June 16, 2010

An Amazing Story and a Little Teaser

You might think that I had been lazy for the last weeks but I've been pretty busy actually. I've worked on several swap items for 2 swaps but I can't reveal everything yet. So for now, just a litte teaser for my dear friend JODIE over at everything vintage :

Then I would like to share an amazing story with you that happened to me last year. Even though I think that coincidences can happen, this story must be something else because there were too many single incidences that led to something really amazing. I guess the odds for it are less than winning a lottery jackpot and thinking about it still gives me goosebumps.

It all started on a sunny Sunday last May. You probably know what I love to do on sunny Sundays. Yes, I like to go to a flea market. On that Sunday there hadn't been one in the nearer vicinity and so we decided to drive to one that was in a town about an hour away. It was the first time ever that we went there. I found some pearl necklaces, a box filled with numbered tags and a few other things. When we left, we saw a sign that announced another flea market a few miles away. Of course we had to take a look there as well. Again I found a few nice things but nothing really spectacular. When I came back to the car, I saw hubby standing there, leafing through an album. As soon as he saw me approaching he hid it in a plastic bag and told me that this would be my anniversary gift. Even though I was curious, I was willing to wait the few days. Hubby in contrast can hardly ever wait to give me a gift and so some minutes later he gave me the album. He is so cute! It was filled with over 20 beautiful postcards of women and couples. Hubby told me that he had bought it from a women (not a dealer) who had baby clothes and toys for sale and the album had been the only vintage thing on her table. He had almost missed it, especially since the album itself hadn't been neat or antique at all. I loved all the pretty postcards and had been very happy about this wonderful gift. All the cards had been adressed to a guy in Luxembourg, sent out to him not only national but also from Belgium, Germany and France. There is nothing amazing so far, I know, but the story isn't completed yet. Please stay with me for the second part.

About two months later I had the sudden need for a vintage postcard of the Eiffel Tower. That was the first time ever I looked for one and I found one I liked in an auction and watched it. Then I checked out the seller's other auctions and there was a lot of 30 vintage postcards. They were hard to find for someone who was looking for such postcards because they were placed in a wrong category. Only a few of the postcards were shown and so I didn't really know what to expect. I placed a very low bid, so that I wouldn't be too disappointed in case I would win and the other postcards would be ugly. Some days later I had won not only the Eiffel Tower card but as well the lot and I got it for a song. I couldn't believe my luck when the postcards arrived and were even very pretty. When I turned the first one over to see who had been the receiver of the card, I froze and just couldn't believe my eyes. It was the SAME guy from Luxembourg who had received all the postcards my hubby had bought for me. Actually most of the cards were adressed to that guy.

Now, how amazing ist that?

It wouldn't have happened,

- if the weather had been bad that one Sunday in May or if there had been a flea market in our area
- if hubby had missed that booth
- if I hadn't looked for a postcard of the Eiffel Tower at that time in July
- if I hadn't checked out the seller's other auctions
- if the guy had put the cards in the right category because then I probably wouldn't have won the auction

As you can see, it had been highly unlikely that those two piles of postcards, once owned by the same guy, sold by different sellers about 90 years after they had been sent out, would end up in my studio but it happenend :-).

Have a wonderful day, evening or night, dear friends, depending on where you are located! I'll be back soon to reveal more of the wonderful swaps I had participated in.

Hugs to you,


Outofmymind said...

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor. I bet He got a good chuckle over your expression!

marie said...

Wow ~ that IS an amazing story! It was absolutely just meant to be!
Whatever it is that you're sending Jodie, she will love it I'm sure!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

WHAT are the odds Julia????
Wow that's an awesome story. The only thing I can think of is that YOU were meant to have all of his postcards for safe keeping. Now I'm really curious as I would be doing some serious history on this guy and trying to find out what I could about him...there is a special connection between the two of you!!!! ooooh, I feel some goosebumps coming on here! ;)

What a sight for poor-tired-from-working eyes! My teaser is LOVELY! Which of course, I knew it would be no less!!! I just can't wait to tear open that box...those little teasers of lace and trims are just soooo beautiful...did you make the little roses? Did you stamp that muslin? And that guilded trim!!!! I love it!!!! See...I'm already asking you a million questions and I'm so excited!!! I love the colors Julia...all of this is SO ME! I'm going back and look at everything again :))))

Let me know if you decide to look up the history on this guy...I'm telling you...there's a connection and reason for everything! :)

Unknown said...

wow..that's just about the coolest story ever! those postcards were just meant to be in your hands my friend! How very nice for you! thanks for sharing!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Kismet!! You meant to have them ALL!!!

Ohhhh, what a tease!!! Was this for the Petite Inspiration Box swap? Your partners are so LUCKY!!!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Julia,
That's an amazing story. The odds of that ever happening are really great. The stars must have aligned and pointed to you!


