November 25, 2009

A Snowman Makeover

DH knows me very well and always watches out for embellishments I could use in my art or items I could alter. When we go to a flea market we usually seperate after a few minutes because he is through with looking much faster than me. Since I like to check out every box of laces, photographs and knickknack I need a lot more time. DH is a real sweetheart and waits patiently in the car reading a magazine or a newspaper. When I come back he often has a little gift for me and some weeks ago he surprised me with a snowman advent calendar to alter.


After having the traditional Christmas colors red, green and gold for some years and red and white for the last two years, I decided to go for white, cream and silver in the living room this year. The snowman should get a matching makeover. I took off his nose and the wooden knobs of the little drawers and painted him. Well, then I changed his gender and the snowman became a snowgirl ... Sorry, dear snowman but girls just can be dressed up more fancy!


I glued sheet music onto the hat and added a velvet ribbon, a feather and a rhinestone button.

Instead of a scarf I gave her a lace collar to wear around her neck. From a vintage book I cut out the required numbers and adhered them onto the snowflakes which I attached to the drawers.

The original nose was a flat piece of wood and I didn't want to use that. I checked out my stash for anything that would make a nice nose but couldn't come up with anything that would look like one. A while ago I had bought a package of silver angel hair which I didn't like very much because it was stiff and not shiny. I played around with it and formed a nose shape. It didn't look so bad but it still wasn't the perfect nose. When DH came into my studio to see what I had been up to, I asked him if he would have any idea. He looked at the angel hair nose and said "Why don't you just solder it a little bit?". That's what I did and I love the result.

Isn't she a cutie?

When you are wondering what happened to drawer number 6 (the one in the hat), I replaced it with the lace pouch because snowgirl liked that better.

I have been working on a couple more Christmas projects and will show them to you soon. Till then I wish you a lot of fun with your Christmas decoration!