April 17, 2010

Yummy Cakes, a Fabric Cone and a little Teaser

Yesterday was my dear (blogless) friend Katrin's birthday and I went over to her for coffee and cake. She must have spent hours in the kitchen baking and all four cakes she had made looked very mouth-watering. Some weeks ago Katrin had told me about a Swedish orange cake she would make for her birthday. I had that on my mind all day yesterday and so I had to start with a piece of that one. It was very yummy with a creamy filling, pieces of oranges and whipped cream and marmalde on top. Then I decided on a piece of a chocolate-hazelnut cake, topped with whipped cream and a little bit of egg liqueur. That one was also very lucious. I know I should have taken pictures but then you would be drooling even more by now ;-).

Of course I didn't come empty handed. My gift for Katrin was a cone that I had made from fabrics and laces and filled with some goodies.

I had been looking through a vintage book by Pearl S. Buck for a text passage that would talk to me and found this:

Now you can take a spontaneous, wild guess what I had put into this box:

Yes, you guessed right :-)! I chose one of my favorite vintage pearl necklaces for Katrin to wear or to decorate with.

Now a little teaser for my dear friend LISA. We have sent each other a swap package this week and hope that it won't take too long until the postmen will bring us the goodies. Of course I can't reveal everything yet but here is a little foretaste:

After so many cold and rainy weekends, it's finally supposed to be sunny tomorrow and I will hit the flea market. Maybe I can find some wonderful junk of which of course I never have enough ;-).

Have a lovely weekend! If you also have plans to go thrifting I wish you a lot of fun and great deals!



Tina said...

Beautiful cone Julia and the teaser for Lisa looks so beautiful - can´t wait to see it all. I´m sure you´ll receive something stunning from her too.
~ Tina

Unknown said...

all so very lovely julia! the cone is gorgeous and the "teaser" pictures of your swap treasures for Lisa are just bee-you-tee-full!!

Sandy said...

Wow Julia das ist wunderschön.
Fantastisches Werk. Ich kann nur schwärmen.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Julia,
What a lovely gift that you made for your friend. And, I would die for those lovely pearls.


BellaRosa said...

Julia amor, what a beautiful cone you made for your friend, I bet she loved everything you gifted her! LOL I can just imagine Lisa drooling over your teaser pictures of her gifts...probably about as pretty a picture as me drooling over those cakes you got to eat lol probably a good thing you didn't get any pictures...because since I gave up sugar....I more than likely would have liked the screen LOL :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend hunting for treasures...have fun sweet friend! Besos, Rose

ps..Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes for my mama, we had to reschedule for today...after the dentist pulling that molar...she looked like a beautiful chipmunk, and wasn't really thinking of her cake :) Today I am hoping will be much, much better :)

BellaRosa said...

That was supposed to be licked the screen...lack of sugar makes me not spell right...or think lol besos, Rose

Lululiz said...

My word, you made me drool with your talk of those delicious cakes! I am still salivating, lol.
The cone is so pretty, and what a gorgeous necklace to find inside!

Karen said...

Oh JULIA! How could you possibly do that to us! You described the most mouth watering, luscious, yummy cakes and then DO NOT POST A PICTURE? (shaking my head here - and DYIN' too! Now I'm hungry!) :)
Love the tussie mussie. And the necklace is GORGEOUS! I'm sure she just about fell out of her chair when she opened that! How wonderful!
Ewwww . . loved the little teaser collage . . . very fun!
Now - get off the computer and go to a FLea Market!!!!
:) Have a wonderful time!
Hugs! Karen

Gillian .... said...

Oh my .... how divine is this fabric cone, truly gorgeous, what a wonderful gift to give your friend.

shana said...


Thank you for the warm welcome on my new blog. I love your header photo. Enjoy your weekend.

Dorthe said...

