September 23, 2009

Fall Decoration

Since orange is just not my color, I was very happy when I found some cream colored pumpkins at last Sunday's fleamarket for my fall decoration. I put them into my favorite bowl together with some vintage finds and a couple of roses that I had made from an old sewing pattern. The alarm clock perfectly matched the bowl color and the lovely picture which had been my favorite find of the week before, made a wonderful addition.

Weekend Treasures

The weather had been very pleasant on Sunday and so we had a wonderful time at the fleamarket. I found a crown which had been a belt buckle once, a lovely cup, that nicely shaped spoon and a silver wedding headdress with matching pin.

The vintage Christmas ornaments also had to come home with me, as well as the shoe tree and the alarm clock. Normally I would take the clock apart to use the body as a frame or for an assemblage and the parts as embellishments, but this one will stay "alive" because of its wonderful turquoise shabby color and the lovely clock face.

DH found this beautiful coat rack. It is totally rusted and needs some steel brush treatment before I can start painting it. Instead of replacing the mirror that had been in the oval once, I think I will create something onto a piece of wood that will add to the romantic look of the piece.

Fabric Collage

I start my blogging life with showing you a fabric collage on canvas that I had created for Sandy's birthday.