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. Like the others have said....it was meant to be, you were meant to have those postcards. You really should do some research on ancestry.com about the man. If you haven't done any research on that site you'll be amazed at what you can find out. Keep us posted!
Your sneak peek of Jodie's gift is beautiful!

Leanne said...

Awesome! So are there more than just addresses? I wonder if you could piece a story together?

That is just so cool.

Debby said...

Hi Jodie, This is the most amazing story. I believe things happen for a reason and you were certainly meant to have the collection. I love reading about your husband buying such an awesome gift for you and not being able to wait to give it too you..hehehe..

I also love the peek into your gorgeous package for Jodie, she will love it. So many beautiful goodies in there.


BellaRosa said...

Julia amor, I have missed visiting you :) and I know I owe you an email...I will get to it as soon as I can, I promise :) Oh, I love, this story!! It is so special!! They truly were meant to be yours! Thank you amor for all your thoughts and prayers for our daughter and us...amor...I can't tell you how much they have meant to us all! Besos & huge hugs! Rose

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i enjoyed this wonderful story! and the lovely teaser!

June said...

I love stories like this Julia. For some reason they were meant to be yours...I have to wonder why. I also love the fact that your husband was so sweet to purchase the original album for you...what a dear man.
Jodie will be thrilled with her goods, of that I'm sure.
hugs to you from here!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Julia,
what a wonderful story and the teaser is gorgeous.Jodie will be so happy. Can't wait to see more.
Havee a wonderful day my friend.

Sue said...

Loved this story! You were meant to be the guardian of these postcards.

Your 'teaser' pic looks incredibly interesting, and beautiful!


LiLi M. said...

This really is an amazing story! If you would write a book you wouldn't make this story up, naaaaah you would say, that is too much coincidence, such things never occur in real life. But real life always is more amazing than made up stories! Love to see more postcards. A flea market find always gets far more appreciated if there is a great story to it, don't you think? Have a lovely day, hugs LiLi

Angela Richardson said...

Your story of the postcards made me shiver it's so amazing.
Jodie is a lucky lady to have you as a swap partner, can'y wait for the big 'reveal'.
Thanks for popping over to visit me at the Mouse House and for leaving such lovely comments.

Les Cotrions said...

What a beautiful and amazing story Julia! Life is truly strange sometimes! Coincidences??? May be or may be not...anyway what happened to you is really strange!!!

Pamela Kellogg said...

An amazing story Julia! I very much enjoyed it and yes, that is so weird!
But very cool! And those are indeed some beautiful post cards! Can't wait to see your swap items!


Dorthe said...

Dearest sweetest,Julia,
They were certainly meant to be yours, can`t be anything else, how realy strange, and like a hello, from past times and that Louxenbourg fellow!!
Speak about more between earth and sky............
Liebe , deine -teaser- für Jodie, sieht grandios aus, schöne sepia tonen, materialen und deine wunderbare blumen- freue mir so sehr dass alles zu sehen wann es bein Jodie ist.
Viele liebe küsse und knus und grüsse.

Lisa said...

Wow, Julia!! What an amazing story. I call that a God thing. You were meant to have all of those cards because you would love them so much. Someone upstairs, gave them to you to be the guardian over them & create beautiful things with the memory of them. It's only 6am here so forgive me for being freaky in this comment, but that is how I think about these things.
Now about your swap with Jodie..... I know that girl is going to lose her mind when she gets your package, just like I did. Your collage is so beautiful, did I tell you it hangs next to Jodies?? And also Ann's & Dawn's. All of my biggest inspirations on one wall! I can't wait to see Jodie next week & hear all about the swap. I know all about yours too, hee hee. You'll freak!!!!!!!!! Lisa

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Good to have you back! Thank you for sharing that story, how incredible. The postcards are so sweet and I look forward to seeing what you create. As for the teaser, you are sneaky allowing such a tiny peek at your artwork - I eagerly await the complete photos, please don't wait too long! Lynne M

Rostrose said...

