January 12, 2018

The Colorful New Member of My Junk Gang

Just a few days after Roy Al Flush was "born", another found object sculpture joined the junk gang. Please meet artist Loxy Colorsplash. She's always been a color loving girl. When she was little girl, Loxy covered the walls of her nursery with finger paints. Her parents were always amazed by her talent and imagination when they saw the people, animals, plants, and buildings Loxy had painted.

Her interest in collages developed later though. It was actually a very unpleasant incident that got her collage art started. Her first boyfriend had cheated on her with her best friend. Awful, I know! She was furious and cut both of them out of every photo she had. Then she replaced them with her favorite celebrities. This lifted her spirits and she added other collage elements and she also painted on the pictures.

Some months later, the heartache was over but Loxy still loved making collages. Fast-forward a few years and she's a well-known artist. She regularly exhibits her art at galleries, teaches collage workshops and has written a few books on the topic.

I got the idea to make Loxy when I found some small tubes with rather dry watercolor paint. I knew they would be the perfect arms for an artist. I checked my driftwood stash for an appropriate body and my collection of uncleaned brushes (yep, guilty as charged) to find a matching head. Check and check. Two long rusty screws worked well for her legs.

I had fun making these tiny colorful collages. They measure 2" x 2" and 2,5" x 2". You would think that using such bright colors was out of my comfort zone but it actually didn't feel that way.

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December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Barney, Cosmo, Cecily and I wish you and your loved ones
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.
Whatever you celebrate, we hope your holiday is filled with cheerfulness, lots of happy moments, and yummy food.

Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my blog during the year. I appreciate your visits and kind words very much. Have a wonderful New Year!

xo Julia

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December 15, 2017

Gift Wrapping Paper Made from Brown Paper Scraps

Are you amazed that this is already my second blog post in two weeks? Me too. It must be some kind of a Christmas miracle. 😀

I haven't bought gift wrapping paper in a long time. Instead, I predominantly buy brown paper by the roll and add some embellishments, pretty ribbons and/or tags. I like the look of this paper and it works great in combination with all kinds of colors. Besides, it's a bit sturdier than most gift wrapping papers.

Last week I was wrapping some gifts and thought I had enough brown paper. You know where this is going. I had three more packages to wrap when I ran out of paper. I didn't have the time to get a new roll because the package had to be taken to the post office the next morning. What does a girl do when she runs out of gift wrapping paper? Exactly! She sews some leftover scraps together to create some sheets.

When I had reached the necessary paper sizes, I sewed on small scraps with stamped trees. My next idea didn't work out so well. I wanted to use my sewing machine to add some silver stars but even though I used a special needle for metallic threads, the thread broke.

I ended up stitching the holes by machine without thread and then running the thread through by hand. That was a bit more labor-intensive than I had planned but I didn't want to give up on the idea. I like how the paper turned out.

Imagine how much wrapping paper could be made out of all the scraps that we normally throw into the garbage! Even paper scraps in different colors and with different patterns could become pretty, patchwork-style, one of a kind gift wrapping paper.

Have you wrapped your gifts already?

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