Liebe Julia,
your cone for your friend, is so beautifull, and the words you found ,to follow the gift inside,makes it so perfect all together--not to speak of the pearls,what a wonderfull birthday gift to recieve,sweetie.
And I`m sure Lisa now can`t wait to recieve her packet from you--so much beauty, so many treasures, you let us see,---without showing anything, realy.........you are surely teasing.
Lisa does your heart beat, strongly??? Mine would .....
Thanks for so beautifull photoes to see,Julia.
Love and hugs
liebe und kys.

Kim Dellow said...

Oh my goodness this is wonderful! Just love it. Kim

Debbie Demmers said...

Pearl Buck is a great author and a good place to go to find an inspiring quote or two, or three or four... Your cone is beautiful and I am sure made Katrin feel very special...deb

June said...

Oh I bet Katrin was in love with that beautiful cone. I'd say that was a fair trade for the yummy cake! She loved the pearls I'm sure!
I love seeing all the great things that you guys create for one another in your swaps. I know Lisa will be thrilled with her goodies and you with hers.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

Love the gift you gave to Katrin and what a very happy birthday she must have had.
Those cakes sound delightful and I am sure if you showed us, would make us all feel hungry.
Love the sneak peek at Lisa's gift ~ she will be thrilled.
Have a wonderful weekend and much luck at the flea market.


Cynthia K. said...

Hi there! Exquisite cone!!! I adore it - and also the magnificent pearls - they take my breath away. Sigh...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Anonymous said...

Deine Spitztüte ist wunderschön geworden, Julia.Da wird sich Deine Freundin aber gefreut haben! Wünsche Dir heute viel Spaß auf dem Flohmarkt. Hier ist auch traumhaftes Wetter. Ganz liebe Grüße, Viola

Claudia said...

The cone is so beautiful! I love your creations.


Unknown said...

What lucky friends and swap partners you have. I am so jealous. Your creations are gorgeous!!!

Debby said...

I love the beautiful cone you made for your friend and the cakes sound so yummy!!! Lucky Lisa, your little teaser looks amazing.

The Rustic Victorian said...

How beautiful the cone and mosaic is Julia, scrumptious!

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Was für ein traumhaft schönes Geschenk! So romantisch-nostalgisch. Kathrin wird sich unheimlich darüber gefreut haben. Einfach gelungen liebe Julia.
Schöne neue Woche wünsche ich Dir.
Liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets! Super cute cone! I luv the saying on it! I will have to keep an eye open for that book!! Big hugs


Lisa said...

Now I think we're friends right? So when I comment you know I'm being truthfull...well, I just gotta say something about the cone. LOVE IT!!!!! I've seen so many cones lately, lots of cones. But girl, that is the COOLEST cone ever. Looks like a sock on it? I'll be your friend flipped out. I woulda. Now I see how you want to play....go visit mine! Lisa

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Julia,
what a gorgeous cone - your friend must have been speechless.ooooh,and the pearls just beautiful.Your teaser looks wonderful too.Hope you found some treasures.Have a great day.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Julia, Thank You for your birthday gretting today. I had a great time. And the cones look great..Julian

Unknown said...

Julia, Oh how lovely!
You have inspired me to get my old laces out & get to work.
Thank you!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Unknown said...

The gift you made for your friend is so lovely...I'm sure she felt very special to receive it!!! And boy do those cakes sounds good!!!

:) T

LiLi M. said...

That cone is stunning! Yes we had some lovely spring days over here too. Hope it stays that way for a while (at least!). But when the weather is nice, there is less time to blog. That is why I'm late up here. Love the pearl necklace too and I cannot wait to see your swap to Lisa and I bet she feels the same way!
Have a lovely and sunny week!

Susan deGeneres said...

Dear Julia,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm pretty new to blogland and you are my first international visitor. I love your art and will visit often. Like everyone, I can't wait to see your swap to Lisa.

Debra@CommonGround said...

The birthday cakes sound so delicious, and I just love the cone you made for her, and how wonderful...filled with pearls. What a treat!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Beautiful cone...

Les Cotrions said...

