April 22, 2010

Lots of Birds and some Flea Market Finds

After LISA has received my swap package, I now can reveal what I had sent her. She had given me a couple of themes to choose from and I went for the birds. I made a fabric collage for her using a lovely image that DAWN had shared a while ago.

Fabric collage with vintage bird image

Fabric collage with vintage bird image

Fabric collage with vintage bird image

Fabric collage detail

Fabric collage detail

A name tag had been in my mind and this is what I came up with:

Fabric name tag

I added some goodies for Lisa to use in her beautiful artwork:

Vintage finds

Vintage finds

Enameled number

I enclosed a tag

Bird Tag

and wrapped everything up, using my bird stamps to decorate the envelopes.

Gift bag made from old book pages

 Gift Wrapping with Bird Theme
I very much enjoyed working around the bird theme. Of course I will show you what Lisa has sent me as soon as the package arrives.
When I came home from the flea market on Sunday, hubby was outside and saw me coming. "You look happy, so you must have found some goodies" he said. YES, I did! Besides, the weather had been gorgeous and the temperatures mild, so it had been a perfect morning.
These are my finds:
I had wanted such an old large pair of scissors for a quite a while.

You might wonder what this funny looking thing is and why I had bought it. It's a heating spiral of a vintage bowl-fire and it said it want to come home with me to become a part of an assemblage. Well, I have a vague idea already how to use it but I have to work on some more swaps first.

This fish stamp had once been used for nature history education in school classes.
 What treasures did you find on your last thrift-shopping-tour?


April 17, 2010

Yummy Cakes, a Fabric Cone and a little Teaser

Yesterday was my dear (blogless) friend Katrin's birthday and I went over to her for coffee and cake. She must have spent hours in the kitchen baking and all four cakes she had made looked very mouth-watering. Some weeks ago Katrin had told me about a Swedish orange cake she would make for her birthday. I had that on my mind all day yesterday and so I had to start with a piece of that one. It was very yummy with a creamy filling, pieces of oranges and whipped cream and marmalde on top. Then I decided on a piece of a chocolate-hazelnut cake, topped with whipped cream and a little bit of egg liqueur. That one was also very lucious. I know I should have taken pictures but then you would be drooling even more by now ;-).

Of course I didn't come empty handed. My gift for Katrin was a cone that I had made from fabrics and laces and filled with some goodies.

I had been looking through a vintage book by Pearl S. Buck for a text passage that would talk to me and found this:

Now you can take a spontaneous, wild guess what I had put into this box:

Yes, you guessed right :-)! I chose one of my favorite vintage pearl necklaces for Katrin to wear or to decorate with.

Now a little teaser for my dear friend LISA. We have sent each other a swap package this week and hope that it won't take too long until the postmen will bring us the goodies. Of course I can't reveal everything yet but here is a little foretaste:

After so many cold and rainy weekends, it's finally supposed to be sunny tomorrow and I will hit the flea market. Maybe I can find some wonderful junk of which of course I never have enough ;-).

Have a lovely weekend! If you also have plans to go thrifting I wish you a lot of fun and great deals!


April 04, 2010


Even though I had started pretty early on my Easter decoration, it didn't get finished this year. After I had arranged swaps with three wonderful blogging friends, I enjoyed more working on things for the girls then to get my decoration done. I had been so excited that those sweet girls agreed to swap with me, that I wanted to start working right away on the ideas that had popped into my mind. Therefore I can show you only a little bit of Easter decoration.

You might remember Santa's Helper, Mr. Bunny. He now returned to his original profession.



That's his wife, Mrs. Bunny. She was a flea market find of last year and they fell in love immediately. See the earring? That had been a Christmas gift from her sweet husband. Lucky girl!




Finally some large decoupaged papier maché eggs. I didn't really find a lovely way to display them together.

Have a very Happy Easter with your loved ones, dear friends! I wish you a wonderful and sunny day!


April 01, 2010

Sweet gifts from a sweet friend

In my last post I had shown you some Easter surprise gifts that I had sent out to my dear friend DORTHE in Denmark. I hadn't expected a gift in return but sweet Dorthe mailed me a package too.

I could have looked at those pretty packages for a lot longer if I hadn't been too excited to find out what was inside.

If you know Dorthe and her blog Den Lille Lade, you also know that she makes the most beautiful dolls and angels. Could it be that there is one inside one of those packages? I can tell you, that I had been one very lucky girl when I unwrapped those lovely gifts. Dorthe had really sent me one of her gorgeous angels and spoiled me with some other wonderful goodies as well.

Isn't the angel just beautiful? Look at her stole and the lovely heart!

Doesn't she have the sweetest face?

Dorthe had also sent me this pretty collage

The saying on the back is wonderful, don't you think?

I also received these two pretty tags from Dorthe

I was so very happy and totally touched. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dearest Dorthe for all those precious gifts! The most precious one is your friendship though!

Right now, Dorthe celebrates her 100th follower and gives you the chance to win this beautiful doll:

If you like to win, please hop over to her blog and leave her a comment!

When I started blogging about 7 months ago, I didn't have the foggiest notion that it would be so much joy and that it would lead to such wonderful friendships. Isn't the world of blogging just an amazing place? I'm thankful to be here with you!

Hugs to all of you, dear friends,