June 12, 2016

No Happy End

Only one week after I introduced you to Finn, the terrier mix we recently rescued, we had to put him to sleep. It started with little twitches in his left front leg. Two days later those had turned into severe cramps that compressed his whole body. Finn was in awful pain and cried heartbreakingly. It was a neurological disease and the vets said that there is no cure. We are very sad that we had to let him go but at least we could give him a loving home for some weeks. He was a cute and friendly little guy who had won our hearts in a short time. He made us laugh every day and we enjoyed having him around.

We miss you. Farewell, sweet Finn!

June 03, 2016

The Snail Siblings and their Stepbrother

Over the last few years I’ve taken apart several alarm clocks. You always find one of those metal spiral thingies inside, called alarm-clock springs. When I recently disassembled a clock, the spring had a gear attached to the middle. The whole piece reminded me of a snail and I just had to make a snail assemblage.

Assemblage Art: The Snail Siblings and their Stepbrother by Vintage with Laces

I love the rough texture of the wooden box. I made it out of an old strip of pallet wood. For the background I glued vintage book pages onto a piece of plywood and painted over with acrylic paints.

“The snail siblings were slightly irritated when they saw their stepbrother for the first time. It could have been worse though.”

I haven’t talked about it here before but over the last 3.5 years we’ve fostered several street dogs and their litters until they got adopted. In this country, it never takes long until you see a cat or dog who needs a home. In many cases they are in a very pitiable condition and need medical attention. It’s very often heart-breaking because you can’t help all of them. A few weeks ago we sat in the outdoor coffee shop of a large hardware store, when a little terrier mix puppy came by, begging for food. He was just bones and fur. A lot of hair was missing and his skin was red and flaky. The little guy must have lost his mother and siblings a while ago. We couldn’t help but take him home. One injection and 8 medical baths later, his fur and skin are almost back to normal.

Terrier Mix Finn
We named him Finn. He’s a funny little guy and already a good watch dog, barking at every single turtle or snail that approaches the house. Good thing he protects us from these dangerous and scary creatures! :)
 I snapped some pictures in the garden which is mostly a huge wildflower field with some fruit trees and grape vines.

Striped Shield Bug


Olive tree and yellow ginista

Queen Anne's Lace

This Queen Anne's lace grows in our neighbour's garden. It's such a pretty flower.

Orange and white cat Barney

Here's Barney sitting in a grape vine. I wish he would only climb into these but often enough he can be found very high up in one of the 20 feet high olive trees. It always freaks me out.

I hope you all have a wonderful and happy weekend. We have the  perfect weather at the moment with sunshine and 75° F/24° C. I love it.
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May 05, 2016

The girl who likes to bake

I grew up with cakes that were bought in a bakery or a supermarket. Given the fact that neither my mother nor my grandmothers ever baked, it’s pretty amazing that I became such an avid baker. This is a good thing because the cakes and pastries we get to buy here in Albania are usually super sweet and not really after our taste. I still have some baking recipes I cut out of German women’s magazines several years ago but most of the recipes I use, come from American or German food blogs or other food related websites. My favorites to bake and eat are all kinds of apple cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, brownies and cookies. Our local friends enjoy these kind of desserts as well and some suggested that I open up a pastry shop. I’m pretty sure that this would take the fun out of it for me but a new friend of mine stepped in. Please meet the passionate pastry chef Miss Abby Sugarbaker. :)

Found Object Sculpture: Pastry Chef Abby Sugarbaker by Vintage with Laces

Found Object Sculpture: Pastry Chef Abby Sugarbaker by Vintage with Laces

  Abby’s head is a glazed speckled egg I found among my Easter decorations. All other body parts are flea market finds I had for years. I don’t know why I bought the tiny beater at that time but it sure came in handy and Abby wouldn't want to miss it. :)

Found Object Sculpture: Pastry Chef Abby Sugarbaker by Vintage with Laces

It was fun for me to sew a baker's hat and an apron for her.

Found Object Sculpture: Pastry Chef Abby Sugarbaker by Vintage with Laces

These are some of today's sweet treets. I constructed the easel chalkboard out of craft sticks and a piece of heavy cardboard.

Do you like to bake? What is your favorite kind of cake, pie or cookie?

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