May 22, 2010

Beach Memories

Before we moved to the coast, I often decorated with shells, starfishes, sand and so on. It made me feel like being on a lovely vacation a little bit. Since we live in a small town right on the Baltic Sea, my only maritime decoration had been a wooden seagull. Seeing all the shells etc. being decorated in so many stores here in town just took the excitement about it pretty much away.

Last year I found a vintage picture at a flea market that showed 4 girls who seemed to have had some fun on the beach during a vacation. I'm sure those girls did some beachcombing and took some shells and maybe a piece of driftwood back home to remind them of the wonderful time they had together. That photo and the thoughts I had about it, inspired me to make this fabric collage and get out some pieces of my shell collection again .

♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥

I had been the lucky winner of Yvonne's beautifully embellished matchbox. It came in this lovely bag and was filled with all those wonderful goodies. When you visit Yvonne's blog you will see more of her gorgeous artwork. She loves to use laces for her creations - just like me :-). 
 Thank you, dear Yvonne for those sweet gifts!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends! We'll hit the flea market tomorrow to get rid of some stuff we don't need or want anymore. I'm pretty sure though that I'll bring home some new finds to fill the holes, lol. If you plan to go treasure hunting as well, have a lot of fun and good luck!


May 05, 2010

Drooling and Swooning over a Package

Yesterday I received dear LISA'S swap package. The volcano erruption had caused quite a delay and I had been waiting in great anticipation for a while. After unpacking the gifts I can tell you that it would have been worth waiting even much longer. I'm still totally over the moon and when you see all the treasures you will know why:

I'm so in LOVE with this gorgeous box

Isn't it sweet how LISA had incorporated my blog name on that pocket at the inside of the lid?

My favorite numbers and letters, a lovely tin and great ancestors to adopt

Lisa had spoiled me with one of her stunning bottles

Look at that beautiful glas stopper

and the lovely details

Yummy laces and ribbons had been in the box as well as

some of LISA'S fabulous resin charms

She enclosed scrabble tiles which spell "Julia" and "Vintage" - how thoughtful!

Then there was this pretty photo album page, a sweet card and the wonderful soft pink velvet ribbon. LISA had bought the ribbon when she shopped together with JODIE in Jodie's favorite shop in Louisiana.

After I had taken the pictures I sat in front of the coffee table and looked at all the treasures again and again and again. Can you blame me?

THANK YOU, dear LISA for making me so HAPPY!!!

A lot of you probably know already that Lisa has openend up a wonderful blogshop where you can buy Lisa's beautiful artwork as well as great supplies and lovely inspiration kits. For those of you who don't know her shop yet, please visit her here:

If you would please excuse me now. I'm off to the coffee table to look at the all the goodies again :-).

Have a great day, dear friends near and far!