lisa sent her and was so taken aback, and then to come her and see Jodie's beautiful gift to you. How wonderful that you received such a beautiful swap! Everything is so you and I know that what you create with them will just blow me away!!!

Carole said...

Oh my you hit the mother lode. To see such lovelies one after another is just too much to take in all at once...i'm going to have to go back and look at it all over again.
That wall pocket makes the one I made my friend look like a rag: haha!
Words can not describe how beautiful it all is. Takes my breath away.
Wonderful that they sent you the exact things they knew you'd love.

Precious friends for sure!!!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh I just love your blog!
Thank you for sharing!
Please visit me at my new blog:
Have a good night~

Ineke Original said...

Wow! This is fantastic!
greetings from Holland,

Lorraine said...

I drop in look, drool, feel all cheered up and leave :)

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Oh my word!!! Talk about amazing. I am awestruck by the pure beauty that each item holds. Beyond gorgeous. Lynne M

Alexandra said...

Bohhrrr was ist das denn für ein geiles Päckchen gewesen. Hattest du Geburtstag :O ?

... ähmmm wo soll ich das Schnittmuster hinschicken :D ?

Schönes sonniges Wochenende wünsche ich dir.

l.G. Alexandra

Boxwood Cottage said...

Phwoar!!! This is unbelievable awesome!
I don't know where to start really I thought that you had spoiled Jodi so much but seeing what she sent you I must say she spoiled you just as much! That shows that you really like eachother very much! Love that pretty lace hat she sent you and the necklace and the salt shakers and that f....... fabulous wall hanging WOW! And I could do with one of these watch straps right now because mine just fell apart this morning. Must have been the heat that has killed it.
And the spanish moss is so great for creating bird nests and such. I saw that hanging from trees in the south of the US, but know it only from pictures. Well what a lucky swap that was, no wonder one becomes addicted isn't it?
I'm so looking forward to our swap!:)
xoxo~ Carola

Viola said...

Boah, ich bin absolut sprachlos, liebe Julia! Was für traumhaft schöne Sachen!! Beneidenswert!

Wünsche Dir ebenfalls ein ganz tolles WE! Viele Liebe Grüße, Viola

Rostrose said...

Ach du liebe Zeit, Julia! Ich wollte dir auch gerade schreiben, wie sprachlos ich bin, aber jetzt bin ich vor allem mal völlig abgelenkt vom süßsauren Alligator *ggg* Wir sind ja vor ein paar Jahren in New Orleans gewesen, aber diese Delikatesse hat man uns dort vorenthalten! (Dafür durften wir im rahmen einer Swamp-Tour einen Mini-Gator streicheln :o)) Ich denke mal, mit Hühnerfleisch lässt sich das aber durchaus auch managen - der Geschmack soll ja nicht so unähnlich sein. Do jetzt aber zu den Schätzen: WOWWOWWOW! Es macht mich immer wieder fassungslos, was da an traumhaften Dingen hin- und hergeht! Ich zähl jetzt icht auf, was mir alles gefällt, da bin ich morgen noch nicht fertig - aber als Rostrose muss ich dir natürlich sagen, dass meine Favoriten die beiden rostigen Beschläge sind. Vor allem in Kombination mit zarter Spitze :o) Dank dir auch ganz lieb für deine süßen Zeilen auf meinem Blog & sorry, dass ich erst jetzt zu dir auf "Gegenbesuch" gekommen bin! Fast eine Woche ist vergangen, seit ich das letzte Mal intensiver in der Bloggerwelt unterwegs war. Es ist so schrecklich heiß und es ist dzt. so viel Anderes & Wichtiges & Zeitaufwendiges zu erledigen. Aber ich denk fest an dich und schick dir herzhafteste Hugserle - und dem Cecilius natürlich auch :o)

The Tin Rabbit said...

What a beautiful package from Jodie, every little detail is perfect! Enjoy~

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, that Jodie is such a special and sweet friend. I adore everything she sent you. Love the wall hanging, the hat, the beautiful necklace, everything is amazing. But isn't the glitter so darned special. What a beautiful swap.

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Julia! Was für ein Post! Man weiß ja überhaupt nicht, wohin man zu erst und zuletzt schauen soll. So eine Masse an traumhaften Dingen. Hatte ja einige Zeit wenig Zeit für den Blog und nun finde ich bei Dir drei so wunderschöne Posts.Auch Deine letzten Swaps sind einfach nur wundervoll. Besonders angetan haben es mir die tollen Spitzen-Collagen mit den Fotos. Und natürlich die Herzen.
Hier gibt es immer eine Menge traumhafter Dinge zu sehen bei Dir.
Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne neue Sommerwoche.
Viele liebe Grüße

Unknown said...

I'm so envying you right now. Jodie is the sweetest thing. I just love her.

Blessings...Tracy :)