February 25, 2010

Some Lovely Packages

I had been very lucky to win 4 OWOH giveaways and another one that also had been drawn on the same day. Two of the gifts have arrived already. One of them came from DORTHE over at Den Lille Lade. Dorthe is a very sweet friend who owns a little shop in Denmark. Besides a lot of other beautiful things, she creates the most gorgeous dolls, faries and angels. You can see a variety on her lovely blog. My prize was this wonderful snowgirl

The pictures don't do her justice, she is even more beautiful in real life. Dorthe had added a surprise for  me and that was this lovely little Marie collage on a hanger

Just adorable, don't you think? Thank you so much for those beautiful gifts, dear Dorthe !

The second package came from Sweden. I had won a giveaway from JEANETTE over at Pysselpalatset. If your Swedish is as bad as mine, you might like to make use of the Google translater, she has on her sidebar. The translation might come out a bit funny but you will get the meaning. Jeanette did such a wonderful job wrapping the gift that it was almost too pretty to open. ALMOST ;-)!

I'm glad that the postal service had handled it with care and nothing was ripped off. Jeanette had sent me a lovely book made from handmade paper, some beautiful cards and as an extra those cute little molds and the wonderful seashell.

Everything is very pretty and I already have some ideas for the molds. They would not only make a great base for pincushions but also could be used as egg cups for some decorative Easter eggs. Thank you very much for all the lovely wins, dear Jeanette !

I guess someone is hungry over here. Cecil makes funny noises and tries to motivate one of the "can openers" by speeding from the living room into the kitchen ... :-)

Have a great day, evening or night, depending on where you are!



Debby said...

Such beautiful treasures, good for you.

Lululiz said...

Ah, you were the very lucky lady who won Dorthe's gorgeous gift in the OWOH. I was so hoping it was going to be me. I love her work.
And the second gift, lovely lovely things, you must be so pleased.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

FOUR give aways Julia? Really, FIVE give aways Julia??? No wonder I only won one, hmpf! just kidding!!!
These creations are beautiful. All of them as I can't say which is my favorite...I love them ALL.
Maybe it's a good thing you live all the way in Germany. If they would come up missing, you'd be mad at me!

Rostrose said...

Oh Julia, das sind wirklich wunderschöne Preise - voller Poesie und sehr, sehr inspirierend!!! Ich gratuliere dir herzlich dazu!
Ach knuddel doch bitte mal den süßen (hoffentlich jetzt satten) Cecil von mir! Und ich möchte dir unbedingt auch noch für deine lieben "Kur-Zeilen" danken, ich hab mich riesig darüber gefreut!!! :o)
Drück dich ganz lieb, Traude

Sunday Roses said...

...na, dann brauchst du an meiner Verlosung gar nicht mehr teilzunehmen....lach...bei den tollen Gewinnen!
Liebe Grüße

Dorthe said...

Liebe Julia,

Ich danke dir für deiner schöner wörter über deine Preis, freue mir sehr, dass in deiner wohnung zu sehen.
Und gratuliere dir mit die andere schöne Preis, auch.
Hoffe dass alles beim dir gut geht? liebe freund.
Wünsche dir ,guter nacht, schlaff wohl, und bis morgen.
Viele liebe grüsse, Dorthe

LiLi M. said...

Ah you have been spoiled! I love your prizes. That snowgirl is really wonderful and the journals too. You will have a lot to write LOL!

Viola said...

Wie toll! Da hast Du wirklich wunderschöne Sachen bekommen, Julia! :-)

June said...

Julia I am so glad that you received such beautiful wins. Everything is lovely. The little snowgirl and Marie collage are amazing. Your gifts from Jeanette are lovely and how pretty was that package?!

vintage wil said...

What a gorgeous work!! everything is so lovely!!!!

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Da hast Du ja Traumpost bekommen, liebe Julia. Ich denke, Deine Freude darüber ist wirklich sehr groß. Die Karten sind total bezaubernd.
Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

Liebe Grüße

Lisa said...

Oh you lucky girl. I enter every darn give away out there & never win. You hit the blogland lottery! I happen to be lucky enough to own one of Dorthe's amazing angels, she sits in my studio & inspires me everyday. Yours is wonderful. Lisa

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Julia,

I am so happy that you won such beautiful gifts, and yes, that parcel is almost too pretty to open.
Love all the wonderful gifts, the snowangel, Marie Antoinette hanger and the gorgeous journal.

Have a happy weekend

Les Cotrions said...

Waw Julie! You have been very lucky too! Gorgeous gifts you won!
I'm waiting for Jeanette gift too...hoping in the postal service!!
Happy week end!

Andrea said...

Just so pretty!

Carole said...

I know these gifts have found a lovely person to go to. You yourself have given away beautiful creations of your own.

My kitties have their own little feed me routines too...so funny!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Julia, congrats on all the goodies, love hearing about Cecil. Cats are so darn smart! Have a great week. come by my blog for a give-back I'm having.

marie said...

Hi Julia,
You received some lovely items. The collage on the tiny hanger is very sweet!
I received a wonderful package in the mail today! It was from you. All I can say right now is OH MY GOODNESS!! The collage is so much more beautiful in person and I love the beautiful red treasures you included. I will be doing a post about your kindness soon.
Enjoy all the goodies you receive!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You lucky gal! Such fabulous fun items you have received. And still more to come. Wonderful! Wishing you a week of blessings, Tammy

BellaRosa said...

Julia amor, what lovely gifts you won...I believe you deserved them all and more :) I missed seeing your posts...I guess I am not the only one taking a break :) But I wanted you to know, I think of you dear friend :) Besos, Rose