Mmm Julia! The cakes your friend made must be delicious!!!! You made such a pretty gift for her and in your faboulous style!!! Have you found something intereseting at the flea market???
Big hugs!

Anne Lorys said...

Your cone is just perfection!
Wow, so lovely. :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Sweet Julia!
I'm just coming up for air!!! ;)
Seriously though, I'm about to hit the hay as I'm flying out tomorrow morning for Savannah ~ finally! And...I wanted you to know that I would not leave without telling you good-bye and that I'll be thinking of you as Karen and I hit the stores!!! ;)

As for the test blog, I still can't get it either. Have no idea why :(

AND as for Lisa...she has NEVER shut up since she got your package!!!! hahahahaha SHE ADORES IT JULIA! She called my cell, called my house, left me voice mails...she was so excited when she was opening it! Then, even after 24 hours later, here we are on the phone again about it. You totally rock girl, I can't wait to come home from Savannah to play with our one on one! I have it started...I'm so excited!

I just LOVE the cone you made for Katrin!!!! Girl...your work is fantabulous. You have no idea! Katrin is lucky to have such a sweet and generous friend like you who would give up her favorite pearls, especially ones with a little bling on them. Me? uh-uh...I don't care how much I love ya! hahahaha just kidding!
Her gift was beautiful and from the heart :)

Well goodnight girl and good-bye for now.
Have a good week, hope you find some goodies, and Karen and I will be thinking of you ALL weekend!

Angela Richardson said...

I've just found a kindred spirit who loves lace, I can't resist it and love using it in my work. So glad to find you through Rustic Victorian. I'll be following you from now on.
Keep smiling,

{oc cottage} said...

Your blog header is FABULOUS!!!!!

m ^..^

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Just signed on as a new follower. The swap you did with Lisa was awesome. You really have the gift of detail. Just love your creations. Looking forward to stopping by often. I'm meeting Lisa for lunch tomorrow and I'm sure she will still be on a high from her great gift.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Julia...just came from Lisa's and I had to tell you what a wonderful treasure trove of goodies you sent her. I loved the packaging. You always do such lovely work!
Hope your week is going well.

Rostrose said...

Hallo, liebe Julia,
dank dir riesig für deine lieben Zeilen auf meinem Blog! Aber zunächst mal – Wahnsinn – die Torte deiner Freundin klingt ja extrem lecker (und ist wohl auch extrem „schlankmachend“, ähem ;o)). Und dein Geschenk ist superschön und so liebevoll gestaltet! Der Vorgeschmack auf das Lisa-Geschenk wiederum, der hätte wirklich toll zu meinem vorangegangenen Posting gepasst, auch hier hat sich eine Vogelschar versammelt :o)
Jaa, und jetzt zu Eyjafjallajökull, dem Schlingel (hihi, deine Wortbestätigung hätt ich übrigens gern gesehen!). Also ich will dir jetzt ja noch nicht alles verraten, das wird so nach und nach in meinem Blog klommen, nur so viel, dass es uns in den vier Tagen gut gegangen ist (die 25 Heimreisestunden per Bus waren allerdings nicht so bequem…) Also keine Flugplatz-Warterei, zum Glück, und ja, ich war natürlich auch ein bisschen auf Flohmärkten und in netten Läden unterwegs - und ich bekam dank der „Urlaubsverlängerung“ sogar noch ein bisschen mehr Gelegenheit zu shoppen :o)
Liebstige Hugserle an dich und Cecil, trau.mau

Unknown said...

hi julia..thank you for your sweet comments on my WW post. That planter is a "Pottery Barn" special my friend. glad you liked it! :)Oh..and..i read lisa's blog post about YOUR swap treasures..they are stunning! sigh...:)

thecafecat said...



karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I had to come by after seeing what you sent to Lisa. What great stuff!!!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

For some time I have spied art cones and telling myself I must make one this year. Now seeing your amazing cone I know I must at least give it a bash although I could never possibly create something so beautiful. Lynne M