Aaaaaah, ein Genuss! Welch eine besondere, süße, unter der Haut prickelnde Story, Julia, und die Postkarten sind ja sowieso einfach ein Traum! Ich für meinen Teil würde jetzt ja noch einen Schritt weiter gehen und meinen nächsten Urlaub ... ja richtig, in Luxemburg verbringen. Mir mal ansehen, wo & wie dieser Mann, der offenbar sehr beliebt war oder einfach sehr gerne Postkarten bekam, so gelebt hat. Herauszufinden versuchen, ob das Schicksal oder der Zufall vielleicht NOCH was Interessantes für mich parat hat... ;o) Seufz,um deinen Göttergatten bzw. um seine Neigung, dir solche Dinge zu schenken (und sie noch dazu gleich rauszurücken *ggg*), beneide ich dich ein wenig - meiner kann mit solchen Dingen nämlich leider garnix anfangen und käme daher auch nie auf die Idee. Aber zum Glück hat er ja andere gute Seiten :o)
Ich schick dir viele extra-herzhaftige Drückerchen und dem Cecil softige Katzenpfötchenknuddler!
Hugserle, trau.mau
PS: Danke, dass du mir zutraust, die 97 zu erreichen. Ich streb das ernsthaft an! Was das Hüftkreisen betrifft - bis dahin lass ich einfach die Hängehaut schwabbeln und die Knochen klappern, das geht dann auch als Shimmy-Ersatz durch ;o)

virginiasvignettes said...

Hi Julia!...This is a Fantastic story!...It leaves me wanting more,like Jodie mentioned,it would be cool to know more about this gentleman.~~~~Maybe it was destiny that you received all his postcards to preserve his memory through your beautiful art?....oooh chills...And love the swap teaser!...Can't wait to see!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

What a wonderful story and so glad that you got to rescue all these lovely postcards. It must have meant to be.
I love what you are making for Jodie, and how lucky she will be receiving all these gorgeous lace and treasures.

Have a happy weekend

Gaby Bee said...

Hi Julia, was für eine wunderbare Story. Ich liebe Flohmärkte. Leider wird man nicht immer fündig:-(
Du hast aber diesmal wohl ein echtes Schnäppchen gemacht bzw. dein Mann. Die Postkarten sind wirklich genial! Was wirst du damit machen? Ich bin schon ganz gespannt!

Carole said...

It was just meant to be. I wonder if you could do some research of the man and see what ever became of him....might be fun to find out.

I knew you hadn't been lazy but really busy with projects to tempt us and drool over. Hope your summer is going well so far.
Thanks for stopping by when I was a bad blogger!!! lol
I always enjoy hearing from you.
take care,

Boxwood Cottage said...

An amazing coincidence indeed and a lovely story dear Julia!
Oh and that sneak peek for Jodie is asolutely beautiful!
Are you not participating in the WBC party today then? I was hoping to see more of your creative space!
Talk again soon, I must run now to see all the party posts!
xoxo~ Carola

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Hallo liebe Julia,
das ist ja eine ganz und gar erstaunliche Story. Da muss doch irgendeiner seine Finger im Spiel haben.... Ich schließe mich Traude an und wäre auch neugierig, mehr über diesen Mann zu erfahren. Ich finde es auch total zauberhaft von Deinem GG, Dich mit solchen tollen Dingen zu beschenken. Aber beklagen will ich mich nicht. Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich mal eine ganze Kiste Stempel "unter Beobachtung", die mein Mann dann einfach ersteigert hat. Große Freude.
Ich wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Sonntag. Viele liebe Grüße

Lisa said...

What a wonderful story! Now I'm off to stalk the rest of your blog. :)

One Shabby Old House said...

Wow...I think had I been you I might have run out and bought a lotto ticket as well..lol
I just found your blog. I love everything I see. You are a very talented lady and really inspired me to do something will all the lace I have been collecting. So thank you for sharing.

Sandi said...

Oh my goodness. It was just meant to be. I was just telling hubby today of my finds and I told him that I know that God loves to give us the desires of our hearts.
Those postcards are GORGEOUS and I love your blog!! I will be back!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What an amazing story! Your post card collection is amazing! Wishing you a Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

aw that is sweet...to think that the cards are reunited in your possession!

take care of them, they are treasures for sure!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Rostrose said...

Hallöchen, du Liebe! Kicher, nein, ich hab nix beim "Karussellschwein" gekauft... auch nicht im Courthouse... Ich hab einfach nur die Ladenfronten genossen und mir folgendes Mantra vorgesagt: Mein Koffer ist gerammelt voll, unser Haus ist gerammelt voll, wir wollen uns ja auch noch was Anderes ansehen etc. In Dunster hat das allerdings dann nicht mehr funktioniert, da hab ich dann doch zugeschlagen. Aber nur ein bisserl, sehr dezent. Mein Mann behauptet zwar, wir Frauen wären erst an einem Ort gewesen, wenn wir dort was gekauft haben - aber ich denke, er kriegt nur einfach nicht mit, wievieles ich mir im Lauf des Lebens schon NICHT gekauft habe ;o)
Ganz liebe Küschelbüschelchen an dich und den "haarigen, kleinen, nimmersatten Schlumpf*",
Busserl, trau.mau
*)Ich nehme an, damit ist Cecil gemeint - und nicht derjenige, der dir beim Bildergucken über die Schulter schaute ;o)
Humpf! ****
Duck und weg!